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Designing vape boxes in vibrant colors, premium finishing, and attractive add-ons, we help you get yourself all the attention.

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Create a Modish Brand Image with Stylish, Custom Vape Boxes

It is hard to satisfy vapers, so you have to go the extra mile with our premium packaging that is durable and protective. To make sure that your customers get what they were expecting, we print custom designs on the monthly subscription boxes vape. Where quality finished surfaces shine and exert a first-class appearance, the selection of an eye-catching palette helps you mesmerize your customers. You can pick decorative add-ons to complement products and resonate with human emotions.

Custom Designs Boxes manufactures boxes that provide a brilliant user experience and a premium feel. 

Analyzing the latest shopping trends, we see that demand for eco-friendly materials is increasing every day. Custom Designs Boxes provides sustainable custom vape boxes – made from biodegradable stock and printed with sustainable inks to decrease waste and pollution. Let’s impress eco-centric customers and create a positive image for your brand!

Custom Vape Packaging Printing for Design Distinction 

We design boxes with alluring visuals and appealing designs to retain customers with quality packaging and invite new customers. We add themes and images that resonate with human emotions, brand values, or product type. One can change the colors of their custom printed vape boxes to match their brand with the help of our advanced printing techniques: PMS, offset, digital, CMYK, etc. All are brilliant and eco-friendly printing options!

Our team adds striking color patterns to the custom vape packaging boxes that are effective in compelling the human mind. Moreover, we use premium ink that is non-toxic and resilient enough to never fade away. When you print custom vape boxes with a logo, your brand name, marketing slogans, and contact details, you can create a distinction for your products from the ocean of other competitors.

Print your graphics and all essential details of vaping devices without any blur and bleed!

Experience Unparalleled Safety, Sustainability, and Style!

The safety of your vape products is a top priority for us!

We have seen many reputable brands go unnoticed by their customers due to poor product packaging. Therefore, we work hard to develop the materials that guarantee your vape’s sustainability and protection. These high-quality materials are ideal for absorbing any physical pressure and keeping smoking devices safe from breakage and leakage. From biodegradable kraft to lightweight paperboard, durable cardboard to the sturdiest rigid stock for cheap vape boxes – Custom Designs Boxes promises versatility.

We offer flexibility in choosing from our quality finishing options for custom vape gift boxes so that you can attain a luxurious appearance. 

Finishing is like applying the icing on a cake, as it covers our boxes' exteriors against water and dust, maintaining their pristine quality. Additionally, it brings an aura of opulence, captivating the discerning eye of every consumer. At our disposal, we boast a comprehensive list of finishes, letting you pick the one that perfectly aligns with your needs:

  • Gloss coating brings a radiant glow.
  • Spot UV is used to highlight specific areas and create visual interest.
  • Matte lamination for a smooth texture, ultimate sophistication, and understated elegance
  • Varnish seems preferable for a minimalist aesthetic and protection qualities.
  • Embossing and debossing give a tactile factor, adding dimension and appeal.
  • Foiling and Stamping promises a punch of luxury that glistens and gleams.

Complement Your Products with Custom Shapes, Styles, and Sizes

Custom Designs Boxes manufactures custom printed vape boxes in any style, shape, and design to make your boxes easy to use, unique, and sophisticated.

We precisely die-cut disposable vape boxes in small, medium, and large. Also, we have diverse box styles - you can get boxes with windows for display purposes, gable empty vape cartridge boxes with handles, tuck-end dank vape boxes, sleeve and trays, etc. Moreover, brands can customize custom vape packaging boxes in any shape that suits their products the best. 

Custom Vape Boxes In Premium Quality At A Minimal Cost

Custom Designer Boxes manufactures premium vape boxes at unbeatable rates so that small and medium businesses can achieve maximum growth. Being the most trustworthy packaging company in the USA, we tailor cannabis vape packaging from scratch to the last details around your choice. The materials we use are robust and sturdy with eco-friendly properties. Besides, our graphic design team provides appealing visuals for vape pen boxes that create a modish image of your brand. 

Our custom vape cartridge boxes serve various purposes: providing protection, being a branding tool, and offering information about the product along with usage instructions.

We offer infinite customization options in measurements, sizes, shapes, and styles to complement all your vape products. With state-of-the-art printing and top-notch finishing options, we enhance your box’s exteriors to invite every onlooker. We facilitate brands with safe payment methods, digital and physical samples, and 24/7 customer care service, whether they are ordering a single 1ml vape cartridge packaging or bulk of vape display boxes.

Why Us

Custom Designs Boxes specializes not only in customizing vape boxes but also in handing over peace of thought to our potential clients through our outstanding packaging solutions. Every ink and material we use is meticulously selected to align perfectly with the standards of vape products. Our unwavering commitment revolves around satisfactory warranty, free shipping, eco-safe packaging solutions, and free design assistance. Whether you require a low minimal order facility, quick turnaround instances, or bulk reductions on vape packaging, we have given you freedom in custom vape boxes.

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Custom Vape Packaging For Great Brand Visibility And Identity

Our custom Vape Boxes are your go-to destination for top-tier quality and unparalleled creativity. At Custom Design Boxes, we provide you with various customization options to customize these boxes according to your requirements and specific needs. We can make a sturdy box to meet the dimensions of your vape cartridges at highly reasonable prices. Because of their attention-seeking personalization and banding, everyone will crave your product. After all, adding your unique touch to a vape box is a fun way to show individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We tailor boxes entirely around your requirements. You can customize material choices, sizes, shapes, printing and finishing options, designs, and color patterns.

We offer digital, offset, CMYK, and PMS color printing options.

We use high-quality paper, cardstock, Kraft, and corrugated to manufacture vape packaging boxes.

With the help of our 4 colors and 7 colors techniques, you have the facility to print boxes in your specified colors.

It depends on what type of sample you are looking for. If it's a digital sample, then it’s free.

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