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Unbox the magic of beautiful yet heartfelt gift tags on every occasion to express your devotion and let your gift speak volumes to leave a lasting impression.

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Product Overview

Gift tags are small cards attached to a gift expressing your thoughtful messages or greeting to raise a smile before the gift is opened. They are made from a variety of materials carrying all the design and printing elements. Apart from this, they can be printed with eye-catching designs. Additionally, you can decorate it by adding ribbons, stickers, or other embellishments to give your printable gift tags an exclusive appearance. Add style to your gifts with our custom printed gift tags. We manufacture personalized gift tags with a variety of designs and themes for all kinds of occasions. Our prices are very reasonable and there are no hidden or extra charges. Moreover, we offer discounts on bulk orders. There is no shipping cost to deliver the order to your doorstep. So, why wait? Give us a call to place an ORDER TODAY!

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birthday gift tags
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Custom Packaging Designed To Deliver Both Form & Function

Offering personalized services to provide custom packaging that fits your brand like a glove.

Experience the real quality with our premium stock, as we source only the finest materials, providing durability, reliability, and an amazing texture! From the sturdiness of cardboard and corrugated stock to the shimmer of holographic and metallic options, the eco-friendliness of Kraft boxes to the opulence of rigid packaging – our thorough selection guarantees that each material satisfies our rigorous standards.


Give your buyer a sensory experience with custom packaging featuring add-ons to sweeten the impression and functionality AND fast-drying finishings that ensure efficiency without sacrificing quality. Select from our extensive library for elegance, added protection, and versatility. Whether you're looking for embossing, foiling, stamping, or custom engraving, our box-makers promise to deliver precision.

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Spot UV
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Glass Coating
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Matte Coating

Ensure your packaging fulfills your distinctive requirements of durability and support with our range of paper thicknesses - from 8pt to 28pt. You can avail our lightweight options for cost-effectiveness and robust solutions for expensive or hefty products. By using lighter paper for your packaging, you can achieve noticeable savings on shipping fees. Upgrade your packaging protection and appeal with premium materials to reflect the value of your services!


We competently cater to your shipping demands with our expansive network of carriers and logistics partners. Custom Designs Boxes is shipping domestically or internationally and have ground or air shipments. From design to delivery, trust our reliable handling and transport services for fast and timely delivery. Enjoy free & flexible shipping options with us!

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Personalized Gift Tags - Ideal To Present Gifts On Many Occasions

Personalizing your gift tags gives you the freedom to have custom tags for gifts in a style that expresses your gesture according to the occasion. For instance, if there is a birthday event, you can use birthday gift tags to express your birthday wishes. So, whether there is a wedding, birthday, or Christmas event, you can personalize gift tags and present your gifts in your style. Further, you can give a finishing touch to an exclusively wrapped present. Also, you can choose your desired paper color, tag shape, design, ink, etc. So, it is easy to personalize tags for gifts. You can get plenty of personalization for your gift tags from us. We do the best!

Raise Personal Appeal Of Your Gifts Through Custom Gift Tags

Gift-giving is an art. It is not about presenting a gift, it is about a style that appeals to your gifts. Using customized gift tags carrying the recipient's name, a special quote, and a sweet or well-wishing message can draw more attention to your gift. In this way, you can enhance the appeal of your gifts by using custom printed gift tags and uniquely presenting them. Not to worry. We can help you create these clothing hang tags for your gifts that can enhance the visibility of your presents.

Sturdy Yet Versatile Material Selections

Gift tags are small pieces of card expressing your kind gestures and devotion with a smile while offering presents. To manufacture these tags, there is a variety of material options. We always utilize premium quality material to create paper tags for gifts. No matter what type of tag is. It is our priority to select the right material that can carry color, graphics, patterns, textures, writing, stamping, or embellishment on the tags. From an ordinary gift tag to thank-you gift tags, we consider the most suitable material.

Unique Styles Add Elegance To Your Presents


Simple yet elegant featuring clean lines using black and white colors, and simple fonts.


Made from natural materials like cardboard, and kraft paper using natural colors like brown, green, and cream. They can be decorated with twine, dried flowers, or other natural elements.


A lovely way to add a personal touch using a hand-lettering in color pen or marker.


A beautiful and versatile style to create unique and eye-catching gift tags. It can be painted with simple designs or patterns, or a small watercolor portrait of the recipient can be added.

Service content:

Our Happy Customers Witness Our Quality

We feel proud to serve our clients with the best and quality packaging services. Our commitment with our clients to deliver their order timely without compromising on the quality has made us popular. We offer very reasonable prices with free shipping for gift tags, custom bookmarks and custom door hangers and other hang tags. You can email us at to request an instant quote.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Getting in touch with us can help you gain many advantages as we are offering our clients the ultimate experience. We create printable gift tags using premium-quality material, and attractive designs carrying various finishes and embellishments. Our prices at Custom Designs Boxes are the lowest as compared to others with free shipping.

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Brandable Gift Tags

Plentiful opportunities are found for a business to reinforce its brand by using gift tags. Placing your logo, slogans, taglines, or call to action on the tags with a personal touch considering the most suitable color combinations can reflect the personality of the brand. In this regard, we offer custom gift tags with logo using catchy designs, playful colors, high-quality materials, and all the branding elements that can resonate with your brand. Overall, you can customize them according to your business needs something.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no standard size or shape set for them. You can create them in custom sizes and shapes according to your gift that complements the overall aesthetic of your gift.

The price depends on factors like material, size, quantity, printing, and finishing options. We offer affordable prices.

Our turnaround time is faster. It takes around 8-10 working days.

Yes, your minimum order must be as low as 100 in quantity

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