Astonishing Stats About Custom Boxes Every Business Must Know in 2024

astonishing stats about custom boxes every business

Custom boxes have become the backbone of every business. The companies that sell products need distinct packaging to show off their products to set distinction and appeal to customers. The packaging boxes give life to the brands and their products. Gone are the days when all types of products were packed in the same type of boxes.

These Custom Boxes are customizable in ways that match the product type, show its elegance, complement its nature, and help customers pick the product from the sea of products. Custom packaging is more than that.

The statistics and research show custom boxes offer every brand a brilliant option to grow and promote. These stats prove that personalized packaging will be the most crucial aspect for businesses in 2024 to excel and outshine. Let us reveal every recent statistic about packaging. 

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Robust Packaging And Customer Behavior

Material is what defines your packaging boxes. No matter how fancy the design you print on the boxes, give the perfect shape and style, if the material is ordinary and doesn't meet the product's nature and fails to protect it during shipping and transit, no customer will prefer to buy from you again.

Perfect material choice is crucial; it catches customers' attention and meets their needs. The research was conducted by IPSOS on behalf of the Paper and Packaging Board which is overseen by the Department of Agriculture states that material is the key element in the packaging that boosts the product value and its protection. The research shows the following takeaways. 

  • Research conducted on packaging material shows that 63% of people said paper and cardboard packaging makes a product appear luxurious and more premium.
  • A new study reveal that 67% of people said paper packaging is more attractive than other materials used for packaging.
  • The marketing research conducted by a renowned organization shows the relation between material choice and purchase in a way that it states 67% of people stated that the premium packaging material influences the decision to purchase.
  • Shipstation conducted a study in 2019, thousands of people contributed, and between 60-80% of people said they would not buy from the brand again if the packaging was poor and ordinary. 

Influence Packaging Design On Consumers

Design is the ultimate spot that grabs customers' attention, and retains them for future purchases. A luxury and branded design on custom boxes not only offers a great unboxing experience but also gets positive reviews and recommendations. The first thing that charming design offers is attraction. It attracts customers and creates a distinguished image. 

  • A survey by Dotcom Distribution showed that 61% of people stated that they would buy again the product if they found their loved product in the luxury packaging. 
  • According to Ipsos recent survey, 72% of American consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design.

Effect Of Unique And Branded Packaging On Brands

Packaging has attained new heights of luxury and promotion. The unique and distinct packaging boxes appear more mesmerizing and attention-grabbing. It is more likely if the packaging of your products has unique features, people will post it on reviews and social media, gaining immense popularity and attracting customers to your products.

The uniqueness can be created by images you design, printed with special fonts and visuals, or designed with styles and shapes that are unprecedented. Custom Boxes with Logo can be of any type. However, it is necessary to package must-have luxury options with trendy effects. 

  • The recent research by Dotcom Distribution research on unique packaging states that 40% of consumers will share an image of your packaging on social media if it is unique or branded. 
  • A study reveals that 30% of businesses experience an increase in revenue after improving their packaging.
  • Another study by Dotcom Distribution reveals that 50% of shoppers will recommend your product if it comes in gift-like or branded packaging. 

Influence Of Eco-Friendly Packaging

The world is going for greener options. Recent trends and shopping behaviors have revealed that eco-friendly packaging options are gaining immense popularity and becoming people's choice to contribute to the collective benefit of all.

The catastrophic condition of the planet urges us to use eco-friendly packaging and greener materials to refrain from extra wastages and pollutant waste. Every business is consciously expanding environmental awareness, and using environmentally friendly materials. The recent studies on Eco-friendly Custom Boxes are given below. 

  • The Ipsos study on eco-friendly packaging shows that 49% of consumers are willing to pay a little more for them if the products are packed in eco-friendly custom boxes. 
  • Only 10% of e-commerce stores use plastic, and it is decreasing with every passing day. 

Logos, Labels, And Transparent Packaging Matters

The transparent labeling and honest products detail with the right information helps a lot in gaining customers' trust. It attracts a lot of customers and creates an honest and strong connection. Therefore, it is a must to use the right labeling and logos for transparent marketing and showing. It helps a lot of brands to set a connection. 

  • The Catalpa study on labeling states that 74% of consumers apprise transparency and honesty in product labeling help them to gain trust in a brand. 

In Search of Premium Packaging?

Premium packaging is what your products need. Premium packaging will gain immense popularity and gain customers' trust, ensuring an increase in customer numbers and brand growth. Custom Designs Boxes creates branded custom boxes that fit your needs, and align with all your needs and requirements, from protecting to promoting your brands.

We customize branded and unique custom packaging, and sure that all the above studies will perfectly match the products, we ensure you will get all the above stats with our premium boxes. If you want to experience all the stats and studies with premium boxes, we are the place to contact. We ensure every benefit at affordable rates and complimentary services to offer your hassle-free packaging experience.

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