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Where the sleekness of the superior quality sleeves and trays packaging gives a decent look to the product, the practical box style ensures easy and quick unboxing.

sleeves and trays

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Put Your Product Packaging in the Spotlight With Sleeves And Trays Boxes

Sleeves and trays boxes are specialized packaging solutions created to protect and display items, the specifics of which can vary depending on the product being packaged and the desired level of protection and organization. Custom Designs Boxes manufactures them in unique designs and for various applications.

Our customized sleeves are made to securely hold and protect individual items from potential damage. They can be tailored to fit the products they are carrying perfectly and can be printed with custom artwork or branding elements. On the other hand, we make custom trays with materials like cardboard. Customized with dividers, slots, and other add-ons, these are used to hold multiple items in a specific yet tidy order. 

Sizing and Shapes

Rectangular custom tray and sleeve boxes are the most common, as they can easily be stacked and stored as well as accommodate a wide range of valuables. On the contrary, round sleeve and tray packaging is best for cylindrical items.

Also, custom shapes and sizes are available, such as those designed to fit around a unique product shape or to match a specific branding requirement. We at Custom Designs Boxes make sleeves and trays to provide a more compact and efficient storage solution for products.

Secure, Sustainable, and Stylish Packaging Solution

Custom sleeve boxes - picture-perfect way to protect and display items in a professional and organized manner!

We offer a range of durable materials, such as rigid, cardboard, and corrugated, to ensure your products remain secure and undamaged during transportation or retail display. Each option provides ample protection for fragile, expensive, and gifting items.

Our double-wall tray option allows for organized stacking while ensuring your product stays intact until it reaches its recipient. These packaging solutions are lightweight and eco-friendly, helping to minimize any further damage to the planet.

Make Your Product Look Inviting with Our Sleeve Boxes

We offer unbeatable printing options, such as screen, digital, and offset, to make packaging truly stand out. Additionally, CMYK and PMS color models are available to create elegant product packaging. The tray and sleeve box packaging may also have printing or branding on the outside as well as inside to enhance their visual appeal and promote the product it contains. We not only use the latest techniques but also sustainable and never-fading inks for bright results with no blur or bleed.

From logo to brand name, contact details to slogans, product details to cost – anything can be printed. Whether you want the sleeve box packaging designed per a seasonal or movie theme, our designers will make it happen. The color palette is customized to reflect the cohesive brand identity.

Custom Designs Boxes provides a range of finishing options to make boxes memorable to buyers and keep the prints safe from scratches and water. These include debossing and embossing, matte and gloss finishing, silver and gold foil, and hot stamping. You can opt for aqueous coating, anti-scratch lamination, or varnish for added protection of custom box sleeves.

It allows for creative and distinct designs that will help your retail brand engage customers with unique colors and patterns. The sleeves and trays could even have cute shapes cut out of them or windows.

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At Custom Designs Boxes, we understand the importance of delivering quality material packaging solutions and cup sleeves at reasonable rates. Our professionals use the latest packaging strategies to ensure custom packaging sleeves and paper food trays are manufactured to the highest standards. The primary purpose is to protect and organize items, so material selection, dimensions, shape, weight, and fragility are all taken into account.

Our categories extend to soap sleeves, gift card sleeves, custom bakery trays, packaging inserts, foam inserts, and slide boxes. You can also get your coffee sleeves or sleeves and trays boxes delivered in a minimum timeframe.

Call us or contact us at to obtain all the information you require regarding the custom cardboard trays and packaging sleeves you desire.


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You can enjoy the most effective and straightforward customization process with our packaging experts. Custom Designs Boxes provides free professional design assistance, easy ordering, free and fast delivery, the lowest MOQs, safe payment options, and faster turnaround. Our team is available 24/7 and is happy to guide you through the process of designing tray box packaging that reflects your product's personality. Avail bulk order discounts and wholesale rates on printed sleeves without sacrificing quality!

Luxury Sleeves and Tray
Custom Sleeves and Trays

Let Your Brand Speak Loud About Your Stunning Product

With our custom sleeve and tray boxes, you can offer a fantastic slide-to-reveal experience and make an impression on your customers that can't be beaten. Our sustainable packaging boxes not only carry a significant shelf impact but also promise high-end protection. Where double-walled inserts hold the product securely, the sleeves on top keep the products covered. With the selection of our top-quality, eco-friendly paper, Custom Designs Boxes makes the box sleeve printing even safer.

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If you need assistance with the artwork, our design services are available. Otherwise, you are more than welcome to use your own artwork.

You have the option to choose from matte/gloss, embossing/debossing, spot UV, and foiling.

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