Tuck Boxes

With an effective yet simple tuck-in flap style, this packaging promises easy opening & closing along with utmost functionality and versatility to be used for diverse industries – bakery to jewelry, cosmetics to electronics, and many more.

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Perfectly designed tuck top gift boxes with sustainable qualities to fit your product while complementing the brand’s aesthetics and satisfying the buyer’s requirements.

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Custom Tuck Boxes | Brilliant Choice For Branding & Marketing Intentions

Tuck boxes are prized as the most dependable style used for product display and shipping. Despite being an economical packaging solution, it helps you create a leading brand impact by letting you pack your quality products in the best manner.

Custom Designs Boxes makes tuck boxes in diverse sizes, palettes, themes, and shapes. Thanks to our creative professionals, our highly versatile and fully customizable tuck top boxes are delivered per your specifications. With its ability to be assembled quickly, custom tuck packaging boxes ensure ease and are found to be suitable for various applications. They will serve their simple yet long-term function of magnifying the presentation of your items on the retail shelves, regardless of your industry and product dimensions.

Lend Credibility To Your Brand With Our Premium Packaging Material Selection

Custom Design Boxes has an extensive library of materials for reverse tuck boxes– each with its benefits, strength, thickness, and durability.

Our hand-picked materials ensure adequate protection during transit, lowering the risk of damage or breakage. Items can stay safe from sharp pressures, sudden falls, water splashes, and other external factors responsible for faster wear and tear. Moreover, the thickness can be chosen within a range of (mention your ra hi hi nge), considering the product's nature. The heavier the item, the greater the thickness of roll end tuck top boxes for maximum support.

If you need it for large or weighty items, opt for our heavy-duty corrugated stock that can be selected in a variety of flutes. And if you need something light but long-lasting, we have paperboard available for tuck box packaging. Also, we offer metallic and holographic stock to keep the chic vibe. It can be useful for cosmetic, skincare, and jewelry businesses.

Talking about stability and resilience, high-quality cardboard and biodegradable Kraft top our charts. From plain brown to white and bleached Kraft, Custom Designs Boxes has a lot to offer. Manufactured from recyclable materials, Kraft-y boxes reduce the environmental impact. This is your shortcut to gaining environmentally conscious clientele by highlighting your commitment to “GO GREEN!”

Custom Tuck Packaging Boxes’ Styles & Shapes

With the use of advanced techniques, we are capable of designing tuck top mailer boxes in square, circle, rectangle, oval, and many other shapes. Further, the styles we usually offer include Straight Tuck End (STE) which has its both ends folded inwards and Reverse Tuck End (RTE) with both ends folded outwards. 

Also, the latter can resist the pressure of medium weights. We also bring you Tuck Top, Auto-lock Bottom (TTAB) and Tuck Top, Snap lock Bottom (TTSLB). Another variety to add to the list is Sealed End featuring glued-shut top or side panels. They are shipped flat to save space.

Experience the Magic of Inventive Printing & Creative Design 

The foundation of our superior roll-end tuck-top boxes is top-tier printing and design services.

Do you desire to give your packaging a standout look? Ask our designers to print it with splendid designs and eye-catching themes. We have a plenitude of color schemes with no color limitations. After all, the right color selection for your packaging can make a huge difference in whether people decide to even pick your product or not. Where our team helps you select pastels for a sophisticated appearance, dark shades for a luxurious vibe, and bright hues for an eye-getting look are also available.

When onlookers notice your iconic colored tuck top gift boxes, they'll know it's your brand, even among other products on the shelf.

Such quality printing not only makes your box look extravagant but also helps spread your brand's message to every passerby. You can print your company's logo, name, and contact details in cool fonts that catch people's attention. We can assist you in designing your logo and finding its right placement on the box, which helps customers remember your brand.

We offer several printing techniques – CMYK, digital, offset, PMS, etc. Complemented with non-fading inks, our savvy designers deliver high-definition prints. You can ask us to print inside, outside, or both.

Stunning Finishing Touches & Functional Add-Ons For Tuck Box Packaging 

Custom Designs Boxes give its customers extra-special add-ons and finishing options to make its products stand out from their rivals. A few to mention are:

  • Hang tags in any size and shape that can be printed with quotes, personalized messages, brand stories, or product details.
  • Festive ribbons or bow ties in unique cuts.
  • Customized inserts to keep the item in its place and safe from rolling out.
  • Dividers made with material and size of your choice to keep the presentation tidy.
  • QR codes to let people reach you on social media platforms – a classic way to market your name.
  • A window cut in any shape and size, either covered with a strong PVC sheet or not.
  • Personalized stickers or labels for brand awareness.

What is the best way to complete your packaging? Pick your lamination, coating, and finishing! At Custom Designs Boxes, you have options of:

  • Embossing and debossing
  • Spot UV and glass UV
  • Aqueous coating
  • Matte or gloss lamination
  • Varnish
  • Anti-scratch lamination
  • Soft-touch coating, etc.

To make the tuck top boxes wholesale look really classy and enriching, opt for foiling or hot stamping in gold, silver, or holographic shades.

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Made to be safe and presentable, place your order for custom tuck boxes from Custom Designs Boxes to mirror your brand story as a unique tale while presenting your product’s superior quality. Our custom-printed tuck boxes are an ideal pick for a catchy and simple display. From retail branding to gifting, we design these specialized tuck top boxes and hexagon boxes for everyone in all industries. Need reverse tuck boxes or custom die cut boxes? We bring all to the table!

Have any questions, or are you ready to get started? Call us or contact us at sales@customdesignsboxes.com. to obtain all the information you require regarding the custom printed  tuck end boxes you desire.

Why Us?

Whether you prioritize competitive pricing, fast turnaround, free shipping, or sustainability, Custom Designs Boxes serve it all! We excel at restyling your product packaging with smartly designed reverse tuck boxes, with each having sides that effortlessly slide. The worth of our services is obvious through top-quality materials, superlative printing techniques, eco-friendly practices, and a glut of customization options.

Affordable Tuck Boxes
Custom Tuck Packaging Boxes

Custom Tuck Boxes - Your Brand's Perfect Fit!

Our cost-effective tuck boxes stand out as reliable packaging, playing an integral part in boosting your brand visibility while ensuring superior protection and beautifying the presentation of your quality products. Custom Designs Boxes cater to diverse needs with a wide range of tuck boxes in multiple sizes, sustainable materials, evoking colors, trendy themes, and functional shapes. Let’s transform your boxes into fascinating brand ambassadors with unconventional printing techniques and creative designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To All The Urgent Questions You May Have.

Normally called tuck-top boxes, this packaging style features two openings (one on the top and the other on the bottom). These can either open in one or opposite direction.

Tuck packaging is essential for shipping products safely. Being durable with a fool-proof locking mechanism, these boxes significantly improve product delivery.

Usually, cardboard or paperboard are used. Kraft is another trending option to guarantee a stable and durable structure.

Yes, you can browse our tuck box templates in diverse sizes and shapes. It is best to use our template as a 3D mockup for your packaging.

In terms of printing, 4/0 explains how printing is done in full color on a single side (outer parts of the packaging). Meanwhile, 4/4 means full-color printing on both (outside and inside) sides of the box.

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