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Custom Designs Boxes is redefining packaging perfection by designing a box that creates desire.

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Unbox the Extraordinary Impact With Our Custom Packaging Boxes

Whether it's for retail, shipping, or e-commerce, we offer a curated selection of high-quality custom design boxes in minimalistic to maximalist designs. Find your picture-perfect custom boxes and packaging that are sure to delight you!

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Customize Your Box In Unique Shapes & Styles

The options are boundless for products to gift packaging! Whether you need boxes with elegant curves or innovative folding techniques, traditional squares or a hexagonal marvel - we bring you a curated selection of unconventional packaging that serves as conversation starters.

Order Your Custom Packaging Design Boxes – A Smart Choice for a Professional Look!

Custom Designs Boxes invests countless hours and an experienced workforce to design just the right packaging that aligns with your brand image and mirrors your product's premium quality. Made consistent with your branding theme, we use a variety of durable materials, exotic palettes, top-tier finishings, non-fading inks, advanced printing techniques, and functional add-ons for your custom boxes with logos that can serve the needs of heavy or light, big or small, casual or luxurious products.

We are dedicated to making every interaction with your brand meaningful!

Whether you need 100 or 1000 boxes, our scalable production capacity can serve your custom boxes and packaging demands. Our perfectly fitted, bespoke packages will kickstart your sales and complement your marketing efforts as we design each box for:

  • Enhancing products’ retail display
  • Ensuring product protection during delivery
  • Making your product look Instagram-savvy
  • Supporting the company’s branding for instant recognition

Where Custom Designs Boxes keeps cost-effectiveness a priority, we also carry a mission of manufacturing eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging. Our adept packaging specialists use sustainable materials and implement environmentally safe production practices.

We are highly concerned about the quality. Our adept QA team checks every batch keenly before delivering. The meticulous attention to detail is the secret to error-free packaging solutions.

Top-Grade Printing & Designing To Make Everything Look Branded & Appealing  

It's time to ditch your outdated, dull cardboard packaging with unique custom design boxes!

Decent packaging design is more than an artistic expression and can be an effective way of communicating. Our customized boxes help you talk without words through personalized artwork, real-time packaged product illustrations, tailor-made graphics, and whatnot!

You can either provide us with your pre-decided artwork or get free-of-cost design assistance where our skilled designers brainstorm ideas up to your standards and desires, as well as the product requirements and buyer’s preferences. We guide you about the right placement of the logo and brand name, along with the adjustment and sizing of graphics. That’s how we help you win the hearts of millions of customers worldwide!

Design box packaging and amplify the appearance of your product, making it sing to every eye!

For printing, we prefer ONLY top-class machinery, eco-safe practices, and excellent techniques that primarily include CMYK, PMS, digital, and offset. With a standardized color system, we promise unparalleled color accuracy. We have NO color limitations. Also, using quality inks enables us to provide smudge-free, crisp, bright, and non-fading results. Our custom boxes are printed in a palette of your choice to maintain coherence.

Get immediate support and one-on-one expert guidance for your printing or designing needs.

Bring Worth Into Your Products With Our Durable & Sustainable Materials

Our customized boxes always have the best build-up, thanks to our vast assortment of durable materials.

Does your bulk packaging need a heavy-duty material? Or is your product fragile and demands extra care? Opt for our corrugated stock or rigid boxes! If you want something flashy, we have holographic and metallic stock available. Keeping the promise of sustainability, we bring you Kraft and cardboard options. Our selection criteria are pretty strict, so all of our materials are well-known for their incredible resistibility and the ability to be fashioned into any shape and style. Each has the potential to shield your items from sudden falls, sharp pressures, reactive elements, sunlight, water, etc.

With Custom Designs Boxes, give your product exactly what it needs!

We also offer you the freedom to pick the thickness of your materials. For cardboard, you can choose from our extensive range of flutes. Double-walled or single-walled, we deal in all! The three key features of our material are: Recyclable (made of recycled material), Biodegradable (contains material that can break down when exposed to light, air, and moisture), and Compostable (comprises a material that breaks down into natural components, becoming a part of the soil).

Professionalize Your Introduction With Our Customization Options

There is an array of customization options that hold considerable significance because we select them not only to beautify the presentation but also to increase the product’s ease of use.

Being a reliable and affordable custom packaging provider, we go limitless in our customizations for custom design boxes that cover today's needs and make your product look fantastic. We understand how packaging in a conventional way is no longer an option. So, we bring unique yet practical styles and shapes, including tuck boxes, gable boxes, and sleeves and trays.

Made in all sizes, box shapes, and top-cutting styles! Decorated with the add-ons of your choice to enhance the practicality or use of the box! Coated with the finest finishing that also tends to be protective against daily wear and tear! Custom Designs Boxes brings a variety of services to deliver high-end customized packaging at competitive prices.

When these designer boxes are perfectly engineered to their size, they hold your item in its place safely – saving it from bumps or rolling out. And if you need more protection, personalized inserts and dividers can be added in any shape or size. Besides, the precise die-cut window patches on uniquely shaped customized boxes can also help you steal the spotlight. 

Modernize your CBD boxes or paper bags while adding a tactile dimension!

