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Mailer boxes are designed to store and send your products securely from one place to another. These boxes help you in making a good brand repute in the market. They play a vital part in offering the durability of the product placed inside them.

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We create your creativity in front of the world through our custom mailer boxes. Explore a range of customization including size, design, and style.

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Give A Sheild To Your Product Through Mailer Boxes

If you are in a hurdle to finding the perfect packaging solution for your products to send them safely to their safest destination, Custom Designs Boxes help with it. We are here to provide our customers with outstanding packaging in this regard. Our manufacturers use highly high-quality cardboard material for enough protection and tactile appeal of the mailer boxes. These boxes are not only sturdy but also have the potential to convert into any size, style, design, and desired packaging. We have another material option for your custom mailer boxes, corrugated material proves to be the most rigid material for shipping. Our custom mailing packaging and Corrugated Mailer Boxes also improves the unboxing experience of your buyers, leaving an exclusive impression on them.

Design Your Boxes Effortlessly

We intelligently design these boxes as reusable too. These boxes give your customers a chic place to store knickknacks while keeping your thoughtfully crafted branding alive in their homes. The presentation elements we add to these boxes make your brand identity in the market well. Our custom mailer boxes with logos, design elements, tactile colors, graphics, and pictorials leave a lasting impression every time. 

We have many customization options to spark your creativity, encouraging you to create a one-of-a-kind design that is different from the common one. Our designer just simply chooses your size, uploads your graphics, adds text, and includes your custom logo on the packaging and our Vinyl Record Mailers. We instantly ready your packaging to stand out your products and brand from the crowd. 

Pleasurable Unboxing Experience With Our Printed Mailer Boxes

Our alluring mailer box earns significant popularity and always excites customers like our E-Commerce Boxes. At Custom Designs Boxes, you have a huge ground to play with the style of brand logos, color, and other design elements with our latest printing techniques. We offer offset, digital, PMS, and CMYK to imprint all the decided design appearance, logos, and information on the custom printed mailer boxes. These options prove to be the best packaging solution for your product mailer boxes in every aspect to make a wonderful unboxing experience.  Request a quote now for mailer boxes or Kraft Bubble Mailers or reach us via email at to start your packaging journey.

Why Choose Custom Designs Boxes?

Custom Designs Boxes is a designer box manufacturer company in the USA. Our motto is to provide our customers with an all-in-one packaging solution for their products in terms of safety, design, presentation, and branding. Our cheap mailer boxes in durable materials ensure product protection, boost sales and ensure business growth. Get benefits from our complimentary services including free shipping, and free consultation. If you do not have any layout, or sample models for surety, we have 24/7 customer care service to answer your queries and guide you throughout the packaging journey.

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Achieve Durability And Luxuriness With Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Designs Boxes guarantee to takes your brand to the next level with appealingly designed convenient yet luxury custom mailer boxes. We only deal in superior material that helps in acheivi g high-end packaging results. Durability and luxrinessis our first priority to appeal customers by standing out from the crowd. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To All The Urgent Questions You May Have.

We use cardboard and corrugated material to create protected yet affordable mailing boxes. However, you can choose the material you desire as per your product needs and budget.

Our materials are 100% eco-friendly which represents your brand's sustainability.

We accept the minimum orders of at least 50 pieces of these boxes.

It depends on what type of sample you are looking for. You do not have to pay for our digital samples. If you ask us for a digital sample, it is free.

When we take orders we ask our customers the size of their packaging. Our experts customize your packaging into any size. You can buy mini mailer boxes from our packaging suppliers.

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