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Get sustainability with Paper Tube Packaging and represent your brand as eco-conscious, our professional commitment is parallel to none.

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Product Overview

We craft impeccable paper tube packaging with versatility, as these are made of sustainable materials you can use for various purposes. These are lightweight, strong, and recyclable, making them a unique option for several applications. The ideal size for the paper tube is generally 61 x 5.1 x 5.1 centimetres.

custom paper tube packaging wholesale
custom paper tube packaging wholesale
paper tube packaging wholesale
paper tube box
cheap paper tube boxes

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Custom Packaging Designed To Deliver Both Form & Function

Offering personalized services to provide custom packaging that fits your brand like a glove.

Experience the real quality with our premium stock, as we source only the finest materials, providing durability, reliability, and an amazing texture! From the sturdiness of cardboard and corrugated stock to the shimmer of holographic and metallic options, the eco-friendliness of Kraft boxes to the opulence of rigid packaging – our thorough selection guarantees that each material satisfies our rigorous standards.


Give your buyer a sensory experience with custom packaging featuring add-ons to sweeten the impression and functionality AND fast-drying finishings that ensure efficiency without sacrificing quality. Select from our extensive library for elegance, added protection, and versatility. Whether you're looking for embossing, foiling, stamping, or custom engraving, our box-makers promise to deliver precision.

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Glass Coating
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Matte Coating

Ensure your packaging fulfills your distinctive requirements of durability and support with our range of paper thicknesses - from 8pt to 28pt. You can avail our lightweight options for cost-effectiveness and robust solutions for expensive or hefty products. By using lighter paper for your packaging, you can achieve noticeable savings on shipping fees. Upgrade your packaging protection and appeal with premium materials to reflect the value of your services!


We competently cater to your shipping demands with our expansive network of carriers and logistics partners. Custom Designs Boxes is shipping domestically or internationally and have ground or air shipments. From design to delivery, trust our reliable handling and transport services for fast and timely delivery. Enjoy free & flexible shipping options with us!

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At Your Door

Paper Tubes: Versatile Packaging Solutions for Products

When you whim to rule the market with innovative packaging, paper tubes are something you can count on. We design these tubes with vibrant colors utilizing the latest printing techniques that transform your packaging into a work of art. Whether you are launching a new product or rebranding an existing one, our paper tube packaging offers infinite possibilities. These kraft paper boxes can showcase your brand’s values and personality.

From Chocolates to Lip Balm: Paper Tubes Offer Endless Possibilities

Using materials such as kraft and cardboard, you can get incredibly versatile products. From packaging yummy chocolates to storing delicate spices, sweets, and sugar, you can get custom paper tubes to maintain product integrity and freshness. Moreover, if you want to present your lip balms, candles, or small skincare products, our paper lip balm tubes provide a charming solution that adds a touch of elegance to your offerings. Let your creativity run wild with Custom Designs Boxes. You can also get bulk paper tube packaging and check out their remarkable features. 

Different Styles of Paper Tubes 

There are different types of tube packaging available right away at Custom Designs Boxes. 

  • Gift Wrap Tubes: 

Now, this has turned out to be a popular choice for gifting purposes as well. You can wrap large and uniquely shaped gifts. When you want to customize it, you can get the wrap paper ribbons and bows as add-ons.

  • Food: 

For catering food, this has been an amazing solution. You can get a variety of food items, such as cereal, pasta, and sugar. Our paper tube of sugar is ideal for cereal and granola bars. We print the nutritional information with a fun design.

  • Candles: 

Candles are often packaged in paper tubes to protect them from breakage. We have kraft paper candle tubes that are robust to protect delicate candles during transit and storage. Moreover, we can print these tubes with branding elements and decorative designs.

Keep Containments Intact With Paper Tubes

With Custom paper tube boxes, you can keep your product intact for longer time frames. You can get your cardboard packaging tubes in different styles and sizes. When it comes to distinct features, you might even have cylindrical tube boxes for an exclusive touch. We have an amazing die-cutting facility available with unique cut-out features and windows on the packaging. These inserts can also add a touch of elegance to the boxes. For added support, you can get a custom artwork logo and colors on the packaging. Moreover, we provide free design so that our experts can assist you with the design processes.

Fascinating and Promotional Customization Features

We proffer custom tube packaging that gives endless promotional benefits and is adorned beautifully with exquisite printing impressions. At Custom Designs Boxes, you’ve got offset and digital screen printing options for the perfect aesthetic appeal to your packaging. Moreover, we also offer high-resolution impressions of custom artwork with vibrant colors from CMYK and PMS color models for your all kraft packaging including kraft paper boxes with window.

Environment Conscious Models

We have soy-based printing inks that are highly pigmented to meet our environmental approach, and fancy metallic foil stamping is the best way to highlight your beautiful fonts on kraft boxes. With the brand logo on a custom paper tube box, you can portray the brand identity. We also offer raised ink printing and embossed and debossed printing effects to beautifully emphasize the essential features of your promotional tools.

Moreover, our fine surface coatings are available to achieve a smooth and protective finish on customized product packaging like paper tubes and custom paper cups. With an appropriate paper tube packaging design, your brand will become top-tier. Get in touch with our professional packaging staff today through email  Feel free to acquire our services and become a top-tier brand in your industry.

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Why Us?

The best part is that you will enjoy additional discounts on wholesale packaging boxes with us. We at Custom Designs Boxes offer the best custom packaging services that will suit all your business and product needs. Our paper tube packaging wholesale is a favorable option so you will succeed in the industry with top-quality boxes.

paper tube packaging design
paper tube packaging boxes

Impeccable Paper Tube Packaging Sourced From Sustainable Materials

The small packaging tubes give a seamless customer experience. With tubes, you are designed with you in mind. These are robust for protecting your valuable items. They are easy-to-store products with simple caps that twist without any effort. You can pick these if you want eco-friendly packaging. Using our dedication, excellence, and pragmatism, we work for a sustainable future. Make your packaging breeze with the paper tube packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To All The Urgent Questions You May Have.

Yes, paperboard tubes are recyclable; moreover, materials used for production can help with recycling processes. Simply place your empty tube in the side recycling bin.

Yes, we offer impeccable outcomes so you can get your branded tube packaging for storing your products.

We even have bulk order discounts for your paper tube packaging boxes as we value the bond of trust.

Our free design and size labeling, as well as customization options, can match your product requirements right away.

Yes, our paper tube packaging is made of the sturdiest materials, giving your packaging a pristine look.

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