The Introduction, Customization, and Advantages of Cardboard Display Boxes

Display packaging boxes are the sole of any retail brand. They attract customers, display product quality, spread the brand’s values, mesmerize customers and build trust to buy or try the product. Due to their extensive use, cardboard display boxes have become so much more popular these days. Every brand is going after these Custom Packaging Boxes due to their durability, easy customization, cost-effectiveness, and design factors. However, still everyone has questions about these boxes and wants to know all the details. So, we, in the blog, will reveal all the related information about cardboard display boxes from their introduction, customization options, and benefits of using them. 

cardboard display box

What Are Cardboard Display Boxes?

Cardboard Display Boxes are display boxes made of cardboard material. These boxes are used to present products on the shelves, counters, and in the shops. They are designed with visuals to grab everyones’ attention. And, they are customized in different shapes and sizes to accommodate single or multiple products for better presentation and elegant display.

The cardboard material can be of any type e-flute, flute, or any cardboard type. Moreover, these custom display boxes are 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable, creating a positive factor in the world with green effects. Moreover, the display boxes come in different types and styles to meet various product needs and requirements. Here is given a list of different styles of cardboard boxes to know them completely.

Types of Display Boxes

Product display boxes can be customized in all shapes. However, the common ones are given below.

  • Cardboard Floor Display Stand

These boxes are kept on the floor. They usually have a large size. They contain 6 to 8 layers, and each layer contains different products of the company.

  • Cardboard Hook Display 

The cardboard hook display is hung on the shelves. They contain pre-packed products in various quantities, depending on the size of the hook display. 

  • Display Box With Dividers

Display boxes with dividers or inserts are big Display Boxes. They contain various products inside divided by inserts. These boxes are printed with designs and visuals from all sides to display mesmerized visuals. They are considered best for cosmetics, food, toys, and other retail products. 

  • Cardboard Trolley Box

A cardboard trolley box is a big box in the shape of a trolley that contains a variety of products in it, multiple layers, and printed advertisement patterns. They are ideal for packing heavy items.  

  • Cardboard Dump Bins

It is a common cardboard display box style. They are mostly used in supermarkets for advertising and promotion. Mostly, they contain large and heavy items.

  • Small Counter Box

It is the small cardboard display box placed at the counter and contains a few products, sometimes single products. They are used for customers’ attention-grabbing. 

Reason Behind Popularity of Cardboard Display Boxes

We learned what custom cardboard display boxes are and what different styles exist that create hype in the market. It is time to know why they are so much popular for business. So, let us learn the benefits of display boxes. 

  • Protection And Safety At Its Best

The first thing that comes is protection and safety. Made from strong materials and customized in a way to keep products safe and secure, they are ideal. They keep products protected in durable packaging. Their erected shape showcases strength and care for the products. This strong display packaging gives an impression of safety that creates a sense of security.

  • Attract Customers And Grab Viewers' Attention

When designed with visuals and strong pictorial graphics, they set a strong first impression and attract customers to the products. It gets brands higher customer numbers, and so the higher revenues.

  • Cardboard Display Boxes Are Easy To Customize And Molded

Display boxes must come in different shapes and styles to show variety. And the cardboard material is easy to mold and design. So, cardboard display boxes are easy to tailor in any shape and can be customized in the required size and style to accommodate different products in appealingly made boxes. 

  • Eco-Friendly And Sustainable

Apart from strength and design, cardboard is a 100% recyclable and sustainable material. It makes custom cardboard display boxes eco-friendly and perfect for a greener world. Their sustainability is outclassed. Due to their biodegradable quality, these boxes attract eco-centric customers and create a sense of world protector. 

  • Display Elegance And Quality

Cardboard display boxes have extra features of durability, aesthetics, customization, and other many more. When you present products in these types of packaging boxes, you create an image of elegance and quality. 

  • Cost-Efficient And Affordable 

One of the most interesting factors of these boxes is affordability. Cardboard is a cost-efficient material and packaging customization is become easy and inexpensive because of packaging companies. Custom Desing Boxes offers discounted rates, free customization, an opportunity to customize boxes according to your preferences, and complimentary services for display boxes. 

Customizing Ideas for Cardboard Display Boxes

We know all about cardboard display boxes. But as a business owner, you must have questions to customize them in various forms and styles to benefit the same. Therefore, we have given here easy ways to create these boxes like professionals and packaging experts perfectly to enhance product value, attract customers, and elevate product image. Let us learn each step.

  • Material Selection For Cardboard Display Boxes

For display boxes, it is crucial to use materials that are strong, durable, eco-friendly, and easy to customize. So, the best material in this regard is cardboard. It is sturdy and 100% eco-friendly. It is resilient to withstand any pressure and weight and remains erect. 

  • Designing And Visuals

Designing and visuals are a must for premium display. Therefore, add themes, images, different color combinations, and pictorial graphics related to human emotions, compliment products, and fit best to events and occasions. These design patterns will attract customers and will compel them to try out your products.

  • Customized Shapes And Styles

Product display boxes must have one side open or coated with a PVC sheet to present customers insight into what is inside the box. Or you can just leave one side open so that customers watch the products and can pick and check the product for further needs. Moreover, you can add layers to Cardboard Boxes for presenting multiple products, inserts for partitions and erected shapes, and can add handles and lids for easy use. 

  • Printing And Finishing Ideas

The display boxes must be printed with quality and modern printing techniques like CMYK, digital, and offset printing. The colors should contain PMS for a vivid appearance. These boxes should be printed with logos, company names, and slogans to spread brand awareness and promote the brand.

Moreover, to get luxurious and more durable packaging, finishing and lamination are a must for the display box. As we know display box is not just a box, but it says a lot more about the brand, and how it packs and presents the products. Therefore, never miss any details on the cardboard display boxes, and present the products in the best way. 


Display boxes have become a core element for brands and businesses to present their products in ideal boxes. If you wish to create these types of boxes without breaking the bank, we are offering huge discounts of up to 40% on custom display carton wholesale. Apart from this, we offer free shipping and the fastest turnaround time of 6–8 days (rush), free design consultation to facilitate your chosen layout and design, eco-friendly packaging solution, and infinite customization options you can dream of. So, contact us today and create cardboard display boxes in any shape and size to show the elegance and quality of your products.

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