Benefits of Using Soft-Touch Lamination

The majority of laminations are aesthetically pleasing; soft touch lamination provides your package with a smooth, glossy touch. In contrast to other laminations, soft touch lamination, also referred to as velvet lamination, takes consumer touch into consideration. This type of lamination is mostly used in many Retail Product Packaging. Due to the silky velvet texture and soft-touch finish of this lamination, anyone handling your goods will instantly feel pampered. 

Soft-touch gives Product Boxes a luxurious feel, which is pleasingly soft to the touch and surpasses any other type of lamination or coating in both tactile appeal and vivid color clarity. It works well with both dark and bright colors, and with lower densities, it offers raised spot UV a lot of clarity and unique effects. For raised spot UV and raised digital foil, it also gives the sharpest detail of any coating. In recent years, soft-touch printing has gained popularity as a unique, premium finish.

Benefits of Soft-Touch Lamination

Soft touch lamination can enhance your packaging's visual appeal, attracting customers and optimizing your brand image in a competitive market.

•    It provides a protective surface with a matt look and a soft, velvet-like texture.
•    It appeals to the sense of touch.
•    When the customer comes in contact with the smooth velvet surface of your packaging it gives him a luxurious experience.
•    Soft touch lamination gives additional chip-resistant protection
•    It prevents the packaging from wear and tear
•    It provides resistance against scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints.
•    High quality finish.
When products can stay fresh and new for a long period, it means it can extend the usage of printed material. When the product is lying on a store shelf it can easily get damaged as customers usually grab and check the product before buying it therefore, due to its durable property its finish protects the product and keeps the product fingerprint-free.

Drawbacks of Using Soft Touch Lamination

•    It is costly
•    Colors are softened and flattened.
•    It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of design.
There is no doubt that soft touch lamination adds value to the product. Your Custom Packaging and your brand will stand out from the crowd due to the evident visual difference. The texture, on the other hand, is what will make your product memorable. Custom Design Boxes offer high-quality soft-touch lamination that will give your packaging a rich and sophisticated look.

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