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Made from thick paper stock and offering the best surface for printing custom designs, notes, or logos in brightly colored inks, personalized hang tags are great for getting in touch with customers.

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A High-Quality Branded Hang Tag To Add Credibility

Hang tags – the most selling item in the retail setting found in different varieties – are the little details that make a big difference.

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Custom Print Hang Tags | Easy To Display & Reuse

Custom Designs Boxes offers hang tags in an eye-catching design, shape, size, and style according to the customer’s choice. Our professional experts make tags in either visual graphic patterns or seasonal themes. They are especially popular in the fashion and apparel industry but can also be found in various other products, such as jewelry, accessories, and home goods.

You can get your orders personalized in high-quality material at reasonable rates using top-quality finishing and advanced printing techniques.

Hang tags for clothing are ideal for managing stock, following packages with serial numbering, delivering product information, and printing logos at the forefront. These are often used as a form of marketing, displaying brand, size, price, warning, use, dates, care instructions, unique selling points, and discounts. Custom Designs Boxes makes tags to serve multiple causes, recognizing these as tools to connect with customers through personalized messaging.

Our premium hang tags printing is a great way to drive traffic to your products and services, creating brand awareness and increasing sales.

Premium Collection Of Materials

The material used for personalized hang tags is durable, long-lasting, and high-quality that doesn’t tear or get crumpled easily. Custom Designs Boxes keeps it in mind and prefers the one that develops the interest of customers. Our collection has:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

We follow the industry standards for thickness – ranging from 16pt to 22pt. For more unique and luxurious designs, 24pt or 32pt double-sided card stock is recommended, as it is strong enough to withstand embossing and creative die-cutting. These ranges offer optimal thickness to serve most commercial needs.

Customized Designs with Metallic Inking & Laminations

The unique design of the tags can brilliantly create a connection between the target audience and your product. Custom Designs Boxes offers unique design templates and free design assistance to maintain your specific brand image with the perfect layout and color palette.

Do you need something extraordinary? We use metallic printing that utilizes metallic inks to achieve a shiny effect on printed materials. It can help attract attention to a product or message. Metalized ink is resistant to fading and smudging, making it ideal for hang tags for clothing that need to withstand wear and tear, such as packaging and labels

We commonly use it in packaging and promotional materials, such as labels, stickers, business cards, gift boxes, custom hang gift tags, and brochures.

Mind-Blowing Finishing Options

Our professionals use a variety of high-end laminations, coating, and finishing options that not only add sophistication but also promise to keep the printed hang tags with string safe from dust, water, and scratches. Such personalization works amazingly for jewelry hang tags and custom bookmarks! From spot UV to gold and silver foiling, holographic stamping to gloss and matte finishing, and varnish to satin-soft lamination, each option provides a smooth texture.

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Custom Designs Boxes guides you about the selection of the right material, color patterns, and visuals or themes to ensure that your hang tags with string stands out. We bring you versatility in door hangers, christmas tags, and gift tags. Our printing specialists apply top-quality printing and finishing strategies that increase the understandability of the product. 

Call us or contact us at sales@customdesignsboxes.com. to get a free quote and obtain all the information you require regarding the clothing hang tags you desire.

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Custom Designs Boxes provides an array of exceptional services apart from infinite customization options, including free design assistance, bulk order discounts, an easy ordering process, and safe payment options. Because we offer low minimums and have free shipping available in the USA, you can save big without sacrificing quality. Our custom support representative guides you with all the necessary information related to your product.

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Customize Your Brand with Printed Hang Tags

Our custom hang gift tags come in different sizes and shapes, like square, rectangle, or beveled, and have additional hang holes in different places that make it easy to attach with custom ribbons or strings to retail bags. All products and services at Custom Designs Boxes follow sustainability, so you can stay branded without giving up your values. These are great for putting your brand on a wide range of products, from clothes and accessories to home goods and other items.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We utilize offset and digital printing for tags to ensure high quality and legibility for consumers. Additionally, offset printing is recommended for large orders due to its cost efficiency, expediency, and impeccable results.

Hang tags are usually created from Kraft paper, which is flexible enough to keep its form without adding extra weight to products. Also, they can be made from different materials, including cloth or plastic, but these materials aren't as eco-safe, easily customizable, or lightweight as paper.

The average turnaround time is estimated to be 8-10 days. However, this time frame can fluctuate depending on material options, order quantities, and shipping routes.

The usual sizing is: 1.375″ × 2.75″, 1.625″ × 3.25″, and 1.875″ × 3.75″. If you like something more attractive yet not giant in measurement, then middle-range sizes will be convenient, like 2.625″ × 5.25″ and 2.375″ × 4.75″.

The minimum order quantity will vary depending on the type and material you choose, but on average, it is 100 orders.

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