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Bringing you an extensive variety of box materials suitable for tight budgets, lightweight and fragile items, heavier products, and luxury packaging for higher-value items. From providing shock absorption to making a strong statement, offering durability to aesthetics – our collection of well-chosen materials will best meet your needs.


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Versatile Selection of Packaging Materials

Custom Designs Boxes ensures your products are provided with utmost protection, quality impression, irresistible textures, and high-end branding.


Corrugated Stock

Ideal for heavy-duty packaging due to its inherent strength, corrugated is engineered to be a cost-saving and easy-to-work-with material that offers product protection against temperature and water damage. Corrugated boxes are customizable in any shape and style, we offer single-face, single-wall, four-layer, and double-wall options.

Where our corrugated cardboard comes in rolls with ridges running along its length, corrugated paperboard is a thin yet resilient paper sheet made from several kinds of wood pulp. It’s also used to create the sturdiest corrugated mailer boxes to ensure safe shipment of products. Tear-resistant Kraft paper has been used for manufacturing kraft corrugated boxes - renowned for its textured and porous surface, outstanding printing ability, and biodegradability.

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Kraft Stock

Lightweight yet hard-wearing and entirely customizable kraft paper with a rustic appearance is a biodegradable material made from recycled cardboard. It is well-suited for shipping, retail packaging, kraft gable boxes for gifts, kraft bubble mailers, and for every product type and industry.

From brown to yellowish to white, unbleached or bleached, with textured or smooth printable surface, sourced from pine or spruce – all varieties of Kraft stock reflect excellent strength-to-weight ratio and protective properties. For brands looking to decrease their carbon footprint and draw in eco-conscious buyers, our kraft boxes align with their objectives.

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Metallic Card Stock

With a shiny and reflective surface, Custom Designs Boxes creates attention-grabbing metallic packaging that tells a tale of extravagance, style, durability, and sophistication. Made with biodegradable and recyclable materials, brands can have boxes laminated with metallic or holographic foiling. You can ask for boxes with any shade from our absolute color choices or gold foil boxes that can provide the finest presentation to appeal to a broader audience. We offer design and customization options for holographic boxes to enhance the product's perceived value.

Besides the beauty, fashion, and cosmetic industries, metallic card stock guarantees universal applicability and versatility to target high-end markets.

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White Card Stock

White cardstock comes second to none in terms of sturdiness and customization, offering a premium packaging experience as well as a fresh and professional appearance to your products. Its smooth surface helps produce bright, sharp prints with outstanding color reproduction and clarity. You can even ask us to customize white cardboard boxes in your preferred thickness, shape, and style.

The card can be effortlessly cut, folded, and shaped to create simple and standard or custom-shaped cardboard boxes of various sizes and styles. Custom Designs Boxes make it with a thick, eco-friendly paperboard of a robust nature to give peace of mind to both brand owners and customers. We are also one of the best ammo cardboard boxes suppliers all across the USA.

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Textured Card Stock

Find aesthetic appeal, robustness, versatility, and sustainability all in one! Available in diverse colors, weights, sizes, and thicknesses, our paper collection is appropriate for creating greetings, business, presentation folders and postcards, as well as custom boxes with a stunning finish. Textured cardstock can lend a graceful and classy look to any packaging design for luxury brands and artisanal crafts. From tactile sensation to its artistic design possibilities, textured card stock with resistance to wear and tear adds value to packaging.

Whether it's a protective box for shipping breakable items, table tents for promoting brands, or a sleek sleeve for retail display, textured card stock delivers both functionality and style.

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Rigid/ Press Board

A material used to package almost anything, as it brings depth, character, and a touch of luxury while making the box's edges crisp and exact! Custom Designs Boxes uses it for high-end functionality rigid boxes. It stands out as an eco-friendly option comprising recycled materials and biodegradable components. We use it to create rigid setup boxes for all premium products.

Made with multiple layers of compressed paperboard, rigid board is now everyone’s go-to choice for its unparalleled strength. The rigid board's versatility goes beyond its sturdiness and can be used to meet any packaging requirement, including magnetic closure boxes. Its ability to mirror quality and class makes it preferable for brands!

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