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Offering you creative freedom with shapes, designs, colors, and finishing choices in custom cardboard boxes - available in high quality and are sustainable yet cost-effective solutions.

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Are you a product seller or producer in search of exceptional packaging boxes? Our cardboard packaging ensures safe delivery, improves the brand image, and fascinates onlookers with unique displays.

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Custom Cardboard Boxes - The Smart Choice for Packaging

With our advanced design and production process, we make packaging boxes that are the most efficient and reliable.

Our custom printed cardboard boxes offer the utmost durability and required thickness, which are crucial for products’ improved appeal and complete safety. The extensive diversity in our customization options gives your boxes a whole new look. Also, printed boxes with eye-getting logo depict the real quality and worth of your brand. 

Custom Designs Boxes starts the designing process with what you want and ensures to customize a custom cardboard packaging with enough space inside to make them snug-fit and enough white space outside for printing branded elements. With sturdiness and corrugated layers, our boxes are more than just packaging to keep products in their original form, even for long-distance shipping.

We have various types of cardboard. Depending on your needs, you can choose from regular slotted and the most common shipping boxes to more specialized styles like custom mailer boxes. We can also make your custom cardboard boxes with different strengths to hold up to whatever you need to pack, move, or ship. 

Customizable Printing Options For Wholesale Cardboard Boxes

Our PMS and CMYK printing techniques offer you limitless color choices to print your boxes with high-accuracy digital and offset printing services. We design each box creatively with radiant hues and patterns. You can avail of our designers' and packaging experts' free assistance to create your boxes according to your brand style. Custom Designs Boxes also offers a digital design to help you know how your box would look after production.

Get custom cardboard boxes printed with your recommended designs without blur and bleed!

Our graphic design team is highly qualified and equipped with creative ideas to design boxes with matching designs and resonating colors. Your boxes can be printed with the brand logo, company name, product description, branding slogans, etc. It will provide you with the liberty to spread your message in the market. They will be the best support for your brand, setting you apart. 

Besides branding, we can print any design or artwork with sustainable inks that promise crisp and smudge-free results.

Cardboard Stocks To Produce The Sturdiest Packaging

It is never easy to deliver products in their original condition, considering the harsh conditions or mishandling instances during transportation. However, we have cardboard stock in various thickness ranges (14pt to 24pt). Whether you need custom cardboard packaging for lightweight or hefty items, these boxes can guard your products from harmful impacts during displaying, storing, and shipping.

Online stores and retailers like to deliver their products in corrugated cardboard shipping boxes, as they are ultra-affordable. We also make cardboard gift boxes with inserts. Yes, for extra effort!

Durable, Green, And Tailor-Made Cardboard Boxes For Any Occasion

By utilizing our up-to-the-mark die-cutting machinery, we precisely die-cut and crease your boxes to fit your products. Are you selling small products like nail polish, lipstick, soaps, etc.? Or do you deal in large items, including electronics and sports equipment? Custom Designs Boxes offer you a glut of sizes. For a professional look, you can go for our all-time loved flip-top cardboard boxes. It is the perfect choice for displaying all your products on stores’ shelves to get customers' attention.

Talking about customization, you can choose custom boxes with lids to suitably pack all your products. We can also design and customize your boxes with window to offer a sneak peek of inside-packed products. The window patch on custom cardboard boxes can be of any shape, size, and style. 

Choose From Our Premium Finishes And Add-ons

You can browse our gallery and choose the required coating and add-ons to decorate your cardboard gift boxes according to the quality of your product and demands. At Custom Designs Boxes, we offer clients the choice of gloss or matte coating for boosting the boxes’ charm. For added protection, you can find options of aqueous coating, varnish, anti-scratch lamination, spot UV, etc. Moreover, we offer gold foiling or embossing to make branding elements prominent. 

We offer quality finishing options to boost the overall beauty of your Cardboard Boxes. Laminated boxes make them more durable - protecting the exterior from water, dust, and scratches.

From selecting cushioning for leveled-up protection to magnetic closure for safe closing, hang tags for eye-getting presentations and inserts for extra protection - we provide everything for custom size cardboard boxes!

Our list of add-ons and finishes for gift box cardboard is not limited to the given above; you can contact our packaging experts to get more details.

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Boxes To “Go Green”

Order bulk cardboard boxes from Custom Designs Boxes to reduce the impact and show your love for the environment.

Want to get packaging boxes that are not only affordable but also sustainable? Cardboard boxes wholesale are made from recyclable stock, printed with no chemical-based inks, and can biodegrade without impacting the surroundings. They are also cost-effective and promote a positive image of your brand.

Professional Packaging Services For the Customization of Cardboard Packaging

Custom Designs Boxes is well-known for its top-notch printing and packaging services. For the bulk order of cardboard boxes, you will find special discounts along with low MOQs, free design assistance, and free shipping throughout the USA and Canada. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you with every aspect of custom cardboard boxes and provide you with the best buying experience. 

Who Needs Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard boxes serve all industries, ranging from electronics boxes to cosmetics boxes. Cardboard is a universal material, providing protection, durability, easy customization, and biodegradability. These boxes also meet the needs on big occasions as cardboard gift boxes.

Moreover, cardboard can be customized in any shape and style such as cardboard divider boxes, cardboard boxes with handles, and cardboard boxes with inserts. Their coloring is also unique; present in cardboard black boxes and cardboard white boxes. 

If you want to get inspiration, please visit Packaging Hub. You will witness thousands of success stories, and how they transformed their ordinary business with cardboard boxes. 

If you want to directly talk with us, our agents are waiting for you all the time. Send us an email at to buy extraordinary cardboard boxes in bulk in the shortest possible time

Why Us?

Custom Designs Boxes strives to help customers get game-changing solutions to turn their business into a brand. With the assistance of our quality assurance staff, we provide high-quality and 100% error-free custom cardboard boxes at low rates and with free shipping, free design assistance, bulk order discounts, and faster turnaround. From shapes to styles to finishing to painting, you can ask us for anything for cardboard shipping boxes.

Cardboard packaging boxes
custom cardboard boxes

Versatility of Custom Cardboard Packaging

Our custom size cardboard boxes are precisely sized, durable, eco-friendly, and cost-saving to present, promote, or protect your valuables. Available in unique shapes, boxes are made with hard-wearing stock in various thicknesses to prevent breakage and damage. You can explore and select from our best collection of cardboard boxes with a logo, full color printing, premium finishes, unmatched box styles, limitless sizes, and more. Custom Designs Boxes let your products shine with packaging as unique as your vision!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, cheap cardboard boxes are sturdy and resilient, keeping products safe and secure.

Yes, we customize boxes entirely around your choice, be it shapes, size, design, and printing.

Yes, cardboard is 100% eco-friendly.

You can print your boxes inside and out with our latest printing techniques without any flaws.

Our boxes are customized with durable materials, which are also suitable for shipping products due to their lightweight and durability.

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