How Spot UV A Prominent Coating Makes The Packaging Eye-Catching?

Spot UV is a finishing technique that is made of transparent and clear varnish that gets harder and cured by ultraviolet light. It is the most amazing and attractive finish for any kind of packaging especially for luxurious products and items. Its decency and sophistication attract customers the most. Its shelf look in any retail shop or mall is gorgeous. Its reasonable and satisfactory look draws the customer’s attention. Spot UV is the symbol of sophistication and dignity for any brand. 

People love to have a product that is packed in highly loveable and eye-catching custom boxes. Spot UV luxurious packaging boxes fulfill those criteria and enhance brand identification by attracting customers on a very large scale. That type of packaging is often used to pack luxurious gifts, cosmetics products, jewelry products, and all other products. Spot UV is a splendid and distinctive type of finishing that is far more charming and rich than other sorts of finishings. Brands love to have that type of astounding finishing on their Customized Boxes to make their brand recognizable in the market.

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How Does Spot UV Work And Different From Blind Spot UV Coating?

There is a simple method to affect the packaging boxes by spot UV finishing and coating. A mask or a veil is made for the box. That veil is covering the box in those areas where the spot UV is not going to apply. It is just like the vehicle paint process. The painter covers the areas with paper or something like that where he does not want to paint. Spot UV method is the same but of course, it is not painting, it is the coating of the packaging boxes wholesale. That finishing is applied on the bright and more visible backgrounded boxes.

On the other hand blind spot UV is the same technique but on the darker surface of the cardboard or kraft surface of the packaging boxes. This is the most attractive kind of spot UV as the darker background can be seen in light and that gives it a more appealing and astonishing look to personalised boxes. It adds astonishing presentation effects on custom designer boxes to attract the customer at most. Brands intend to have the spot UV and blind spot UV to have more customers for their products.

Luxurious And Reputed Brands Prefer Spot UV Coating

As you are all well aware of the fact that luxurious items always need luxury packaging for them. It is not like these items cried for that kind of packing but its expensiveness and sensitivity demanded us to do that. Spot UV is a kind of luxury finishing for any product. Brands that use this kind of packaging are mostly cosmetic and jewelry brands. As their products are very expensive they cannot risk their market value by using some ordinary packing material and coating. 

So, they apply spot UV on their custom product boxes for this purpose. Apart from these companies, these boxes and packaging solutions are used for gift boxes and perfume boxes too. As they look very decent and expensive, the brands use them to wrap their amazing and expensive products. It is cost affecting so, brands may spend more bucks to get them.

Spot UV Highlights The Brand Among Competitors, How?

In the list of alluring and amazing coatings, spot UV has its distinctive place. It embellished the boxes so efficiently that they grabbed the customer’s attention at once. The bespoke boxes contain various shapes and designs according to the product's appearance and brand requirements. The embellishing color combinations and unique patterns of UV spotting make the packaging solutions more attractive and enchanting for the customers. Although other finishes like mate, glossy, metallic, and lamination are also in the business, Spot UV outran all the above mentioned by its seductive and sensuous glance. Different cosmetics, jewelry, and other brands intend to use that finishing and coating technique just to be prominent in the market.

Benefits Of Using Spot UV

There are many prominent benefits of using spot UV finishing on the packaging boxes for products. It increases brand identification and boosts the sale value of the product. The versatility in designs and patterns allures people. Give the boxes a shiny look that attracts potential consumers. The durability of the boxes is everything for keeping the product safe. Spot UV gives all the necessary reliability and strength to save products from various damages. It also increases the readability of the written brand or company name. Overall, it is very useful to coat packing boxes.

The Step To Follow For Best Spot UV Coating

There are some steps to take while selecting the spot UV finishing for your product’s packaging boxes. There are very basic and simple steps.

Types Of The Packing Material

There are various types of materials for manufacturing boxes and other packaging solutions. Brands can use any of them to have the best for their products. But if they are planning to apply spot UV finishing then the material of custom boxes must be the premium quality and coated. Uncoated paper or plastic-type material may not suit the spot UV and can cause the drowning of the brand.

  • Declare The Main Objective

It should be in the brand's mind to clear while using the spot UV finishing in their mind. Matte spot UV may not look so bright. But glossy UV spotting is the one that gives a shining look to the product packaging material. So you have to be clear about different sorts of UV finishing.

  • Not So Budget Friendly

As we mentioned before the spot UV cost the brands a lot as compared to other coatings. So, before ordering the custom spot UV packaging boxes for your product always keep the budget in your mind.

Final Verdict

Spot UV is a type of finishing that enhances the brand's effectiveness and gives the boxes a splendid and astonishing look. But it can affect the printing budget. Custom Designs Boxes are a prime option for brands to bring their packaging business to it. The company is a well-equipped packaging beast that is fully aware of the application of spot UV coating for branding. Also, we offer luxury custom packaging boxes applied with spot UV at wholesale rates to our thousands of customers to meet up their specific packaging needs.

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