What Is Gold Foiling? How Is it Best For Branding And Presentation?

Foiling is a printing technique in which a thin layer of foiling is inserted or impressed on any kind of paper. Two types of foiling are used to glorify the packaging solutions, silver, and gold. Gold foiling is the most famous of these two. As we are all well-aware of that, gold is a very expensive metal and is loved by everybody from every corner of the globe. With the revolution in the packaging industry, brands have started to use gold foiling for their product packaging. The reason is very clear and bright as the day behind using the gold foiling for boxes and labels. 

Gold attracts people and gives an astonishing look to the product packaging. Gold foiling is a process in which a thinner layer of gold leaf is impressed on the paper sheet. Golden impedes on packaging boxes and labels just enhance the product valuation in the market. It attracts potential customers at large as it gives them a luxurious look. The shining particles of that beautiful foiling are fully capable of wide open the eyes of the customers. Consumers buy the product just because they like the gold foiling on the industrial packaging solutions.

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Difference Between Gold Foiling And Gold Printing

Aluminum and tin-based gold foiling is used for gold hot stamping effects while manufacturing the best packaging boxes and labels for different products. These two processes of applying thin layered gold foiling on the boxes and labels are very different from each other. Let's explore the major difference between them.

  • Gold Foiling

Gold foiling is a process of stamping the thin gold layer on the product boxes and wrappers. For this procedure, there is no certain material required like papers. It can also be applied to glass, ceramic, and wood. A stamp made up of brass is commonly used as a die. This stamp applies a thin layer of gold on the boxes or any desired packaging solution. After imposing the gold foil on the packaging surface, heat and pressure are applied for clinging. The gold struts to the surface and looks very catchy.

  • Gold Printing

It is the procedure to give the golden look to any packaging solution. In gold foiling, we use metallic foil to create a gold impression but in gold printing, gold ink is used for that purpose. This special ink contains metallic particles in it. While the gold printing process this ink is being applied on the surface of the boxes or other sorts of packaging. This process is very efficient for saving the pile of money as compared to gold foiling. This is also durable but not as gold foiling.

How Gold Foiling Enhances Brand Identification In The Market?

Gold foiling looks very attractive on the custom boxes. It draws the attention of the customers at large and urges them to buy the product. Some of its major gold foiling advantages are that brands cannot overlook.

  • Premium Look Of The Boxes And Labels

It is the first and most desired element of gold-foiled paper. It gives the paper the most astonishing look and is pleasant to the eyes. It feels very premium and splendid to the customer. That thing attracts them most and they intend to purchase the specific product wrapped in the gold foiled paper packaging.

  • Reliability and Durability

The other vital advantage of using Gold foiling is its durability and reliability. It gives the boxes and labels strength for staying long. Gold foiling is imposed strongly on the surface of the paper or kraft. The durability keeps the box shining for a long time and that shining is essential to preserve the brand name among the competitors.

  • Design’s Selectivity

The selection of a unique design that works effectively with Gold Foiling is essential. Brands choose various designs for their product packaging and embellish them with gold foiling that uplifts the beauty of the design. Die-cut shapes and patterns look very distinctive and attractive after applying the gold foiling.

  • Luxurious Look

Aluminum and tin are metals that are considered very expensive and luxurious. When the brands allow packaging companies to gold foil their boxes and labels, they want to give their product a luxurious glance. Customers fall for this specific brand rapidly as they consider it a more luxurious and sophisticated product.

Pros The Gold Foiling

Gold foiling is very advantageous for brand consciousness and product’s durability and here are some of its main features.

  • Gold foil is very shiny.
  • It is far more attractive compared to gold print or other methods of foiling like silver.
  • Gold foil lasts for a very long time and it is very durable and reliable.
  • Gold foil lends your brand of class and sophistication.


Gold foiling is essential for grabbing the customer’s attention and it is the best option for luxurious branding too. For brands that want to give their product a luxurious and appealing look, gold foiling is the best option for them. Although it is an expensive way of brand awareness, it is also a more effective one. Custom Designs Boxes is one of the most advanced packaging companies that uses modern machines to print the most unique and first-rate gold foil boxes and labels for its thousands of customers. Creative and innovative designers and fine printing and finishing machines are ready 24/7 for our customers to facilitate them.

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