Various Types Of Corrugated Stocks And Their Benefits In Packaging

Corrugated is a strong and sturdy material that is used to manufacture shipping and packaging boxes. It is also called corrugated cardboard or corrugated fiberboard. One or more than one layer of corrugated cardboard is placed and then covered by a plain paper sheet while making the cartons. It is made of kraft paper. Three layers of kraft paper are combined to make the corrugated stock. It is used in the shape of waves in cartons. 

In the packaging industry, it is called corrugated because of its internal wavy layers. That packaging material is very tough and holds the product safely for a specific time. It is due to its internal layer that is called cardboard medium. The whole strength comes from that wavy layer. The space between the stuff gives extra strength to bear the pressure and keep the product safe. The corrugated packaging material is stronger than the cardboard packaging material.

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Types Of Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated has it's various and it all depends upon the number of liners and size of the flute. Liners and flutes decide the type of corrugated cardboard, let’s see how.

  • Single Face Board

That specific type has only two layers. A liner and a corrugated wave layer combine and make the single-face board. It is durable but not like the other types of corrugated board. The main feature of it is to add cushions inside the various Corrugated Boxes. A certain type is used for interior packaging. The order of layers is fluting and liner in them.

  • Single Wall Corrugated Board

It is the most general kind of corrugated. Most of the companies and brands use that specific type of fiberboard. Two layers of liner are very thin and in the middle of the liners, a wavy layer of corrugated medium is used. These cartons are used for shipping purposes as they are sturdy and bear huge pressure. The manufacturing order is a liner, fluting, and then liner.

  • Double Wall Cardboard

When two layers of fluting become sandwiched between three thin layers of liner, it is called double-wall cardboard. These corrugated boxes have more strength as compared to single wall boards. That thing makes them more reliable and sturdy. They are commonly used for making industrial cartons. Liner, flute, liner, flute, and liner come in order while making double wall cardboard.

  • Triple Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Wooden crates are considered most studious but triple wall corrugated cardboards are used to replace the heavy wooden cartons or boxes. They are as strong as these wooden boxes. Three layers of flute and four layers of liners give it certain specifications. The products that need the utmost care while shipping and handling are packed in these boxes. These corrugated boxes are stronger than kraft paper boxes. Chemical containers and shipping crates are made with this stuff. The heavy order used to make them is liner, flute, liner, flute, liner, flute, liner. You can imagine the sturdiness of it from this order. These are the types of the corrugated fiberboard.

  • Fute Sizes Of Corrugated Stock

The second thing that affects the types of corrugated packaging material made are cartons and boxes that are the size of the flutes. These sizes are called the English alphabets A, B, C, E, and F. Let’s have a look at these sizes.

  • A Flute

It is the most strong layer of wavy fiberboard. Its height is ¼” and its linear foot is 36. The compression and cushioning are very admirable. That provides all the necessary strength to the corrugated box. These types of boxes are generally used to pack fragile items.

  • B Flute

This specific wavy layer has a height of ⅛” with linear foot 49. These cardboards have a very impressive strength against crushing and puncturing. The use of this cardboard for inner components of packaging is like partitions.

  • C Flute

It is crush resistant and has a height of 11/64” with linear foot 41. It is used for making boxes for securing edible items and also for furniture and glass packing. Shipping boxes are also made from it.

  • E Flute

This type of flute is very thin and has a height of 1/16” with linear foot 90. It is a very thin layer of cardboard flute and is often used to reduce storage space. Various kinds of pizza boxes, Display Boxes, and ballot boxes are made with it. For packing cosmetics, ceramics, and glass products, boxes and cartons are also made with it.

  • F Flute

This type of flute is perfect for the printing process and also it is a crush resister. It has a height of 1/32” and a linear foot of 128. It is used for manufacturing cosmetics and shoe boxes. Also, the fast food containers are made with it. Less fiber is consumed by using it in the construction of cartons and boxes.

Benefits Of Using Corrugated Cardboard

This cardboard is very beneficial for manufacturing the best cartoons and boxes for shipping and displaying the products.

  • Most sturdy cardboard
  • Bear the maximum pressure
  • Crush and puncture resistor
  • Bear the extreme temperature
  • Hold the maximum weight
  • Cost efficient

Final Verdict

Corrugated cardboard is the most strong and sturdy material for manufacturing boxes and cartons. Custom Designs Boxes is a leading packaging industry that is producing tough and unique corrugated cardboard boxes wholesale. Our rates are very low just to save customers money. Corrugated Material is cost-efficient and further we give the wholesale rates to save more bucks. We use ultra-modern machines for printing and advanced die-cut solutions with the help of experienced designers and competent staff. Error-free corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons are delivered without any shipping charges all across the US.

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