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Increase the appealing power of the product and make your brand pop out with our extensive library of stickers and labels. A fun way to express yourself!

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We have custom printed labels and stickers for all production volumes, from die-cut to sheets to rolls, and specific solutions like tamper-evident options to make your product packaging even safer.

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Custom Stickers & Labels To Personalize Your Packaging

Stickers are the quickest and also one of the least expensive ways to spread the word about your business, product, or event. Whereas, Custom Designs Boxes is the easiest way to buy stickers and labels in no time. We can turn any picture, logo, or photo into a beautiful sticker. Brands can order their personalized stickers in a matter of seconds. They can add a personal touch to your packaging and branding.

Our labels and stickers are always the first choice of brands because they are flexible yet durable, making them perfect for high-quality printing. Business labels and stickers are also good value for money and last a long time. We can customize wholesale custom labels to your needs, whether you want a complicated design or a simple shape. Our vinyl options are solid and can be used both inside and outside.

Custom Designs Boxes makes stickers from versatile materials that withstand any weather and can even go through the dishwasher without scraping away. They are also laminated with spot UV to let them stay bright and shiny.

Vinyl Stickers & Labels Collection

Vinyl stickers and custom labels are the best choices for business owners who want to make their brand more visible on products, windows, walls, doors, cars, and packages because our experts can mold them in various designs and shapes.

Vinyl stickers and labels are trendy in general and can be printed in any color and with any printing technique. We make them convenient enough that you can stick safety labels and stickers easily on any surface. Being more durable than paper stickers, these are the long-lasting options.

Protective Finishes for Company Stickers and Labels Redefining Durability and Style

Don't worry about the quality and how long it will last! Our custom stickers and custom labels are protected from wind, rain, and sunlight by special laminations and coatings. You can even put them in the dishwasher, and they will look brand new when they come out.

Do you want a sticker that feels like traditional plastic and is smooth to the touch? The glossy laminate finish is strong and protects against UV light, so it can be used outdoors. Further, matte lamination is a good choice if you want a soft and dry finish. The satin surface is soft to the touch and doesn't reflect light, but the colors still look bright. If you want to tone down the effect of holographic and glitter on wholesale printed labels, use this matte finish over them.

Custom Designs Boxes also has protective finishing options for custom label stickers, such as varnish, anti-scratch, and aqueous coating. Opt for our embossing, debossing, satin-soft lamination, foiling, and stamping choices for extra charm.

Precision Cutting of Stickers & Labels for Perfect Presentation

Die cutting is when a machine cuts your design along specific lines to make the shape you want. We can cut stickers and labels into any style, size, or pattern you want. Tell us where to cut, and our handy machines will do the rest. We let you be more creative and can make your business stand out with curved edges or pointy ends.

Unlike die-cut labels and stickers, kiss-cuts are cut through the vinyl but not through the back. Think of it as a sheet of stickers! With a kiss cut, we can still make very detailed cuts on a large piece of paper or make stickers with different cuts on the same sheet.

You can also buy our standard-shaped wholesale custom stickers and labels in circles, ovals, rectangles, and squares.

Durable Adhesiveness And Style Uniqueness

Custom Designs Boxes makes multi-purpose stickers and labels that serve many applications, from spray bottle labels to bag labels to cookie labels. They are perfect for sticking on a laptop or water bottle for redecoration purposes or to make a brand statement. Also, brands can put them on storefront windows or car windows. 

Our custom labels and stickers are pleasant to touch and made of sustainable and durable materials. This means our custom stickers and custom labels won't get scratched. We make sure they don't leave any annoying paper mess when you take them off. In fact, they can be used again if you take them off.

Get Fully Customizable Stickers & Labels

Since we make all our stickers in America, we can turn them around quickly, along with free shipping. After you tell us how you want your sticker to look, we'll send you a sample for approval, and then your sticker and label wholesale manufacturing will start. Order your stickers with an aesthetic style and original artwork!

Create eye-catching yet informative food labels, soap bar labels, candle labels, wine labels, and table tents. Don't forget to spread your name with personalized business labels and business stickers. From typical circle labels to intricate die-cut stickers and festive Christmas stickers, our versatile paper stickers and kraft labels are perfect for all affairs.

Whether you demand practicality or aesthetics, we bring you endless possibilities with our premium materials and designs for color labels and metallic labels. Where cookie labels can be used to explain the secret ingredient to sweetness, ice cream labels are best to mention flavor or price.


Call us or contact us at to get premium-quality waterproof labels at affordable rates and customize them in every shape and style according to your needs.

Why us?

Custom Designs Boxes is the best place to find stickers and labels for everything! With years of experience, our team brings creative ideas for personalization and branding. With us, you can enjoy a glut of perks, including safe payment options, free consultation, an easy ordering process, the lowest MOQs, and bulk order discounts. Whether you need a sample kit or free design assistance, our experts are here to serve. We also offer free and quick shipping services supported by a fast turnaround.

Stickers and Label
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Display Your Branding In A Dynamic Way

Custom Designs Boxes makes versatile stickers to make your boxes more impressive. Our packaging labels are a great way to show off your brand, but they also add an extra layer of security to your boxes and bags, making it harder for people to open them without your permission. We aim to improve traditional stickers and labels by giving customers never-before-seen options for materials, label printing, designing, and finishing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To All The Urgent Questions You May Have.

Labels and stickers are commonly used with mailer boxes, shipping boxes, paper bags, and envelopes to create a complete packaging solution.

Our white and clear plastic labels with a gloss finish are designed to be water-resistant and able to withstand outdoor conditions.

Yes, we do. Die-cut sheet stickers are recommended for those looking for a one-of-a-kind shape in smaller quantities. Die-cut roll labels can be ordered in higher quantities as an alternative.

Our labels and stickers are available in a variety of paper, plastic, and foil options, depending on your desired product and material. We also offer holographic and reusable film options to meet your label sticker printing needs.

Our paper labels with a matte finish are convenient for writing on with a pencil or pen. On the other hand, if you'd like to use our plastic or foil labels, we recommend using a permanent marker.

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