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Custom shipping boxes allow the placement of all the branding elements to give your products more visible and renowned against your competitors.

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Our remarkably durable shipping boxes keep your product secure

Shipping boxes are good for protecting and preserving every light and heavy product. When a product catches into a demolishing situation in storage and transit. The hard and strong packaging walls of these boxes keep the fragile and delicate products safe and sound for customers. Custom Designs Boxes makes top-rate boxes to ensure the safety of your products.

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Shipping Boxes - A Blend Of Resilience And Strong Marketing Strategy

Various brands and companies produce different types of delicate and expensive products. To get these products produced, brands spend a large portion of their hard-earned money. So, they want to protect the texture and shape of their products for end-users. A broken or damaged piece of any product is not only a reason for drowning the image of your brand but also your investment. Tough shipping boxes are the need of the hour. The strong walls of these packaging act like a fort for your expensive products. Custom Designs Boxes is a leading paper packaging company in New York, America. We manufacture highly resilient custom shipping boxes for you as we want you to be prominent in the market. Our strong packaging boxes are brand-efficient too. Printed marketing components on boxes make your product and brand visible on the shelf.

By Any Chance, Is It Possible To Protect Your Goods In Harsh Conditions

Yes, our custom shipping box is ideal for keeping the promise. A damaged and broken piece never attracts customers. They never consider that brand and company for anything. A single bad experience takes a potential customer away forever. Bumpy rides and rough storage are harmful to every single product of yours. The corrugated paper packaging material is very tough and resilient. We use cardboard corrugated material with various flutes and walls to provide enough protection to your delicate products. Our shipping packaging boxes not only bear external pressure but also keeps the product preserved from moisture and air contamination. The paper walls of these boxes are bound together firmly and then locked with duct tape. So, these boxes can hold heavy products too without any chances of breakage.

Monstrous Shipping Packaging Makes Your Brand Noted

Is it possible to make custom printed boxes for shipping perfect for branding? Of course, we decorate boxes more appealing by adding some enchanting colors and decent artwork. We print your brand name and logo on your product boxes. People get to know about your brand and purchase your product at once. The printed information about the product on boxes gains the customer’s attention. The unique designs of packaging and printed sophisticated graphics related to products on candle shipping boxes attract people and enhance your brand reputation against your competitors. The inviting look of a shipping box makes your product more desirable. We offer all the custom options to change simple and traditional cheap shipping boxes into highly embellished and decorated beasts.

Our Shipping Boxes Are Sustainable And Inexpensive

What are the necessary things to consider while making top-rate and cheap boxes for shipping? We made these packaging boxes by using inexpensive raw paper material. We are a competent packaging company, we have all means of modern and efficient machines to create these masterpieces. Our 8x6x4 shipping boxes are highly green and also protect your product without damaging the natural environment. These packaging boxes are ultimately fine for preserving the climate. These ecological and reasonable wholesale shipping boxes are perfect for you.

You Will Find These Boxes Reasonable, Why?

As we have spoken before, we are the best packaging company in the whole region. We manufacture these packaging boxes under one roof using all the efficient machines and a bunch of experts. We create these shipping boxes wholesale in a maximum of 6 to 8 days and deliver them to you. We offer discounts at bulk rates and minimize our already low rates. Save a lot of your money by ordering from us as we never charge for die-plating and designing. We have modern color schemes like PMS and CMYK. We have an easy way of ordering by filling out our simple quotation form. We have many more for you so, be with us and order from us.

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You have already learned about our before and after-sales services. But wait, we have more for you. We have a free shipping facility for you as we bear all the delivery expenses. That offer is available for the whole US and Canada.

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Get Our Shipping Boxes To Make The Transfer Fret-Free

Our shipping boxes conveniently bring your product from one place to another without damaging the real texture and shape of your products with their strong and sturdy walls all around the product.

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We charge nothing for sampling. We provide you with free samples before you place your order.

We have off-set, digital, no-printing, on-screen, flexography, and lithography printing techniques.

Corrugated paper packaging material is perfect for these boxes due to its durability and reliability.

Shipping of packaging boxes is free for Canada and also we bear shipment charges for the USA.

There is no order limit. You can order a minimum of 100 boxes to unlimited.

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