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Do you wish to stick all the kids around your candies? Say no more! Mesmerizing visuals, enhanced protection, boosted functionality, and alluring patterns are all you need. Explore our other options to witness quality and affordability in one place.

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Phenomenal Candy Boxes Packaging

Our custom candy boxes are emblems of creativity and functionality. Printed candy boxes, designed with alluring images and classy notes, allure bystanders and fascinate onlookers. These boxes are made from sturdy stock material, withstanding every external pressure and inconvenience that can hamper product quality.

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Sensational Candy Boxes To Uplift Brand Value

How do we spur sensation with candy packaging? With Creativity! Elegance! and Utility!
Dominance in the candy business is a dream of every brand. But we know it is not a piece of cake. It needs proper marketing and a charismatic presentation. Custom Designs Boxes creates candy packaging that meets all the demands above.

Our team of graphic designers always comes up with innovative packaging ideas. They make sure every packaging box resonates with the product inside. We print lively images and sketch graphics, keeping fonts, sizes, patterns, and color choices in mind. 

Moreover, our company's focus on minute details gives your brand an edge over competitors relying on traditional packaging only. 
We use different printing options, color schemes, and finishing options for your exterior embellishment. Our company is equipped with a wide range of printing options such as offset printing, digital printing, CMYK, and PMS to make the boxes' exterior feel smoother and exert original colorings and designs. 

Besides that, we have enormous finishing options, including spot, gloss, matte, debossing, and embossing. They make custom-printed candy boxes shiny and spotless. Our plethora of options lets you design candy packaging with hues and radiant patterns to make your candies the talk of the town. 

Bonus: We encourage our clients to submit their design and layout along with color choices and font options so we come up with the exact designs and go beyond their expectations to uplift their custom printed candy box presentation.

Durable, Food-Graded And Biodegradable Custom Candy Packaging

What does the candy box have to offer? Protection from all sides!
Custom Designs Boxes uses top-quality material stock to make candy packaging boxes. We have cardboard, kraft, corrugated, and rigid materials. All these materials are strong and durable. They keep candies safe and sound during delivery and transfer.
Considering the harsh delivery and handling instances, the transfer of the candies did not always yield good remarks. Therefore, we offer different materials with different thicknesses. You are free to choose any material with different thickness patterns, ranging from 12pt to 24pt. Every increase in the thickness pattern enhances the endurance and sturdiness of the custom candy boxes. However, cardboard corrugated and kraft materials are the best choices for candy packaging, but when it comes to extra protection and luxuries, rigid is the choice no one can neglect. 

Moreover, our material is impeccable for edibles like candies. Their food-graded qualities save candies from contamination and spoilage, maintaining their true essence and increasing shelf life. They make sure your candies remain fresh and flavorful in all conditions.
All over the world, the majority of shoppers tend to choose eco-friendly candy boxes. That is why we pioneer biodegradable packaging options to give you a chance to outweigh your rivals and increase your customer base. All our materials are not only protective but also eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are extracted from wood pulp, making them ecologically and environmentally safe, decreasing waste and pollution in the greener world. 

Customization Redefined For Your Packaging Needs

Always choose for a groundbreaking packaging look!

Custom Designs Boxes customizes boxes for candies to meet all your needs. We customize boxes' shapes, sizes, and designs to cater to your demands. With a state-of-the-art in-house customization plant, we create boxes of triangle and rectangular sizes, candy bags, and boxes with handles, windows, inserts, and otter add-ons. For an enhanced and sophisticated look and to use on special events, candy packaging is customized with ribbons, special notes, and bubble wraps. 

Bonus for our clients: Name any customization options apart from the options mentioned above, and we will customize custom candy packing with them.

Branding and Marketing Made Easy

Custom Designs Boxes creates custom candy boxes with logos to make your regular packaging boxes, billboards, and marketing monuments. Our logo experts choose positions and logotypes that can reap maximum benefits for your products. They never let your candy bar boxes go unnoticed. These tactics save thousands of bucks you would spend on other marketing methods.

What Type Of Candy Boxes Do You Wish To Have?

Candy packaging comes in vast types, accommodating different products for different purposes. For protective measures, cardboard boxes and kraft boxes are the choices you must make. 

If you own a confectionery store and want to present your candies in an unprecedented way, custom confectionery displays, candy bags, and window packaging boxes for candies will outperform any other type.  

To satiate your special events needs, christmas boxes and Halloween boxes are also at hand. Never feel worried about your design choice, get insight about designer boxes design, jotted down by our experts. 

If you want to experience all the qualities by yourself and want to make your dreams come true, reach out to us at Our representatives are waiting for you! Discuss your products and needs, and watch how the process completes smoothly. 

Why Choose Custom Designs Boxes As Your Destined Packaging Partner

Custom Designs Boxes is the name of credibility and service. We have been providing candy packaging services for ten years. Along with making your dreams come true and mirroring your brand story, our services go beyond that! We are an emblem of sustainability, creativity, affordability, and quality. Fast turnaround time, free shipping service, and affordable pricing are some of the few services our clients enjoy. The flux of creative ideas, modern machinery, an extensive library of packaging options, effortless buying experience, and 24/7 customer service make our company a shining star in the galaxy of packaging companies.

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Augmentation of Innovation and Functionality In Custom Candy Boxes

Custom Designs Boxes' candy packaging boxes are strong enough to protect candies in all environments, presentable to leave a mark on customers, and affordable to be customized and purchased by small and medium businesses. With the freedom to design candy bar boxes with images and graphic illustrations and exterior embellishment with printing and finishing options, now avail an opportunity to penetrate customers" minds and incline them with your designs. Shape and size customization is on us; accommodate every candy in the tight-fit box. So, don't look further and contact us before our limited-time sale ends and you miss the opportunity to save huge bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! We use biodegradable materials and inks that make our candy bar boxes eco-friendly.

The minimum order quantity is 100 boxes.

The total turnaround time is 8 to 12 days. You can also get rush order service.

Yes! We provide digital samples and prototypes for free, whereas physical samples cost a small amount.

Order custom printed candy boxes with these easy steps: fill out the quotation form, then Place order, and Make final payment. Once everything is confirmed, your order will be delivered to your address. Moreover, you can also contact our representative directly.

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