Child Resistant Packaging

What if I told you about the child resistant boxes that you cannot resist buying? Packaging enough to withstand heavy weights, tear resistant, protect products from all factors, installed with dual locker and zipper, printed with logos and designs to lure customers and spread brand awareness, available in numerous sizes and styles to accommodate different types of products, and at affordable rates and huge discounts. What else is left behind?

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Enormous Options Of Child Resistant Packaging

Are you tired of packing your special sensitive products in the same old-fashioned packaging? Worry not! Explore our library of custom child resistant boxes and pick the one that suits you best. All boxes are zipper, tear-resistive, temperature-insensitive, robust, aesthetically pleasing, promotional, and affordable. So, ensure the quality and quantity of our boxes.

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Protection At The Peak Of Perfection

Custom child resistant box with zipper, tear, temperature resistance, and auto lock! Do you want to prevent children from using your products? – I bet you are searching for CR packaging.

Custom Designs Boxes is the emblem of creativity and quality. We create custom child resistant packaging that is full of protective properties. Our boxes entertain enormous industries, including edibles, medical, pesticide, cleaning products, harmful products, pharma, cannabis, and sensitive and fragile items that you wish to keep away from children. Our child resistant boxes are made from high-barrier materials. Our material options include Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP)/PET/Foil/Poly Barrier Film (Reylon), BOPP with Double Heat-Sealing Layers and VMPET (Vacuum Metalized Polyester Film), and 3-Ply Structure (PE/PET/MET PET). These options are shielded from oxygen, moisture, and light, ensuring your packed edibles or sensitive products remain safe from every external factor that can hamper their quality and shelf life. Dont worry! Our certified child resistant packaging meets the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) and ASTM d3475, safeguarding citizens' safety and security while making these strong boxes. 

Our child resistant mylar packaging offers a library of protective measures. We ensure our CR packaging withstands heavy weights and is tear resistant, ensuring every item remains best in condition and that your products are not torn, split, or damaged during shipping and delivery. Moreover, our custom child resistant boxes are smell-proof, heat sealer, and temperature-insensitive, guaranteeing your sensitive products are preserved in robust packaging. You can pack every item of any type and ensure these resistant pouches maintain them in all conditions. 

Design Options For Custom Child Resistant Packaging

Our custom child resistant boxes are designed with appearance and distinction in mind. These boxes follow the brand's trends and culture, meeting every brand's needs. With the inventory of numerous design options, you get an incredible chance to design your child-proof packaging with logos, colors of your choice, imagery, and printing. 

Our logo experts and creative designers place the logo where it gets the best compliments. We place logos at the exact position that harnesses the best possible marketing results. Moreover, our team of experts prints child resistant packaging with notes and labels that contain caution signs. These offer safety and security for your little ones. 

Standard features of our child resistant packaging are given below. 

  • Flat boxes
  • Gusseted/Stand-Up Bag
  • Hang Hole
  • Tamper-Evident/Tear Notch
  • Static Control
  • Barrier (Smell-Proof)
  • Recyclable
  • Rollstock/Tubing
  • Fin Seal
  • Vacuum Pack

Bonus: You can provide a layout and design in any color, font, and printing, and we will design child-proof packaging with it. 

Child Resistant Packaging Options

Custom Designs Boxes is equipped with a wide range of child-proof mylar bags in different styles, types, and sizes. These stand-up pouches are available in small, medium, and large sizes, ensuring you keep your different products in perfectly snug-fit boxes. We create child resistant packaging with auto-lock systems, zippers, and dual-handle locking systems. 

Common types of child proof packaging are: 

Push-Down-and-Turn Caps: 

They are used in the pharmaceutical industry. They require a level of strength, making it tough for children to open them. 

Squeeze-and-Turn Containers: 

These require squeezing and turning actions, almost impossible for children to open. 

Aerosol Bags: 

They are mainly used for medicine and medical supplies. They contain an extra layer of security. 

Flexible Packaging: 

They commonly use liquids, powders, and small particulate substances like pharmaceuticals and chemicals. 

Anti-choking bags:

These bags are put in children's mouths or noses to prevent children from choking. They are vacuum sealed but have a hole to make children breathe. 

Tamper evident bags:

These bags are installed with unique closure technology, making it almost impossible for children to open them. 

Modern Printing and Finishing Options

Print anything of your choice; embellish with shine and luxury. 

Give life to your custom printed child resistant packaging with printing and finishing options of your choice! We have a library of printing and finishing options to give your child proof boxes an astonishing appearance with enhanced protection. Our printing options include digital printing, offset printing, flexography, etc. These include brilliant color schemes such as CMYK, PMS, and RGB. With these advanced creations, we do magic with colors and turn your ordinary child resistant packaging into an emblem of the standard. 

Custom Designs Boxes is known for its finishing and lamination options. We use semi-glossy, glossy, matte, and satin finishes. These give smooth surfaces, anti-scratch and anti-glare options, a professional appearance, and a touch of elegance and sophistication to your child proof box.  

Custom Designs Boxes As Your CRP Supplier

Custom Designs Boxes is a leading manufacturer of child-resistant packaging. Our packaging solution offers you peace of mind with brilliant product packaging and exit bags. We lead the market from the front and always come up with creative artwork that is captured in custom product boxes, bags, mylar bags, or paper bags. Our CRP is a well-known product endorsed by thousands of clients present at Packaging Hub

These bags are perfect for every industry: child-resistant cannabis boxes for cannabis products, Food Boxes, pet begs, medical boxes, and Pharma Boxes for other sectors. Our child resistant packaging wholesale service offers huge discounts, free delivery, quick turnaround, 24/7 customer care support, and many other unbeatable services. We are full of modern machinery and equipped with creative packaging professionals, so we never compromise on quality and always keep time in mind. Contact our technical and customer care support team at to get your desired custom child-resistant packaging of your choice and requirements at affordable rates. 

Why Us?

Custom Designs Boxes is the USA's most trustworthy and leading child-resistant packaging provider. We are an equipped team of packaging professionals and creative graphic designers who transform ordinary packaging boxes into exceptional child-proof boxes at affordable rates and huge discounts. Whether you order short runs or bulk orders, we create bags of the same quality. We have short MOQs, an energetic customer care and technical support team available 24/7, modern machinery, and the fastest turnaround time. Our sale is on! Contact us before it ends so you can save thousands of bucks. 

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Child Resistant Boxes With All the Lavish Properties

Custom Designs Boxes creates protective child resistant boxes with great care and always strives for innovation. We offer child-resistant mylar bags and boxes with puncture and tear resistance, temperature insensitivity, buried properties, clarity and transparency, a two-handed locking system, a zipper, and smell proof. Apart from these main properties, our child protective boxes come in different shapes and styles, with handles, inserts, zippers, and seals. These branded properties elevate your brand success and keep your products safe and secure from all the harm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Numerous shapes and styles are available. Moreover, if you want specific measurements, submit your requirements, and we will create an exact child-resistant bag.

Printing options include digital and offset printing with CMYK, PMS, and RGB color schemes. At the same time, finishing options of all types, including spot, gloss, matte, embossing, anti-scratch lamination, etc, are available.

The MOQ for custom printed mylar packaging is 100.

You can customize printing options, material options, design options, logo designs and placements, finishing options, and more.

Delivery is free, and turnaround time is 8 to 12 days.

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