How to Measure Box Dimensions?

box dimensions

Looking to Know the Best Box Dimensions?

The packaging box's dimensions are just as crucial as its appearance. Whether it's the shipping box or the packaging that your customers buy at stores, it's important to have the right box dimensions. Designer Boxes serve as a line of defense against any damage during shipping or transition. Products usually go through many places before reaching the customer’s doorstep or shopping cart. So, to ensure your products stay in prime condition, you need to have the right box measurements.

Additionally, since products vary in size and shape, you should be more cautious when preparing to measure your product and design the necessary box. There are some ways to measure accurate dimensions. measurement tools or smartphone apps, for instance. So, are you looking for the packaging dimensions so you’ll be able to get your desired boxes? Don't worry; this article has covered everything you need to know about measuring dimensions and their importance.

How to Measure Box Dimensions?

how to measure box dimensions

The more accurate the dimensions of the box, the more perfect your packaging gets. Basically, a box's dimensions are determined by a three-part metric: its length (l), width (w), and height (h).

  • Length: When you look at the box from the top, the longest side of the box is called the length. Start with measuring length in inches or centimeters. 
  • Width: The horizontal part of the box when looking from the top, is called the width. Width decides how much space there will be for a product so be careful with it.
  • Height: Now that you have measured other dimensions, you need to look at the perpendicular side to length and width. Measure from bottom to top and be careful as much as possible.

So, now you have the dimensions in terms of Length x width x height. To create the ideal box for your product, these dimensions must be precise. You have to assign the right dimensions for each of your packaging boxes, ranging from CBD Boxes, jewelry boxes, or food boxes. Additionally, if you don't think you're measuring it properly, we advise getting help and finishing the task. The point is not to compromise with box measurements.

Why Internal Box Dimensions are Important?

why internal box dimensions are important

The internal dimensions of the box are essentially important as it exactly tells how much space there will be for your products. For safe transportation and to avoid excess space, you need to measure the box’s interior. The internal dimensions of a box, while less visible on its surface, have greater significance for any product you sell. Therefore, if you are a manufacturer that ships products, get the internal dimensions for accurate measurements.

Measuring the Exterior of a Box

External dimensions are also important because they reveal the total size of the box. For shipping purposes, you’ll need to measure the external dimensions. To make things clearer, if a box has internal dimensions of 10” x 10” x 6”, its exterior measurements would be 10 ⅜” x 10 ⅜” x 6 ⅝” and a half inches.

It is worth noting that when using corrugated material to ship fragile products, the difference between internal and external dimensions is caused by "Flutes." Those flutes are made of two pieces of sturdy paperboard for the best possible shipping protection. Although the external dimensions indicate the overall size of the box, always measure internal box dimensions to make sure your product fits in the packaging.

The Volume of a Box

Why do you need to measure the volume of the box? You can determine how much room the box will require in your inventory by looking at its volume. Further, to optimize your cost of the packaging, first, you need to measure the volume of the box. For calculating volume, you must have length, width, and height. You can now calculate the box's volume using the simple formula “L x W x H.” By Measuring Boxes volume, you can also determine how much room it will take up in warehouses as a single unit. 

Selecting the Right Box Size for Your Products

selecting the right box size

Always take your product into account when choosing the appropriate box size. Nobody wants a box that increases their costs in addition to fitting their product poorly. It is sensible to consider your product before designing packaging for it. If you put a small product in a large box, you are not just wasting the packaging material, but also disappointing your customers. You can’t afford that, right? So, it’d be smart to run tests and measure the accurate dimensions of the Box according to the product. Additionally, to deliver products safely and in the right size boxes, you should consider shipping situations.

Right Box Can Lower Shipping Costs

Worldwide shipping costs are high, so it's best to stay informed about changes in shipping prices. Shipping companies charge based on the dimensional weight of the box. Using appropriately sized boxes for products will save you from paying extra. Therefore, make sure your boxes incorporate the products you are delivering. Measure the dimensions of the box accurately and save extra shipping costs.

Measuring the Girth of a Box

measuring the girth of a box

To measure the Box Dimensions of a cylindrical or uniquely shaped box, you need to measure its girth it. Some products require different shapes, so to design suitable boxes for them you’ll need measurements. Take a measuring tape and find the distance around the box’s widest point. To find the box's girth, multiply the box's height and width by 2, then add the results. 


Accurate measurements are necessary before you can design the ideal packaging for your product. Measuring the precise box dimensions is more crucial than you might realize because your product's packaging requires extra care. We covered every necessary information in this article that will assist you in measuring the dimensions of a box.

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