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Custom rigid boxes - your luxury yet durable and protective packaging solution for gift items, cosmetics, jewelry, and other valuable products

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Custom rigid packaging, known as set-up boxes, are made with thick & high-quality materials for the required protection of high-end or promotional products, while their eye-catching layouts and sturdy structure bring charm and grace.

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Get Our Custom Rigid Boxes For Excellent Durability And A Luxury Feel

Two things help the product manufacturer to make his brand talk of the town. First, your branding strategies! Secondly, your product protection! We at Custom Designs Boxes help our customers to satisfy both purposes with our rigid setup boxes.

When a brand wants to promote its brand, we provide them with custom rigid boxes printed with the brand logo, company name, and other branding elements. It helps the brand build its reputation in the market. We also give our customers complete liberty to make their boxes in any shape, style, size, design, layout, and quantity. Our digital and offset printing techniques can let you get rigid gift boxes that help you set the trend in the market with chic designs. We use CMYK and PMS to promise color accuracy and no blurry results.

Also, we create rigid boxes with durable and high-quality materials, so these are ideal to keep products safe for a long time. With the help of our advanced die-cutting machinery and tools, we add custom foam inserts in our rigid boxes to guarantee an extra level of security and backdrop for your products.

Drive More Attention To Your High-End Products 

Custom Designs Boxes know that every expensive product has specific packaging needs. So, we facilitate our customers to get custom rigid boxes in their desired styles that best suit their products.

  • Our magnetic closure rigid boxes are well-known for their grace and smooth unboxing style.  
  • Shoulder neck rigid boxes have a lid that covers the upper side of the box to the shoulder, which is fixed with the base lid. These rigid setup boxes are not only extravagant but also promise secure storage for valuable products.
  • Two-piece luxury rigid boxes have a base and an upper lid to provide a trouble-free opening. Made with precision, they are picture-perfect for gift items.
  • Clamshell custom rigid packaging, consisting of two joined lids, completely shields the inside-packed products while providing a 360-degree view of the products after unboxing.
  • Our collapsible rigid boxes are easy to use and help you save space during shipping when they are empty. Their side flaps can close inside the box and reduce the volume of the packaging boxes by 80%.

Apart from box style, we customize them in any shape and dimension.

Make Your Product The First Choice Of Every Consumer!

We help our customers add more elegance to their custom printed rigid boxes packaging with our striking finishes. You can go for:

  • Matte coating to be cooler and smoother in looks
  • Gloss coating to add more shining effects
  • Foil stamping in gold or silver for the brand logo or specialized artwork
  • Embossing/Debossing on the specific part for the 3D effect
  • Spot UV to add glittering effects on the specific fonts

And the list continues with varnish, aqueous coating, satin-soft lamination, anti-scratch coating, etc. Other must-haves to make rigid packaging boxes more appealing and sensational, we bring you an extensive collection of add-ons, from ribbons and bow ties to handles and window patches, hang tags to QR codes.

Rigid Boxes Packaging To Enclose, Hold, Present, And Your Products

Custom Designs Boxes creates custom rigid packaging with a combination of radiant colors, high-quality materials, premium finishing, and striking embellishments, providing the required protection to products and adding a deluxe feel.

Regardless of the occasion, our diverse rigid gift box styles empower you to design a truly distinctive presentation for your product that will surely command attention and go beyond mere functionality. With our superior craftsmanship, we ensure that your custom rigid boxes packaging act as your masterful tool for emphasizing your product's worth through appealing aesthetics and luxurious detailing.

Shall We Continue With Our Plans?

Rigid boxes, being the signature product of Custom Designs Boxes, contain great importance and value. Professional packaging team with the collaboration of savvy designers gives their 100% customizing rigid box packaging. These boxes' luxury attire captivated in wallet boxes and rigid gift boxes, show the value and necessity of rigid packaging beautifying every gift and luxury product’s worth. Their styles and shapes range from rigid top boxes to magnetic closure boxes, accommodating every luxury product thoroughly. However, if you want to continue with our plans but are still confused about how to design and customize rigid boxes, please read our well-crafted paper on rigid boxes' benefits and customization

Feel free to contact us at sales@customdesignsboxes.com for modern packaging ideas.

Why Us?

Custom Designs Boxes offers exceptional packaging at wholesale rates and with low minimums. You can avail our bulk discounts. We ensure free shipping within the USA and promise to complete the order of luxury rigid boxes within 6-8 working days (rush production). With years of industrial experience, we bring you excessively free design assistance to create masterpieces. Give us a chance to serve you!

Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes
Rigid Packaging Box

Custom Rigid Boxes Wholesale for Perfect Gift Presentation

Being one of the most suitable packaging options for sending gifts, we deliver custom rigid packaging designed with an excellent and sophisticated look. If you want to add more value to your products, we will print your brand name and logo. Custom Designs Boxes offers you complete freedom to choose the desired customization option for shape, style, size, material, add-ons, and printing to make rigid box packaging as per your needs. Our packaging experts have great skills to always provide top-notch bulk rigid boxes services at affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To All The Urgent Questions You May Have.

By folding the corrugated sheet, a rigid carton box can be created. It may have contained 5% to 30% recycled fiber content added to the board. Flexography, gravure printing, letterpress seals, and metallization print cartons.

Rigid boxes are the most popular type of packaging, and they are used to ship a wide range of commodities. The sort of box for a particular shipment is determined by its size, shape, and strength requirements. For instance, long, narrow products such as books require tall, thin boxes with little depth so they may be stacked in warehouse storage without using too much vertical space.

A bespoke rigid box packaging consists of three components: an envelope for protection, with or without compartments depending on what has to be protected, and inserts that form compartments to organize your products better and generate excellent presentation results.

Yes! It is essential to use the rigid box that best suits the item you're attempting to ship to prevent any potential damage during transportation.

The first characteristic that distinguishes them is their durability. These packing solutions received their name because they are stiff, unlike other containers. In addition, their manufacturing material is flawless. So, the level of protection provided by these packaging options is rare and exceptional.

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