What Separates Custom Packaging From Stock Packaging?

The debate between stock packaging vs custom packaging is not new. They are two of the main packaging types that come into the debate over and over. Imagine your products and their packaging. Your products are flawlessly made. They are the epitome of perfection and elegance. Now you want to deliver them to the hands of customers. Packaging can make or break. It can give the first impression that remains memorable for longer periods, or it can fail to mesmerize customers and they choose other products. 

According to the Dotcom Distribution Study, over 60% of customers feel content and surprised when they get decorated packaging. And, more than 40% of customers stated that they will, surely, again buy from the brands that pack their products in Premium Rigid Packaging. Hence, here comes the debate of stock packaging vs custom packaging. You must ask yourself these questions before choosing any type of packaging. 

  • How will you deliver them? 
  • How will you pack them? 
  • Don't you think your products need packaging that suits their perfection and grace? 

Yes, you know the answers. You, too, want to display grace and elegance. Therefore, knowing the main differences and usages between these is necessary to choose the packaging that makes product boxes elegant and versatile for each product. 

Stock Packaging

Stock packaging is ready-made packaging with no or little customization in materials, designs, visuals, shapes, and sizes. It contains no personalization options and is not customized after purchase. Stock boxes lack customized options. That is why they don't reflect the brand's identity or spread brand awareness. They are readily available at every packaging company. These packaging boxes are inexpensive and created and produced in bulk and large quantities. Stock packaging is ready-made and easy-to-access packaging. It is a generic packaging.

You can say stock boxes are the boxes that are they are made by the manufacturing companies at that time; generic, plain, and standard-sized. The only customization you can do on stock boxes is to affix a label containing a logo or mark. Stock boxes come in standard sizes and shapes with limited graphics and embellishments. Many of the new or small companies use stock boxes exclusively because of budget restraints and quick access. This type of packaging is used for bottles or jars for sauces, vitamins, bottles of ketchup, etc. Therefore, companies with minimum start costs prefer stock boxes. Many of the companies prefer stock packaging over custom boxes for the following reasons. 

  • Subscription Boxes
  • Only for shipping purposes
  • Business with business constraints
  • Test Marketing SituationsTrade Show Samples
  • Production shortages
  • Quick need of packaging

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is preferred for the better display and elegant display of the products. Big companies like Nestle with big investments plan to get custom boxes for their products. Custom boxes are entirely customized in shapes, material choices, designs, visuals, and other specifications. Custom boxes are exclusively everything that stock packaging is not. The products that a brand or company wants to present elegantly in top-quality materials, snuggly fit, filled with branding and promotional lines and visuals, personalized with art and brand stories, and contain inserts and luxurious printing and finishing options. 

Custom box dimensions are entirely in the hands of the brand and business. They are present in a wide range of sizes and shapes. However, you do not want ready-made packaging samples, their customization and creation is in your authority to give your products a sense of elegance. Whether you want printed slogans, premium finishes such as matte, or inserts and wrappers inside of the box, custom packaging meets your all needs and requirements. 

Customized Boxes are not as expensive as many people think, nor take so much time to create and deliver. Packaging companies offer wholesale options, huge discounts on bulk orders, and options to utilize while keeping within budget limits. Any company can get 1000 custom boxes for around $2000-2500. However, the benefits that custom boxes offer are beyond this value. They promote the brand, show elegance, act as a billboard for branding, protect products perfectly on the shelves and during shipping, and keep products snuggly fit. 

Stock Packaging vs Custom Packaging: Where to Use?

The usage difference between Stock packaging and custom packaging is similar on many grounds. However, there is a big contradiction between both packaging types and usages. 

Uses Of Stock Packaging 

  • It is a quick and inexpensive packaging option.
  • New startups or businesses with tight budgets
  • Facing product shortages and want custom boxes in days, then stock boxes are a viable option. 
  • Preparing for trade shows
  • It is a quick, easy-to-get, inexpensive, and easy packaging option.

Use Of Custom Packaging

  • When you want your products to look luxurious and sophisticated
  • When you want to utilize maximum customization options for packaging
  • Sending products for reviews, social media influencers, and PR boxes
  • Your purpose is to create distinction among a sea of the products, and want to stand out. 
  • You have enormous products and want to pack each in different packaging boxes.

Final Verdict

There is no such debate about stock packaging vs custom packaging. Both packaging types are used for different purposes, by different companies, and for different products. Stock packaging is easy to access, inexpensive, ready-made, quick to get, perfect for small or new startups with limited budgets, and for ordinary products that do not need promotion or luxury packaging at all. On the other hand, custom boxes are for creating an elegant image, promoting a brand, spreading brand awareness, keeping products safe and secure, used by big companies or companies that sell luxury or expensive products, and using different customization options for luxury packing. 

If you want to get stock packaging or custom packaging, you must choose the packaging company that takes care of your requirements and needs. Custom Designs Boxes offers brilliant packaging whether stock boxes or custom boxes at affordable rates and infinite customization options. We offer free shipping and free design consultation with enormous packaging options with some ready-made templates. Contact us for your packaging whether stock or custom to experience quality and affordability. 

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