To bring your business to the next level with recognizable growth, the personalized finishes can fetch creativity. A simple gloss or matte laminations can elevate your product beyond the ordinary. The skilled artisans at our packaging hub ensure flawless foiling, stamping, debossing, and embossing. Where our soft touch lamination whispers refinement, the spot UV echoes silent elegance.

Custom Designs Boxes - Your Unique, Creative, And Branded Boxes Await Here!

Considering the new trends for packaging to lure onlookers, we are assisting businesses to influence their potential customers, facilitate purchasing decisions, and make their products more visible with our worthy yet creative die-cut designer boxes. We make sure that every buyer easily recognizes your brand. 

Customized designer boxes wholesale - from custom pillow boxes to custom kraft boxes to mailer boxes - for any product or products you desire to pack and ship, display, and sell!

Whether you need a custom box or custom labels and stickers for individual or business use, we come equipped with the adeptness. Primed to offer on-time delivery upon your request, you will never run out of your boxes. Specialized in small to medium quantities, the hassle-free order placement system lets our treasured customers provide us with their packaging demands. 

Our supportive and caring representative is available to consult with and resolve all queries regarding our custom display boxes. Custom Designs Boxes delivers packaging solutions that optimize material, box shape, and size while promising the product’s protection. 

Your custom boxes with logo will arrive looking crisp and ready to display!

Contact us now through email or give us a call 888-385-1812 and get an instant quote along with a free consultation as we stay updated with the latest packaging insights!

A Detailed Roadmap to Our Packaging Process

While taking a custom packaging design revolution in our hands, this is how we deliver custom design boxes that drive success.

Packaging audit

To do packaging appraisal you should focus on ideal packaging design, materials, sustainability, and low rates.

Packaging strategy

We ensure our strategies and customization plan meet your all-inclusive packaging & branding needs.

Brand 20Impact-min.webp
Cost optimization

Implement cost-effective practices that cut down the material and transportation expenses.

Brand 20Impact-min.webp
Supply chain optimization

Streamline sourcing, production, and distribution processes to fix inefficiencies.

Custom box design artwork

Savvy packaging designers develop catchy artwork and designs to enhance product visibility and brand identity.

Packaging engineering & design

Engineers customize boxes by keeping in mind product specifications and shipping hassles.

Sampling & prototyping

Samples are delivered to test the practicality and aesthetics of boxes to reduce potential errors before production.

Packaging testing

To evaluate the material's durability and resilience, packaging goes through rigorous drop and crush tests.

Material optimization

With keen analysis and creative design techniques, we minimize material usage to decrease waste and costs.

Strategic sourcing

Source materials with the sole goal of reducing shipping expenses & environmental impact. It helps companies optimize transportation routes & packaging weight.

Managed Production

Your boxes are produced at high-end facilities under expert supervision, guaranteeing steady outcomes and certifying adherence to set standards.

Multi-packaging ordering

Design & produce each aspect of custom packaging from a single source for consistency, quality, and efficiency across your entire product range.

Quality control management

Production & distribution of packaging are strictly monitored to ensure they meet the intended standards of reliability, durability, and safety.

Route optimization

We guarantee efficient transportation routes that lessen travel time. We strive to meet deadlines while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Cargo optimization

With useful packing chops & sensible placement of cargo, space utilization is made better. Ensure timely deliveries by avoiding wasted space & risk of delays!

Just-in-time delivery

Components or materials are received and processed just when they are required to cut down inventory costs and storage space while ensuring smooth execution.

Project evaluation

Assess and optimize your processes, address any bottlenecks, and enable sustainable business success through proactive problem-solving.

Swift Solutions & Personalized Services | 360° Approach For Custom Packaging

Speed & Convenience

Custom Designs Boxes prioritizes speed with a faster turnaround and shipping, and convenience with safe delivery across the USA with NO charges.

24/7 Expert Support

Unlimited & free custom packaging design support to deliver the ideal custom box design tailored to your specific product and brand vision.

Low Minimums

With our low MOQs for custom designed boxes, we promise to meet our customers' needs for small quantities as well as bulk orders.

Customizability With Affordability

Customize your box to your content - whether you need a simple logo or complex designs inside and out - without sacrificing quality.


From Earth to Shelf!

Custom Designs Boxes Is Championing
Sustainable Packaging Practices

Take A Step Towards Responsible Packaging Inspired by Nature

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Contact our experts online; you can get a no-obligation quote based on your queries and the amount of packaging boxes you want to order.

MOQ is determined by the total expenses associated with tooling and setting up our manufacturing facilities to create your custom boxes order. These MOQs are decided by keeping our customers' interests in mind, aiming to ensure huge cost savings.

Yes, Custom Designs Boxes takes urgent orders. Yet, rush orders might have an extra cost.

Yes! If you place an order in bulk quantities, you will avail special discount offers. For more info, get in touch with our representative.

Usually, packaging is shipped flat, as it minimizes the storage need and reduces your shipping costs. Each batch is wrapped with care to make sure your packaging can withstand the rigors of long distances and harsh handling. For rigid boxes, they are mostly shipped without being flattened.

From end-to-end, yes, we practice sustainability by using eco-friendly materials,inks, and printing techniques. We are always looking for ways to take green initiatives.

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