Complete Guide About Cardboard Display Boxes

Cardboard display boxes are really important for stores. They help show off products, make products look good, and convince people to buy things. These days, lots of brands like using them. Every brand has eyes on these boxes because they're strong and easy to customize in different visuals and graphics. Moreover, they are not too expensive and exert a premium and luxury appearance that attracts customers and lures them to the products. 

Custom cardboard display boxes are very popular and trendy. Almost every brand and business use them to enhance the appearance of their products. However, many small and medium businesses are unaware of these Custom Display Boxes. They are unaware of their customization and benefits. So, let us explain everything about cardboard display boxes - what they are, how you can make them special, and why they're great.

custom cardboard display boxes

What Are Cardboard Display Boxes?

These display boxes are made of cardboard. People use them to put products on the shelves and in shops. Display boxes are designed in a charming and interesting way so that people are attracted to them. Custom Cardboard Display Boxes are customizable in different shapes and sizes to fit one or many products. The cardboard material can be of different types such as e-flute, flute, etc. Moreover, cardboard packages are good for the environment because they can be recycled and are biodegradable.

Why Do People Like Cardboard Display Boxes?

People like these boxes because they keep products safe and strong. They look nice and grab people's attention, which helps brands sell more things. The boxes can be made in different shapes and styles, and the cardboard is good for the environment. Plus, these boxes make products look high-quality and elegant, and they're not too expensive.

Different Types of Display Boxes

Customization has made it easy to get cardboard display boxes in any size, shape, and type. There are many different types of display boxes.

  • Cardboard Floor Display Stand

These cardboard boxes are used for big and heavy type products. These are big boxes on the floor with lots of layers and different products. The layers can be many as seen at the start of the mall or a shop.

  • Cardboard Hook Display 

This type of display is used for small and hanging items. Cardboard hook displays hang on shelves with products inside to make them easy to notice. They are used for effective marketing to let the customer notice the products.

  • Display Box With Dividers

This type of cardboard display packaging is used for products of different types. They are large boxes with sections inside for different products. Display box with divider gives the separate room. 

  • Cardboard Trolley Box

The trolley boxes are mostly used for heavy items. Big box shaped like a trolley with many products inside. Moreover, they contain heavy or luxury products assigned a different layer. 

  • Cardboard Dump Bins

This type of display packing is kept at the start of the shop or mall. They are kept at the start to make people notice all the different products. They are organized perfectly and give a soothing appearance. They are common boxes in supermarkets with large items.

  • Counter Display Boxes

Counter Display Boxes are seen on the counters. They are small and mesmerizing boxes. They contain different or mostly the same type of small and lightweight products. They are filled with few products.

How to Make Cardboard Display Boxes Special?

If you're a business owner, you might want to make your cardboard display boxes unique. So, here are all the tips and tricks to customize your display boxes to get benefit from them as maximum as possible. 

Choose Strong and Eco-Friendly Material

Use cardboard because it's strong and good for the environment. Cardboard is a strong and robust material, keeping products safe and secure. Moreover, it is biodegradable and recyclable, perfect for the environment and products. 

  • Design and Add Pictures

Custom display boxes need to be mesmerizing, attractive, and alluring. Therefore, make the boxes look good with colors and images that make people feel good. Design these boxes with pictorial graphics to complement the products and grab every onlooker’s eyes. 

  • Make Unique Shapes and Styles 

Always come up with new, trendy, and distinct shapes for your display cardboard boxes. Shape them by leaving one side open so people can see inside or add handles and lids.

  • Print Well With Digital Options

Digital printing gives the best and error-free results. Use good printing techniques to make the Custom Cardboard Boxes look great. Put logos and company names on them to spread awareness to promote your brand and products.

  • Finish and Laminate

For a more luxurious appearance, use finishing and lamination options. Give display cardboard boxes a glossy look with finishing or exert quality with matte finishings. Make the boxes last longer with a nice lamination on them.

Final Verdict

Cardboard display boxes are important for brands. If you want to make them without spending too much money, Custom Designs Boxes is here to help. We give big discounts of up to 40% and free shipping. Moreover, we make boxes in many different shapes and sizes to meet all your product demands. Contact us to make great cardboard display boxes for your products.

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