How Can Display Boxes Help Develop a Brand Image?

There are hundreds of different types of boxes in the market that do more than just package the products. Modern packaging solutions use the boxes to promote their brand, effectively display the products in the store, and capture more fan base. Display boxes have gained much popularity in this regard. If you are not familiar with the display packaging boxes, then we can say that they are the boxes that can display any product placed inside them. Their mere presence is enough to entice the customers. The visuals and designs of these boxes arouse curiosity and urge the customers to make purchases.

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Why Are Display Boxes Important?

Display packaging boxes have brought a revolution in the retail market. They have the hidden talent of promoting the product as well as the brand in the most cost-effective manner. They cover all the pain points of any business and help it grow. 

  • Customer Appeal

How much does packaging influence consumers? The packaging influences the purchase decision of 72% of Americans. Unique designs and shapes collect attention. The attractive designs of Display Box Packaging are enough to capture the attention of customers at first glance. But how do custom display boxes increase your product's visual appeal? Each business personalizes its boxes with the unique touch of its product. For instance, the cosmetic display boxes have graphics of people using the product. The toy display stands to entertain the children with the story of the characters and so on. So it’s the images and the graphics on the custom-printed display boxes that appeal to the customers. In short, display containers are there to target the potential audience with visual displays that make them think, “Oh, I need this one”. Even though they have no urge to buy it. 

  • Makes Your Brand A Symbol Of Excellence

What’s the top place where your brand name can get attention? Obviously the countertops. Well, this place is held by the countertop display boxes. Businesses design their logo on the boxes and let them shine on the store shelves. This branding earns them trust as 46% of people are willing to pay for their trusted brand. 

  • Keep Your Products Organized And Protected

Display containers can display a large number of products at a time. They have custom inserts that hold the products in the upright position and prevent them from falling. Further, there are certain designs such as multi-level display boxes which keep the product organized and presentable. On the other hand, the display packaging box is sturdy enough to bear the tears and shears of shipping and handling. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your products. Moreover, 47% of customers prefer products that are well-protected, so you will see a boost in your sales soon. 

What Is The Purpose Of Different Types Of Display Boxes?

Each display box has its own function. On the basis of the purpose, custom display packaging can be categorized into,

  • Countertop Display Boxes

They hold the most effective place in the retail stores which is countertops. They are usually placed at the checkout areas to encourage impulsive buying. For example, the candies and chocolates in the Counter Display Boxes urge the customers to buy one. 

  • Floor Display Stands

They are larger and tougher than the previous ones. Made of cardboard, they rest on the floors of retail shops. Floor display stands are there to hold large products such as appliances and electronics. 

  • Hanging Display Boxes

Yeah, Ever heard of exhibit boxes hanging on the hang tabs? This is an effective strategy for organizing the boxes and enhancing the display of products. Hanging display boxes are most suitable for lightweight products. They also have a die-cut hole in their top flap to stay hung. 

  • Acrylic Display Cases

These showcase boxes are there to display your luxurious items. The crystal clear acrylic gives a clear view of the product inside. Acrylic display cases let the customers enjoy and praise the beauty of products. 

How Helpful Are Customized Display Boxes?

One of the top benefits of custom display packaging is that they are very flexible for customization. You name it and they will transform into it. The customization of display containers gives you additional benefits over ordinary boxes. They give an edge to businesses on certain occasions such as,

  • Launch Of New Products

What’s better than launching a new product in display boxes? They are capable enough of arousing excitement in customers. The colors and prints on the boxes attract the consumers and tell them, “Try me”. 

  • Seasonal Promotions

Certain products are related to occasions and events. You must have seen the dedicated corner in the shops for birthday-related products. Custom product display boxes are perfect for such places. Businesses print them with the offers and discounts they are offering. They use colors and designs related to the seasons such as blue colors for winter skincare products, the green Christmas tree theme for Christmas, or the orange pumpkin theme for Halloween. These themes on the display boxes create a festive environment in retail stores. Customers feel entertained in such inviting environments. 

  • Target Specific Demographics

Again the themes and colors on the showcase boxes can grab the target audience. For example, the toy display stands with the theme of superheroes or the Barbie world are sure to attract children. The pink theme for cosmetics lets the ladies know where they should look. The graphics and images of school, children, and stationery on the exhibit boxes tell the parents which shelve holds the stationery products. Similarly, the CBD display boxes portray images that target the adult audience. Hence, the businesses target their specific customers with the enticing graphics on the customers. Through these visuals, they tell the customers where to look. 

Where Can I Get Custom Display Boxes?

Now, you know the benefits of display packaging. But the question is where can you get one for yourself? There are hundreds of packaging solutions claiming many benefits. But you should look for the following benefits in a display box. Choose the one that does the following.

  • Can make boxes of all sizes and shapes
  • Provide different display box designs
  • Use sustainable materials such as kraft, cardboard, and corrugated board.
  • Have modern and variable printing options, especially CMYK, PMS, Digital, and Offset printing
  • Gives various options in finishes such as gloss UV, matte, foiling, embossing, and spot UV.

Apart from customization, look for their delivery time, production time, reviews, and testimonials. If you want to save yourself from such trouble then go for Custom Designs Boxes. You’ll get everything there. 

Concluding Remarks

To conclude, there is nothing that display boxes can’t do for you. You can use them for presentation, display, protection, branding, and promotion of any type of product. You name any benefit and they can provide it to you. Does not matter what product you are manufacturing. They can increase the sales of anything that comes inside them.

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