What Is Chipboard? Top 4 Facts That Make It Distinct From Others

Packaging companies use different types of materials to make strong, customizable, lightweight, and printable designer boxes. Moreover, packaging manufacturers are looking for a new material stock that fits best with sensitive products and food products to retain their taste and flavor, and eco-friendly materials to support the eco-system. Versatile material options are available in the market.

These include kraft, cardboard, paperboard, corrugated, rigid, and chipboard. Looking at all the material options, chipboard proves to be a decent option. What is chipboard? Do you know much about it? Chipboard is misconceived a lot. Material engineers get a lot of queries about it. People want to all about it before using it. 

Chipboard is a thick paper. It is 100% made of recycled fiber and wood pulp. Other pieces are categorized on weight, however, chipboard is categorized on paper thickness. It doesn't have corrugated channels inside it, making it more cost-effective and space-saving while providing top-class durability. It is so durable that the sticks of dynamite are made from it. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, depending on the use. It is not all about chipboard. Let us learn more about it. 

what is chipboard

Uses Of Chipboard

The usage of chipboard is extensive. It is easily customizable in different thickness sheets, making it versatile. There are some given usages of chipboard. 

  • Cartons 
  • Custom Packaging Boxes
  • Pallet sheets
  • Pallet pads
  • Edge protectors
  • Strap protectors
  • push-pull sheets

Major Benefits Of Chipboard

The benefits of chipboard for packaging boxes are enormous. However, here are major benefits. 

  • First, chipboard is eco-friendly and sustainable. It is perfect for waste management. It is made from wood waste and can be recycled after use. It makes it recyclable and sustainable. 
  • Secondly, it is very much economical. It comes at half price compared to plastic and other sources. It is thinner and lightweight. It saves the cost of shipping and freight of delivery. 
  • Thirdly, it is versatile. It can do all the tasks that plastic can do. It can be cut to spec to use for different types of Cardboard Boxes. Moreover, it handles heavy loads and is puncture-resistant. So, you know that the product is protected. 

Paper Converting For Chipboard Material

Paper converting is a term used to convert paper from wood pulp. Harvesting raw wood pulp material to convert into pieces for end use is called paper converting. 

Four Major Facts About Chipboard

  • It is distinct from cardboard and corrugated. The cardboard is hollow inside. But, the chipboard is not hollow. So, do not confuse it with cardboard and corrugated. 
  • Chipboard comes in different types of thicknesses and densities. You would have seen different thickness chipboards in real life. A book cover made of chipboard is highly strong and robust. It has a higher density. Whereas, the back side of the legal paper is a common type of chipboard thin layer. The most robust chipboard is one that is used on the floors to save the floor from paint, mud, water, driven machinery, foot traffic, and strong other objects. 
  • It has a variety of other uses. It is used to make floors, furniture, and countertops. This type of chipboard is made from direct wood pulp, not from paper. The wood pulp is combined and pressed to create a high-thickness material. You can use it as a permanent spot for rooftops, closets, buckets, etc. 
  • The fourth and last fact that makes chipboard an extraordinary material is it can be used for scrapbooking and creative projects. Due to its thickness and texture features, it is used for creating thickness and texture on pages, making cut-outs of letters and shapes. Moreover, its usage is not limited to it only. It is also used for decorations such as picture frames, covering with paper or fabric, and many other ways. 

Final Verdict

Now you know what a is chipboard. It is a special material used for many purposes. Its use in packaging is enormous. From creating packaging boxes for shipping to give perfect protection and easy handling to creating display boxes to design them with visuals and illustrations to lure customers.

Its benefits for packaging boxes go beyond imagination. It is strong, designed with visuals, customizable in shapes and sizes, and printed with slogans and logos. However, that is not all. Chipboard proves to be a cost-effective option for packaging. It is thin, and occupies less space, beenfting in shipping and transit. 

If you want to create packaging boxes, mailer boxes, display boxes, or any special edition boxes, Custom Designs Boxes is here to benefit you with perfectly made chipboard material, perfectly shaped boxes, designed with images and visuals, and offering your free shipping and free design consultation for affordable rates and huge discounts. Get your chipboard boxes from us, and boost your product effectiveness, handling, and presentation.

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