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Eye-catching gift box packaging – with the freedom of customization choices - are ideal to bring a sensational touch along with the emotional presentational feel.

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A Custom Gift Box That Speaks To Your Client

Popular custom luxury gift boxes for a variety of products, including gifts, retail items, and promotional products, can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business or individual.

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Custom Designs Boxes Know The Appealing Ways To Design Custom Gift Boxes

Being one of the best packaging companies in the USA, Custom Designs Boxes offers gift boxes that are convenient and eco-friendly while giving a perfect fit to products along with a luxurious and appealing touch. Our boxes are available in all shapes, styles, and sizes and keep your products safe with their durable structures. Some popular types of gift box selections include Rigid boxes with magnetic closure, Foldable boxes, and biodegradable boxes. 

Our high-end gift box packaging is the epitome of class and elegance. The customizations for each box are carefully selected to make the recipients happy and in line with the gift’s nature. Our assortment of unique box styles and shapes for custom gift boxes will satisfy your need for a special present, whether a birthday present, a love token, or a heartfelt expression of gratitude.

Preserve Your Presents in Perfect Condition

The durable and resilient packaging gives people the best-protected and well-maintained gifts, influencing their thoughts about the brand. 

Custom Designs Boxes manufactures custom logo gift boxes from top-class materials to keep products in the best condition. The strong boxes protect the gifts from contamination and dust, along with the harsh environment, and save them from breakage during the transportation and delivery process. Along with it, our boxes are food-grade and non-toxic, so they never affect edibles or other gift boxes and save you from ruining the special event. We have extensive options in materials to make gift packaging boxes from. Our material specialists make sure your gifts never lose their quality. The most popular and recommendable materials are.

  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Kraft
  • Metallic stock
  • Cardboard

Gift Packaging For Cost-Effective Branding

Every business needs promotion and advertisement for its growth and survival. We print custom-present boxes with logos and brand names to distinguish your products from the rest. Custom gift boxes with logo act as brand agents with the job of spreading awareness of the products. It makes your brand more recognizable, resulting in high demand and an increase in your valuable audience.

Our talented designers can guide you about the right placement of logo and printing exclusive product information on custom gift card boxes to invite every viewer. With a wide range of printing options (offset, CMYK, digital, and PMS printing), we can cater to every type of printing facility and print designs that look original. Besides, vibrant color bestows a lively look on the packaging gift boxes! Plus, printing gives the packaging a smoother texture, making it look luxurious.

Show Love With Gift Box Packaging!

Custom printed gift boxes or PR boxes are ideal when it comes to enhancing the joy of any gift or present!


We embellish wholesale custom gift boxes with logo or festive visualizations and enticing colors, themes, and images that resonate with the occasion, product, and individuals, so when they see your packaging, it increases their interest. You can design custom ornaments boxes with handles, windows, dividers, inserts, and ribbons to not only accommodate products perfectly but also aesthetically. Besides, you can tailor gift boxes with lids and perforated paper to give your presents a distinctive look. Yes, we have an adorable collection of wrapping papers and stickers, too.

Among add-ons, we have elegant to playful custom header cards, making your personalization perfect for events, businesses, or special occasions. Also, our wedding favor boxes can serve as luxury tokens of appreciation, adding more delight to festivities.  Influencer boxes can amplify brand engagement and credibility, especially when adorned with our functional add-ons. 

Finishing protects products from environmental factors such as humidity and moisture, and along with it, it provides durability to the boxes. Plus, it makes your gift packaging boxes look spectacular. From the broad category, the most liked options for small sustainable gift box and watch boxes include:

  • Gloss, Gloss AQ, and Gloss UV
  • Spot and Spot UV
  • Matte and Matte UV
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foiling
  • Stamping
  • Varnish
  • Anti-scratch and aqueous laminations

Custom Designs Boxes provides gift packaging boxes in customized sizes and different shapes for every product that can be gifted.

Get Your Premium Custom Gift Boxes With Logo

We have a history of dealing with thousands of the best brands. Custom Designs Boxes turns ordinary boxes into exceptional ones at unbeatable rates. Our graphic designers make custom Christmas boxes with extra care and efficiency to meet your dream packaging.  At the same time, the warehouse and logistics team quickly deliver the holiday gift boxes in the best condition. Eco-friendly printing and top-notch finishing options give your gift packaging a luxurious appearance, enhancing brand value. 

Contact us at to get your custom favor boxes or custom gift card boxes to complement your products and reflect your values.

Why Us?

Getting artistically designed custom gift boxes wholesale for your precious gift items is not a problem anymore! Avail of the best packaging services from Custom Designs Boxes - within your budget. Where AQ staff keeps an eye on the production process, the logistics team ensures timely delivery and quick turnaround. From design assistance to shipping, we offer complimentary services. We have discounts available on bulk and wholesale orders. You can tailor all the packaging around your idea and choice. Receive excellent support to get desired custom gift boxes!

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Gift Boxes To Leave Distinctive Impressions!

Custom Designs Boxes provides over a hundred customized solutions to help brands create custom printed gift boxes with a look and feel that are indeed their own. You have the freedom to use any of our high-end embellishments, premium finishes, sturdy materials, and printing technique. When it comes to personalization and branding, you have complete control over every detail of custom design gift boxes. We support eco-friendly packaging options, too. Get the packaging at an affordable price that promises your success and increases your customer's manifold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To All The Urgent Questions You May Have.

Crafting an impressive gift box entails a brilliant understanding of the recipient's likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests. For example, if culinary arts kindle their enthusiasm, consider curating a selection of gourmet ingredients or maybe a cookbook. By infusing the gift box with features tailored to their preferences, you transform a mere gesture into a cherished experience.

We offer high-end finishing options such as matte, foiling, and embossing. If you want more embellishment, we offer add-ons along with inserts and foams to give your gift boxes a luxurious appearance.

We specialize in creating custom gift boxes from various durable and robust materials suitable for protecting all types of products, from ordinary to luxurious.

Yes, we allow our clients to come up with their designs to give a personalized look to gift packaging. We design gift boxes around your choice to craft packaging that creates a special place in customers’ hearts.

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