Consumer Patterns in the Packaging of THC Edibles: What's Trending Now?

The cannabis industry has grown to $57.18 billion in 2023 and is expected to cross  $444.34 billion by the end of 2030. As the industry is growing exponentially, there is increased demand for its packaging boxes. The purpose of packaging such as THC edibles packaging is to protect the product, do marketing, increase brand awareness, and ensure customers' safety. Here in this blog post, we will delve into the dynamics of cannabis packaging and will highlight the latest trends that are setting brands apart. 

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Simple And Sustainable Design

Now the trends are shifting from complex designs to minimalist designs. As Kevin Barnett says,

“Simplicity will stand out, while complexity will get lost in the crowd.”

Actually, it's all about simplicity and elegance. One such example is THC edible packaging designed by Custom Designs Boxes. They design their boxes to be sleek with simple typography and clear information printed on the custom cannabis edibles packaging. This enhances the customer's experience. In addition, sustainability has taken center stage in modern-day packaging. Now THC packaging contains eco-friendly materials that do no harm to nature. They are mostly food-grade materials that deteriorate quickly in nature. 

Childproof And Tamper-Evident THC Edibles Packaging

Cannabis products are not meant for children. So, childproof packaging in THC edibles has taken advance. This is done by introducing childproof locks which are easily opened by adults but not by children. Moreover, this ensures the safety of children. Therefore people having children prefer childproof THC edible packaging for their Cannabis Packaging products.

To make empty edible packaging tamper-resistant, industries have introduced seals, closures, and designs. These features visually indicate the tampering if someone tries to open the weed edible packaging. 

Customization And Branding

The stats on cannabis production has indicated that this industry has cut-throat competition. So branding plays a crucial role in defining the brand's name. Businesses incorporate their names and logos on the THC edibles packaging. This helps the customers to locate their favorite or regular brand from the ocean of products. Furthermore, this earns the confidence of customers in a specific cannabis brand and they become loyal to it. 

Customization is another feature that has grown in THC gummy packaging bags. Businesses look for uniqueness in their THC edibles packaging to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, they benefit from customization options like shapes, designs, sizes, printing, and finishing. Variations in these options make businesses one-of-a-kind. 

Information Transparency

Cannabis products have to comply with FDA-approved guidelines. These guidelines however change from time to time. So, the THC edibles packaging has to change its strategy each time the guidelines are updated. Moreover, the government has now insisted on following these guidelines strictly. Therefore, the cannabis edible packaging industry labels all the required information on the cannabis product packaging. They have to enlist the following information on the empty edible packaging such as,

  • Brand name 
  • Brand logo
  • List of ingredients
  • Date of expiry
  • FDA-approved tags
  • Dosage instructions
  • Usage instructions
  • Location of industry

Convenience And Portability

Modern lifestyles look for ease and convenience in everything. Therefore, nowadays empty edible packaging that takes care of these factors is preferred by people. So, THC edibles come in single-serve packets, tin cans, and pocket-friendly Custom Hemp Packaging. Moreover, labeling all the information related to cannabis edibles packaging also adds convenience for the customers. All these features have become a part of every marijuana edible packaging.

Technological Integration In THC Edibles Packaging

THC packaging solutions have also benefited from the advancements in technology. QR codes are printed on the packaging for cannabis edibles. When scanned these codes take customers to the detailed product information. Similarly, sensors and tags are installed in the weed edibles packaging that can interact with smartphones to provide real-time information about the product.

Consumer Feedback And Market Research

In every business, the feedback of the customers is very crucial in defining its fate. THC industries perform market research and gain the public’s opinion. Then, they make improvements in their products and packaging accordingly. Nowadays, THC Edibles packaging has adapted to customers' tastes and preferences. The main purpose of gaining customers' insight is to make improvements and make products more customer friendly. 

Finalizing The Discussion

To conclude, the cannabis industry has adapted new strategies to make its products and packaging more customer-oriented. They have installed new features such as QR codes and tags to guide customers about the products. Moreover, they strictly follow FDA-approved guidelines to ensure the safety of customers. The THC edibles packaging labels all the information that enlightens customers about every detail of the product. In addition, it has enhanced the convenience factor in cannabis edible product packaging. Moreover, child-resistant and tamper-resistant packaging has been introduced to make it more secure.

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