Different Poly Mailer Sizes For Various Business Industries

As we all know poly mailer bags have become a popular choice for shipping the product. If you are running an online business or you have a brand, you need these bags badly to send your products safely. Have you seen the bag when you received your shipping order? That bag you received is called a poly mailer bag. It has many benefits. Durable in nature, lightweight, cost-effective, and much more. Many businesses use these bags to ship their products securely. These bags come in different sizes. Poly mailer sizes depend on the size of the product packed inside the bag.

For instance, if you have an online clothing store and you choose these bags instead of packaging boxes. These bags are most suitable for clothing and fashion accessories. Cheap Custom Paper Bags are budget-friendly. Thus, they save the cost of extra shipping for the boxes like kraft and cardboard. Therefore, all shipping companies use these bags while shipping or packing your products. They have all sizes of bags with their logo, theme, and label on them. Brands manufacture these bags according to the theme of the company and other preferences.

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Benefits Of Poly Mailers 

Business industries use these bags due to their several advantages. We will see the benefits of how it helps businesses by using them.

  • Imperishable In Nature

The high-quality material used while manufacturing poly mailer bags protects the product placed inside the bag. For instance, if you ship any cloth into these bags, they protect the clothes from any inconvenience. They act like a barrier for the clothes or whatever product is placed inside them during transportation or shipping. Also, sturdy mailers help in maintaining the quality of the product.

  • Featherweight

If we compare poly mailers with the other boxes, we will find poly bags much more lightweight than others. Traditional shipping boxes have some weight and carry products. Custom Mylar Bags carry a lot of weight. The weight is according to the product size. The right poly mailer size doesn't have any major effect on its weight. Moreover, these bags ensure the safety of the products while shipping.

  • Water Proofed

These bags are manufactured from polyethylene material that has water-resistant qualities. Resealable poly mailers safeguard the product from all environmental conditions like humidity, rain, snow, and other conditions while transporting. These mailers are suitable for every weather condition.

  • Budget-Friendly Solution For Shipping

Shipping boxes have a little bit expensive manufacturing process which is why they are less cost-effective compared to poly mailers. Shipping companies consider traditional shipping boxes as heavier than bags and they charge for the Custom Boxes according to whatever their process is. Poly mailers are cheap and affordable to every retailer and business industry.

  • Customized Into Any Desired Aspect

Poly mailers can be made in any desired aspects. Customization allows customers to make their bags in any design, shape, size, and color. The right choice of color scheme, theme, graphics, and logo placement makes them appealing. But the theme of the company depends on the company’s requirements. Also, works like a good marketing or branding tool.

Most Popular Size Choice of Poly Mailers

The size of the bag depends on the product size. If you want to carry small things or kids' clothes in it, then it requires a small dimensional size. Large items can't be placed properly in small ones. Accurate sizes carry the products safely and securely. There are many popular and useful poly mailer sizes that businesses mostly use and manufacture, including:

  • 6×9 inches
  • 9×12 inches
  • 10×13 inches
  • 14.5×19 inches

All other personalized poly mailer sizes.

Things Need To Be Consider While Measuring Sizes

First of all, while manufacturing poly mailers, a few things need to be kept in mind. Take the proper size of the item which you want to place in it if you want your product to reach safely and decently, you must follow some steps. In poly mailer cases, you don't have to measure the item size accurately you just have to roughly tackle all the measurements of the item or a box. The size of the mailer shouldn’t be the same as the item. It should be flexible to keep the item in it. Fitted sizes may cause bursts and can damage the item placed inside it.

Consider the placing item first, what you want to place in it, and the kind of nature the item has. If there is any clothing item, it can be measured by taking the width, length, and depth of the clothes. Other products or boxes are measured by following the same formula. There is no bigger change while taking dimensions. Furthermore, if you measure poly mailer sizes and you get stuck between the two sizes, what will you do? You must choose a central way. It means a larger size is the best option to choose from because it can be small from a tap or any other technique. But the smaller one can’t change its dimensions.


Poly mailers have become famous for the past few years and make a great place in the market. It has many benefits for business industries. Business persons use them at the time of shipping. Even, they pack cardboard, kraft, and other materials in them to build transparency and add professionalism. Moreover, individuals perfectly measure poly mailer sizes that perfectly fit their needs for the product. The standard size of a poly mailer is  10" x 13".

In this size, every product can be placed whether it is small, medium, or large. These bags are customizable, cost-effective, water-resistant, lightweight, and lasting in nature.  Contact Custom Designs Boxes today to get perfectly sized poly mylar bags without breaking the bank with other complimentary services. You will experience expertise, quality, and uncompromised packaging solutions for your boxes.

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