What Is UV Coating and What Are Its Drawbacks?

No one wants their product packaging to be dull, right? So, here comes the UV coating that makes the packaging look shiny. It is a finishing method that protects your design from tear and wear during shipping. Moreover, this glossy varnish helps in highlighting the texts, brand names, logos, or colors. You can apply UV coatings to any type of paper packaging or other packaging materials. UV coatings are trend finishes these days for their brilliant features. 

UV coatings' main function is to provide protection from smudging and enhance the visual appearance. Many manufacturers prefer UV coatings over other coatings because they require less processing time. Further, it doesn't just protect the design of the packaging but also grabs the attention of customers. So whether it is your business card, brochures, handouts, or Product Boxes, the ultraviolet coating will give them a professional look. 

What is UV Coating?

what is uv coating

The great features of ultraviolet coatings make them one of the best finishing packages. The liquid compound, which has the following ingredients: polyethylene, calcium, kaolinite, and carbonate, is applied to the surfaces of boxes. This liquid compound is applied to the box surface using a roller or silkscreen.

Then, the coating is exposed to ultraviolet rays and gets cured faster than you can assume. So, there you go; now your packaging has a glossy finish. UV coatings are one of the best finishing methods because of their water resistance. It is most commonly used for cosmetic boxes to make them look shiny. 

UV Spot Coating

You can apply the coating to overall packaging surfaces or specific parts. For instance, if you want to highlight just the logo or brand you’ll apply spot UV. Further, you can make images or texts on your packaging boxes prominent using UV spot coating. It helps highlight important elements of the packaging. It doesn’t matter which type of UV coating you’re applying; the spot UV applies to any kind of coating. 

Different Types of UV Coating

types of uv coating

If you’re looking to revamp your Custom Packaging Boxes, then you need to take a look at these types of coatings. 

Gloss UV 

If you want shiny surfaces for packaging boxes, then go for gloss UV. It gives the glossiest look to printings. Gloss UV would be a good choice for highlighting specific areas.

Matte UV

Matte UV adds a sheen to surfaces and makes boxes look luxurious. If you’re planning to use Rigid Boxes, then the matte coating can help in achieving a perfect finish for them. 

Orange Peel UV

If you want to apply a finish with a textured pattern that draws attention, go with an orange-peel coating. You can add a sensory element for your customers in boxes through orange peel coating. 

Pearlescent UV

It is mostly used for Cosmetic Boxes that need a pearlescent glow. This coating combines gloss and metal flecks with multiple colors. Moreover, you can opt for a UV spot with any of these coatings. 

Pros & Cons of UV Coatings

You must be wondering about the benefits and drawbacks of UV coating, so here they are: 


  • UV coatings help to increase the value of products and add visual appeal to packaging through glossy finishes. 
  • Further, they are the best choice for smudge and scuff protection and increase surface durability. 
  • Moreover, UV coating doesn’t take much time, as it dries in a matter of seconds. 


  • In some cases, UV coating is not a good choice. For instance, when using metallic ink or the paper is thinner. 
  • Moreover, the UV coating also doesn't work well in some cases when the surface has foil stamping.
  • And last, the quality and process of the printing technique can affect the UV coating results. 


UV Coating is one of the best finishing options for adding an extra protective layer to your packaging. It guarantees the long-term durability of surfaces and improves the packaging boxes' aesthetic appeal. Additionally, UV spot coating enables you to draw attention to brand names and logos to improve brand recognition. So, you can choose ultraviolet coating finishes to deliver products most professionally.

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