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Offering durable, eco-friendly, and customized corrugated boxes for any occasion and product, as it ensures high-end protection and can also be used as a marketing tool to create a visual appeal and enhance brand value.

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Corrugated shipping boxes printed with custom designs and logos are made in a unique style and shape while keeping in mind the safety of your required product.

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Custom Corrugated Boxes: Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Our corrugated boxes are durable, safe, and stunning when it comes to displaying, shipping, or storing your products, as their demand and functionality are vast. 

Believing in our motto to provide everyone with the best crafted, eco-friendly, and durable packaging, Custom Designs Boxes manufactures your branded corrugated packaging with designs, logos, and brand names with extra care. These are easily customizable in every shape and size to help you pack all types of products. We allow you to give your packaging a luxurious appearance with our top-end finishing and add-on options.

Multipurpose Custom Corrugated Packaging For All Products

Boxes made from corrugated material can be crafted to meet every industry's needs generally and every product's needs particularly. You can tailor a corrugated box for ordinary and lightweight products by choosing a low-width or for heavyweight and luxurious items. Generally, we manufacture 6 x 4 x 3 boxes, 10 x 10 x 4 boxes, 4 x 6 x 1 boxes, and in many other sizes.

Custom Designs Boxes offer branded boxes in different and unique styles and shapes, for instance, mailer, gable, tuck-end, sleeve and tray, etc. You can have corrugated custom boxes designed with or without window, handles, and lids. These corrugated shipping boxes’ shape is chosen to complement your products, whether typical square and oval or marvelous pyramidal and hexagonal.

Keep Products Safe with Eco-Friendly And Recyclable Boxes

What are corrugated boxes made of? Our material is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. That is why it is considered the most highly recommended material today. It never harms the environment, nor does it add to waste. It is compostable in a matter of days. Besides, corrugated is a recyclable material. You can use corrugated cardboard shipping boxes more than once.

The corrugated custom boxes are known for their strength, keeping products safe and secure from any type of external, environmental, or physical factor during transportation and delivery. If you need higher durability and safety for luxurious products, you can increase the material's thickness. Custom Designs Boxes - corrugated boxes manufacturer - offers 8 to 24-pt-thickness. The higher the thickness, the higher the protection. 

Print Boxes With Amazing Designs

Custom Designs Boxes has a wide range of printing options, including digital printing and offset printing options, along with the CMYK printing technique. Printing helps you put your imagination on the boxes, be it logos, designs, descriptions, or other information, with a perfect color scheme. We ensure a smoother texture, making your custom-printed boxes look luxurious. We ensure you get boxes printed using the best techniques so you never have a fear of any error or printings fading away. Our ink is non-toxic and has eco-friendly properties, providing you with versatile corrugated box printing. 

We make custom corrugated boxes wholesale easy to design with fascinating themes and images. These can be customized with different colors and patterns to give a premium appearance. When printed with a logo and brand name, you can successfully distinguish your product by spreading awareness among the target audience.

Customization For Enhanced Look!

Finishing options for corrugated packaging are versatile, giving a glossy or matte, glittery or holographic, metallic or modish look to the packaging that you can use for special events and high-value items. Besides, finishes wrap a sheet-type shield around the boxes that helps them withstand moisture and scratches. Anti-scratch lamination, aqueous coating, spot UV, and varnish indirectly protect products from environmental damage.

For add-ons, we bring you the option to add QR codes, dividers, sliders, die-cuts, inserts, bubble wraps, etc. The choices are vast!

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Want to make more people aware of your brand with custom-designed boxes?

From professional design consultations to offering physical and digital sample models, you get the perfect packaging, as quality is in our DNA. Custom Designs Boxes never compromise on quality, no matter how big the order is. We offer custom boxes at unbeatable rates in the town. We offer discounts on bulk and wholesale orders. For the US, our free shipping is available.

Scope Of Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are the number one choice when it comes to secure and safe transportation. Their usage goes beyond e-commerce, the automotive industry, the food industry, etc. Corrugated boxes are present in many forms, such as corrugated boxes with lids. They are also used for shipping as mailer boxes and shipping boxes. Their customization is easy too, easy to customize in white corrugated boxes and corrugated boxes with lids. Thousands of customization options are available; you have to just think out of the box. Check out our packaging hub for more ideas and inspiration. If you think corrugated is not in your scope, and you need cheap material options, go for cardboard boxes or kraft boxes

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Why Us?

With years of skills and hands-on experience, Custom Designs Boxes brings everything you need to print corrugated custom boxes and make them of the size and shape you want. Our custom corrugated packaging is the most versatile when it comes to durability and fashion. With us, you can avail yourself of free shipping and design assistance, fast turnaround, and the lowest MOQs. Also, we offer huge discounts on bulk and wholesale orders.

Corrugated Packaging Boxes
Corrugated Packaging

Made To Fit Your Items Safely & Comfortably

Our custom printing corrugated boxes is an effective way to promote brand awareness and create a visual appeal as you can show off your unique logo as well as product images and details. You can customize corrugated packaging designed in different shapes, sizes, and colors to make them stand out on the shelves. We make corrugated cardboard boxes that are made to order. Are you looking for flexibility, options, and a great final product? Custom Designs Boxes has all those things to get started making the packaging boxes you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, corrugated material is eco-friendly, recyclable, and compostable.

Corrugated packaging is robust and sturdy, protecting products from external factors and safeguarding them during the harsh shipping process.

We allow you to tailor corrugated packaging around your choice, be it shape, material choice, design, printing, or finishing options.

Custom Designs Boxes makes sure you get your order within 8–10 working days. We will deliver in 6–8 working days if you want the fastest turnaround time.

Our minimum order quantity is 100 boxes.

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