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At Custom Designs Boxes, we provide branded yet appealing game boxes to make your toys the center of attention. These boxes made from high-quality material are also ideal for offering expectational safety to your frail products from damaging concerns.

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Level Up Your Promotion With Customized Game Boxes For Your Newly Launched Games

Games require attractive packaging to gain the attention of the players. The more enticing visuals on the game boxes, the more players will have the urge to play the game. This aspect can serve you in the promotion of your games to a wide public. Custom Designs Boxes make personalized game packaging boxes for its customers to serve their promotional needs. We print details and stories of the in-game characters to engage the customers and arouse curiosity. 

Supercharge Your Game Presentation With Our Boxes

With the assistance of our savvy graphic designers, you get the opportunity to design your Retail Boxes as per your game aesthetics. They have hundreds of game box design templates for you that no one has seen before. We print them with colorful tones and schemes that build the identity of your game. We high-resolution images of in-game scenes, characters, or highlights to give potential players a glimpse of what awaits them. 

Catering To All Types Of Games

We craft designs on the game boxes that can adapt to diverse game themes, from adventurous quests to brain-teasing puzzles. We use artwork and imagery that align with the specific game genre. Moreover, we incorporate clear genre indicators on the box, such as icons or graphics. Our Custom Boxes with Logo help customers quickly identify the type of game they're looking for. In short, you can choose our boxes for every type of game such as video games, board games, sports games, action games, etc. 

Set Your Gaming Brand To New Heights

Incorporate your game's logo and branding elements on the custom game box to establish a recognizable and professional image. Design your boxes according to the new launches. Promote your games by gaining professional assistance from Custom Designs Boxes. We ensure that people remember your brand and consider it again for their future purchases. 

The Ultimate Guard For Your Games

We provide a variety of options to you to protect your games during transportation and handling. The cardboard game boxes protect video and board games while they are shipped. They provide a cushion to the inside parts and protect them from the tear and shear of the journey. For enhanced protection and a luxurious unboxing experience, we also provide rigid game boxes. Get help from our materials specialist to choose the right material for your games. We also provide inserts for the packaging of games. The inserts enable you to organize different parts of games in the box and keep them stagnant during their journey. 

Why Clients Prefer Our Packaging Services?

We have been the packaging provider for hundreds of brands for years. We have built trust in our customers by providing unmatchable quality services. Our customers return to enjoy the benefits of our services. With us, you can unleash your creativity on the game boxes and personalize them with your name and logo. Our designs are awesome and unmatched. Gamers not only love the games but also the boxes which surpass their expectations. The quality of designs, prints, and finishes entice them and our boxes mesmerize the customers. 

You can double-check your game box design here in the form of 3D designs as well as physical samples. You can start your promotional journey with just 100 game packaging boxes. We have made shopping easy and affordable for our customers with custom game boxes wholesale. Lastly, with the fastest turnaround (6 - 8 days), we also deliver boxes for games to your doorsteps. 

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Now you get boxes for all types of games in one place. Design your game boxes with the assistance of our graphic designers and make them an emblem for your brand. Let your competitors know whom they are competing with. Call us at 888-835-1812 or visit our site and place your order at and get your game boxes.

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Among the many services, we have the most prominent one. Custom Designs Boxes offers free shipping and dispatching all around the country. We pay all the delivery charges and bring your order to you without charging a cent. Contact us right now to enjoy low MOQ and wholesale rates.

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Make Your Competitors Feeble With Brand-Conscious Game Packaging Boxes

Branding is a thing that makes your product visible. Your brand earned quite a reputation as we mentioned your brand logo, name, and clear images of the product with all the necessary information on them. Leave your brand in the dust and make your brand well-known in the market.

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