How Aqueous Coating is Useful in Packaging?

Adding the values for beautification and protection before or after the printing process is called finishing. The majority of the finishing comes after the printing process is complete but of course, some occur before the printing of the boxes or other packaging options. Here we are going to discuss flood finishing that is applied to the packing material after printing them. Aqueous coating is a transparent finish that is used to enhance the beauty of the packaging solution as well as for its protection. 

Almost every type of goods packing needs the finishing and brands have a lot of options for that. The very finishing belongs to them and is used to attract customers and highlight the market presence of the product. It is also called flood coating as it covers the whole surface of the packaging material. It is a versatile type of coating that takes little time to dry. It is applied on the surface during the printing process so there are more options to get the best of its appearance on the paper sheet.

aqueous coatings

Types Of AQ Coatings

A few types of aqueous coating are placed on the paper surface according to the brand’s demand and requirements. These types fall from the dullest to the glossiest. Gloss AQ coating is the shiny one and matte and soft touch are the dullest ones. Dry erase and satin are the stand in the middle. Let's have a look briefly.

  • Gloss AQ Coating

It is a brighter and shiny type of coating. The brands that want to have a glossy but silent surface, it is the best option for them. But for those who want bold and obtrusive finishing then spot UV coating and lamination is a prime choice for them. Gloss AQ coating is a premium and suitable option for almost every brand.

  • Matte Coating

It is the less shiny and brighter version of flood coating. It creates a dull impression on the surface. The only thing it is better for is the color intensity. The color visuals on this type of finishing are just astonishing and attract the customers at large.

  • Dry Erase AQ Coating

When a brand or company does not want to use lamination to make the burnished, they intend to have the dry-erase finishing touch for their packaging product. It is almost shiny and bright like the lamination finishing but consumes less pennies as compared to it. Brands love it for their Display Boxes and labels.

  • Satin Coating

Scuff-resistance coatings are ideal for companies. Satin AQ coating is one of them. It is a scuff resistor and less shiny as compared to gloss coating.

  • Soft Touch AQ Coating

Brands want to create a soft touch in their product packaging. Soft touch water-based finishing is a prime option for them. As it creates a velvety texture on the surface. It feels very soft and pleasant when someone touches the surface of the printed boxes. Also, it gives less shine and sometimes looks dark.

Protective Features Of Aqueous Coating Are Just Admirable

There are two purposes of the finishing: to make the outer look of the packaging solution and to protect the paper sheet from any kind of harm. The flood coating for packaging is very durable and sturdy. It is very resistant to fingerprints, scuffs, and scratches. When people touch the custom-printed boxes to have a look at the product.

Their fingers leave prints on them, also while shipping and storing the custom boxes get scratches and scuffs on them. AQ finishing is very protective for packaging material against all these harmful situations. It is more flexible and stays with its original colors for a long time. Unlike the varnish, there are few chances to get it yellow. The durability and reliability are the features that attract the customers most.

Advantages Of Using Aqueous Coating For Packaging Products

Advantages are the factors that make customers believe in using the specific coating technique for their products. Here are a few benefits of using a very finishing technique. Durability is a major benefit for brands. It is a resistor against dirt, scratches, and scuffs. Fingerprints also fall in this category. It protects the ink and toner from sunlight and daily handling situations.

Water-based coating is highly biodegradable and environmentally friendlier. As compared to other finishing and coating techniques flood coating is less expensive. Brands want to utilize the best option on a limited budget. This is best for creating eco-friendly and affordable custom packaging boxes. This is their pick. Here are the reasons why should you apply aqueous coating on custom packaging:

  • Cost efficient
  • Last for a long time
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatility and uniqueness
  • Flexible
  • Bear heat
  • Ability to resist pressure
  • Stay strong against sudden situations.


Aqueous coating is very beneficial for brands and companies who want the most elegant and decent packaging for their products. The cost efficiency is another reason to have this type of finishing. Although it may not be able to stand in extreme conditions, in the end, it is a prime option for brands to give an astonishing look to their Custom Packaging Boxes. Custom Designs Boxes is a packaging company that finishes printed packaging solutions with AQ coating in a premium quality and artistically attractive way. Place your order and get distinctive and unique coated boxes in minimum turn-around time with no shipping charges all across the USA.

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