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shoe box dimensions

Shoe boxes are an essential part of any shoe brand as they want to enhance brand identification by packing their products in suitable boxes. Arranged and in-order shoes represent a professional and executive shoe manufacturing company. That’s why companies should be aware of the shoe packaging dimensions to grab the right and elegant boxes to pack their products. If a brand puts shoes on one another while packing, it is considered very unprofessional. People started to discourage the brands and brands started to crumble in the market. Custom Designs Boxes is a packaging beast that is fully aware of the all necessary box dimensions for shoe brands. We use exact measurements to manufacture charming and decent shoe packaging boxes for our valuable customers.

Recommended Standard Shoe Box Dimensions

standard shoe box dimensions

There is a standard size for shoe packaging solutions for every brand and manufacturing company. The size of the shoe box highly depends on the genre of the user as it is different for men and women. An ordinary shoe box’s length lies between 33 and 35 cm. In inches, it is 13 to 14. Men's footwear is usually bigger as compared to women's. And accordingly, children's footwear consists of small sizes as compared to both above mentioned.

Shoe Box Dimensions For Men

shoe box dimensions for men

Generally, the men’s shoe boxes contain a 10-inch tall box wall that falls 25.5 centimeters. The height of the box must be 5 inches or 12.7 centimeters. That is an average-sized men’s shoe box dimension that is different from the women’s. Almost every man's shoe can fit in these boxes unless you are a man whose foot size is 13. For this, brands need to demand some extra inches to add while manufacturing the shoe boxes. We are well aware of these standard dimensions and capable of creating the most efficient and suitable Shoe Boxes for our clients.

Shoe Box Dimensions For Women

shoe box dimensions for womenWomen's shoes generally consist of 33x19x10 centimeters or 133x7.5x4 inches. Companies need to get these specific-sized boxes to pack shoes for almost every woman. Here is a thing about the boxes for women’s footwear dimensions. Most shoes for women are made with high heels. To keep inside a box arranged, the shoe box dimensions must be reconsidered. The bottom of the box must be wide to hold the shoes inside in pairs. Generally, women's shoe boxes contain the bottom of 7 inches and you can fit 2 to 4 pairs in that compartment separately. But if the high heels are included in the style and design of the box, then brands need to get a bit wider box than average.

Shoe Box Dimensions For Children

shoe box dimensions for children

Children's shoes are slightly shorter than men's and women's, so in order they demand shorter packaging boxes for packaging. A 3 inches tall and 4 inches of cardboard to make the depth for standard children's shoe dimensions. It consumes less packaging material as compared to the standard men's and women's shoe dimensions.

What Material Is Used To Manufacture The Shoe Boxes?

For the production of shoe boxes, a strong, tough, and rigid material is used. The corrugated, chipboard, kraft, cardboard, and cardstock are the most resilient materials to manufacture sturdy and elegant packaging boxes for shoes. As these Cardboard Shoes Boxes are highly protective most brands demand a lid for extra protection to keep their product safe. We produce every shoe box with dimensions with a core factor of protection in it. They keep the shoes dust-free, and dry and preserve their original shape.

How Can You Measure The Shoe Box Dimension?

measure the shoe box dimension

Measuring a Box is not as complex as you think. Just have a look at our blog if you want to measure your box. Measurement of any shoe box is easy and simple. However many brands and companies never took responsibility to measure their shoe box dimensions to get the perfect sized box. These companies end up with short shoe boxes for bigger shoes and vice versa. To make the question of how to measure the size of the shoe box easy and simple. We are giving you a very easy technique to measure the shoe box. Just measure the length and then the width of the box. And multiply them to get the answer. L x W is the order to get the real size of the shoe box. Suppose, the length of the box is 14.6 centimeters and the width is 13.6 centimeters.

  • L x W
  • 14.6 x 13.6
  • 198.56 cm is the area of the box and to find the volume we have to multiply
  • L x W x H
  • 14.6 x 13.6 x 6.3
  • 1250.928 cm3

In this way, you can measure the exact size of the shoe boxes and get them suitable for your products.

Advantages Of Using A Shoe Box

Shoe boxes are very beneficial and advantageous for brands to use the right dimensional shoe box. Here we are going to discuss some of them to understand the value of shoe packaging boxes.

Brand Awareness

Custom shoe boxes made by Custom Designs Boxes are essential for product awareness in the market. The high-quality material and mentioned name and logo of the company increase the brand awareness in the market. People remember the name of the brand and consider it while shopping.

Protection Of The Shoes

Shoes for every person are a valuable and important part of their life. Everyone wants an undamaged pair of shoes for him or her. In this regard, we are offering our prime manufacturing services to the brands to produce sturdy and durable printed shoe boxes. Shoe boxes are made with various layers of corrugated and sturdy surfaces of kraft or cardboard. These materials are highly eligible to keep the product dustless and stain-free. A protective layer of coating prevents water from reaching the shoes inside the boxes. That’s how shoes remain dry and preserve their original beauty.


Cost efficiency is another advantage of these boxes. When the companies and brands order in bulk they get the most budget-friendly form from us. We provide our customers with highly affordable rates that are necessary to support their limited budget.

Final Verdict

As we have mentioned before, shoe boxes with the right dimensions are essential for brand awareness in the market. And also they are crucial to keep the products safe and in their original state. Custom Designs Boxes is capable of manufacturing premium and top-rated bespoke shoe boxes for your brand. That not only enhances the brand identity but also they are cost-efficient. As we do not want to dry up your account, we give low-priced plans to our customers and the order limit never applies to use that kind of facility. In minimum turnaround time, we are here to produce amazing, appealing, and first-class shoe boxes that are made with high-quality material to allure the customers at large. We have all the necessary packaging equipment to let you get the shoe boxes of your choice with your required dimensions.

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