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Shipping Boxes are a sort of packaging that is made with corrugated or cardboard packaging solutions. According to their name, they are used to cargo the products. Brands and companies spend a huge amount on producing qualitative products of their own. They certainly want to earn revenue. But there are some conditions for that. The main among them is to deliver the product secured and in one piece before the buyer. Otherwise, brands have to get ready for the demise of their name and reputation. Shipping boxes are very crucial in this regard.

Many paper walls or flutes are combined to produce a sturdy and durable packaging material that is used for consignments of any valuable products. The bottom and lid of this specific box perform the flaps that are secured and locked with adhesive tape or something like that. They are referred to as cardboard boxes as they are also made with cardboard paper material. Let's delve into protective properties and other important aspects of these packaging boxes and unveil the other important features.

Paper Packaging Material For Production Of Shipping Boxes:

There are a variety of packaging materials that are suitable to manufacture these boxes.

Kraft Paper Materials:

Kraft is a sturdy and eco-friendly packaging material. Various brands and companies opt for this as it is green materials too.

Rigid Paper Material:

Rigid Boxes for shipping are rare because they are used to pack valuable and luxury products. They come small in size.

Cardboard Paper Material:

Cardboard packaging material is the major player in this regard. It provides a strengthened and strong paper that can hold the product in its real shape.

Corrugated Packaging Material:

Corrugated is made by combining various sheets of cardboard paper. The flutes and walls of the boxes are the real strength of the boxes that come from cardboard. So, these packaging boxes are often considered cardboard corrugated shipping boxes.

It is up to you which material you want to utilize for manufacturing the specific packaging solution.

How Are These Packaging Boxes Strengthened?

Custom Mailer Boxes

The main objective behind producing these kinds of boxes for shipping is to deliver delicate and valuable products safely and soundly from one place to another. Brands want to preserve their products and want their customers to get natural products. Are these boxes fulfilling the expectations of brands? Let’s find that out by exploring the effects of their sturdy nature.

Soften The Hand To Hand Treatment:

Every product faces the hand-to-hand treatment. Many people touch or hold them for arrangements, loading, and other procedures. It is the power of shipping packaging boxes that hold the product safe and secured inside the box.

Rough And Jerky Transportation:

Products get in touch with the long bumpy rides while delivering from one place to another. Most of the shipment is done by road transport. So, transporters don't need to go slow or go by avoiding the rugged tracks. Shipping printed boxes collide and that situation is harmful to the product's safety. Well, thanks to the cardboard corrugated shipping boxes that are strong and tough not to tear into pieces and expose the products.

Dividers And Inserts Increase The Power:

There is no doubt that these customized shipping boxes are straight and naturally made resilient. However, some dividers and inserts are used to keep the products in order and prevent collusion among the products inside the box. Products remain undamaged and in one piece until delivered to customers.

Quality Of Water Resistance:

Water is a major player in product contamination and damage. Brands have to control the devastating effects of water. Printed shipping boxes are important in this regard. They have a great ability to resist the water for a specific time-lapse. They retain the products dry and decontaminated.

Weatherproof Shield:

Moisture, tears, and other harsh weather effects are enough to create a mess. But wait, there is a shipping box that has enough strength to keep away these factors.

Eligible To Preserve The Real Texture Of The Product:

After preventing the breakage, this printed shipping box is eligible to secure the real texture of the product.
With all these protective features and preservation benefits, these printed boxes are the prime choice of various brands.

What Customization Options Are Utilized For Perfect Packaging?

There are two types of boxes generally used by the brands. To understand the value of customization, it is necessary to briefly explain these types before.

Regular Boxes For Shipment:

Some brands order plain boxes. Without printing any name logo or any other information, these boxes are used to ship the products. The major benefit of using them is to protect the products.

Customized Boxes For Shipment:

When companies and brands demand to place their name, icon, information about the product, and handling procedure. These boxes are called personalized packaging boxes. They are a source of branding after the protection.

Customization Options For Brands:

Brands have a lot of choices to embellish their cargo boxes as per their requirements and will. As we have mentioned before the customization starts from the selection of the material to the elegant and sophisticated finishing and coating options. There are various material choices, brands choose the paper material of their own choice. They consider it after researching various matters. Distinctive and separate designs are also part of the customization. Narrow-designed custom shipping boxes always attract the people at large. Beautiful color schemes and combinations of alluring images and patterns draw the customers which increases the sale value of the product.

By using these personalization choices, brands mold their boxes according to their will.

Advantages Of Using These Classic Packaging Solutions:

There are a bunch of benefits to using these customized boxes. And these lie from protection to branding and presentation. Apart from protection, we are explaining the advantages before you.


Shipping box is a great source of enhancing brand efficiency. Printed names along with the company’s logo and basic information about the company attract customers. They started to keep the name in their minds and in this way, brands enhance recognition.

Presentation Efficiency:

In light brown color, combined with flutes and alluring paper walls, these packaging boxes look very elegant. That is necessary for a great presentation.

Great Unboxing Experience:

Shipping printed boxes are closed with adhesive tape from the top to bottom. Embellishing packaging boxes look very beautiful. When the customers see the perfect packaging they love to open it. Charming boxes give unexpected unboxing pleasure to the customers.

Ecological Packaging Solutions:

All the materials are highly ecological and biodegradable. Custom shipping box that is made with above mentioned green packaging solutions are highly efficient for preserving the natural atmosphere.

Budget-Friendly Packaging Boxes:

Cost-efficient packaging materials are used to create these packaging boxes for brands. All the paper packaging materials are inexpensive, so it costs little for brands to get these boxes for their products.

With all these benefits, shipping boxes are real choices for brands that want to deliver the product safely to the world.

Factors That Affect The Manufacturing Cost Of Boxes:

You must get to know about the factors that directly affect the manufacturing cost

  • Construction material
  • Shape and size of the shipping box
  • The volume of your order
  • Uniqueness of design
  • add-ons

But no need to worry about your budget. As they are not as expensive as you are considering.

Bottom Line:

Mailer Boxes are essential for product protection during shipment. Custom Designs Boxes is a well-reputed packaging solution that is expert in manufacturing the prime packaging solution for its customers. Also, on bulk shipping boxes, we offer special rates for our valuable customers. Along with the design assistance and accurately print and manufacture for you. We are available 24 hours a day and charge nothing for shipment all across America.

Make a call bring your needs to us, and get your resilient and sturdy shipping boxes in a minimum turnaround time.

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