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Gable Boxes – characterized by their triangular shape and made from paperboard – are a convenient and well-appreciated way to present your valuables.

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Great for any occasion, gable packaging can be customized with your brand logo, fascinating graphics, premium finishing, and window cutouts.

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Custom Gable Boxes | A Unique Mix Of Design & Functionality

Gable boxes, also known as gable top cartons or gable-topped paper boxes, are a type of packaging typically used for gifts and food items. Custom Design Boxes manufactures them from sturdy materials that are thicker and durable enough. Also, each box is printed in high-quality graphics without any compromise in quality. Brands can have a particular theme patterned on their packaging.

This unique packaging not only increases the product's appeal but also helps grab maximum attention.

Custom gable packaging is the best of all because it can be made to look however you want and is easy to move around. You can also choose the style and color of the gable box to fit your needs. Your packed goods will also be excellent and safe in printed gable boxes. Large boxes made of cardboard can give you high-end strength and durability. They can ship many things – from lightweight and fragile to heavyweight and perishable.

With us, you can enjoy the diversity of add-ons. Where a window can be added in any size and shape, ribbons or bow ties are provided for extra charm. Our option for custom inserts and dividers is ideal to enhance the boxes' utility.

Make A Statement With Sturdy yet Sustainable Boxes

The distinct shape, comfortable handle, and eco-friendliness are the primary factors in the popularity of gable packaging.

Depending on the item to be packaged, the material may vary to meet the requirements. Our Kraft gable box is the most popular option due to its biodegradability, as kraft paper is 100% recyclable. We also make corrugated cardboard boxes that give excellent protection and support for heavier products. From metallic to holographic to paperboard stock, we offer varied thicknesses.

Moving ahead of materials, we stick to our eco-conscious practices in the selection of inks (water- and soy-based), printing practices, and finishing techniques for clear gable boxes.

Quality Printing Services & Finishing Options

Our specialists facilitate clients with high-end printing and advanced finishing methods that make custom gable packaging presentable and understandable.

Custom Designs Boxes offers a wide range of printing options to choose from, all of which are reliable and error-free. Our inks will not fade, ensuring your boxes look pristine for longer. Whether you need us to print product details or branding elements, you can find the following printing options (for inside, outside, inside out, and 4/4):

  • Plain/no printing
  • CMYK
  • CMYK + 1 PMS color
  • CMYK + 2 PMS colors

To make the print last longer while giving it a new flair, we bring you an extensive library of finishing, coatings, and laminations. Our experts use silver and gold foil printing on the custom gable box that makes a statement of your brand. Where gloss and matte laminations give a high-end look, spot UV and aqueous coating double the protection of your print.

Branded & Personalized Gable Boxes for your Product Packaging

Branding elements in your packaging can be a smart way to increase your sales. 

The audience not only instantly notices the unique shape of customized boxes but also sees your brand logo. We place a logo in the visible area of the gable box, such as the front or top, to promote your brand and increase recognition. We ensure the logo is clear and easily legible, even from a distance. Our designers are considering using a high-resolution version of your logo for optimal results.

We balance a typography’s size that is easily visible without overpowering the design of large gable boxes. Our experts use colors that match your brand identity and complement the gable box. The same logo design is used across all of your merchandise to reinforce your brand identity and cultivate a cohesive brand image.

Get Your Gable Packaging In Eco-Friendly Quality Without Shipping Charges

Custom Designs Boxes is the right packaging company to make customized gable gift boxes unique and valuable. We provide high-quality material services at the most budget-friendly rates. All these customizations also help ensure the dominance of your product in the market.

Shall We Start Our Gable Box Journey?

Gable boxes, known for their triangle shape and handle, are a must-have packaging option for every retail store and restaurant. They are present in numerous styles and sizes such as Large gable boxes and custom auto bottom gable boxes. You can use christmas gable boxes and gable gift boxes to enhance the pleasure and joy of your special days. 

Kraft gable boxes are easy to customize and get, but you can select any of the materials. We never let our clients go out of the packaging options; white gable boxes are for sophistication and black gable boxes are for luxury. The choice is yours! Say anything, and we will turn your words into reality.  Are you ready to start ordering custom gable boxes wholesale? Call us or contact us at to get a free quote and obtain all the information you require regarding the boxes you desire.

Why Us?

Custom Designs Boxes has years of experience, happy customers spanning multiple countries, and infinite customization options to deliver a masterpiece for your brand promotion and product protection. We make ordering custom packaging easier with free design assistance, bulk order discounts, free shipping in the USA, and the lowest MOQs. We offer other perks of rush production, fast turnaround, and 24/7 customer support availability. With the use of custom printing, bold colors, unique designs, sizes, and shapes, you can create gable packaging that effectively communicates your brand identity and message to your customers.

Gable Boxes Wholesale
kraft gable boxes

Clear Gable Boxes | A Graceful & Functional Packaging Style

Custom Designs Boxes offers numerous choices in sizes, along with mind-boggling template designs from our expert graphics team. To keep your budget saved on die-cutting and setup, we provide free design assistance. Our boxes are versatile and increase customer engagement. Their unique shape and style make them visually appealing and user-friendly. For the retail product boxes, Custom Designs Boxes consider using unique styles, shapes, patterns, or designs that are not typical for printed gable boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Cardboard, Kraft, Rigid, and corrugated stock can be used to manufacture customized gable box packaging.

It is an ideal choice due to its durability, eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, lightweight structure, and reliability.

Yes, we provide digital and physical samples for these packaging upon request. However, sample charges may apply.

Request a quote and submit your design, or email us for consultation. Confirmation of the digital layout is necessary. Once the payment is confirmed, we will forward your orders to the production team.

Large gable packaging offers a variety of applications for businesses, such as goods transportation and retail packaging. Wholesale purchasing of these boxes is a cost-effective option for any business.

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