Adorable Pencil Boxes Are Worthy To Retain The Product Preserved

There is no doubt that the world has become advanced and getting more with every single day. But no one can reduce or eradicate the importance of pencils. People are using them as the day first. However, many things have changed in the stationery industry.

Packaging is one of the biggest changes for the brands. There is a huge competition between the competitors. Brands are trying to get rid of it. They are using trendy and modern packaging styles and solutions for their products. Pencil Boxes are the most prominent‌. 

The distinctive and astounding packaging boxes for pencils are a great source for the brands to enhance brand identification and present their product beautifully among the competitors. Every brand is trying to make a difference by using a certain pencil box but it is the plan of almost every stationery brand. Custom Designs Boxes are the difference between you and them. We, as a well-organized packaging company, are offering a premium box of colored pencils.

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Little History Of Pencil Boxes

The history of pencils is as old as when man started to write things or draw patterns. We can say that the first pencil was the burnt stick. But the concept of boxes for lead and colored pencils never goes back. Man has been using these boxes since 1850 but the first proper pencil box was used in 1946 and invented by Verona Pearl Amoth. She invented the box just for the sake of holding the lead and colored pencils.

Material Used For Pencil Packaging Boxes

These boxes are made with many packaging materials. They are efficient in saving money and also enhance the brand market of your product. They are;

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated

These all are reusable and budget-friendly materials to save your pennies of yours.

Types Of Pencil Printed Boxes

Pencils are generally used in offices and schools and we know that. To meet today's needs, the stationery industry is making pencils in every shape and style to attract customers at large. We are producing small, and medium boxes along with the large pencil box that are fit to keep every pencil safe and sound. These sizes also depend upon the trendy designs. There are a few types of printed pencil boxes, let’s have a look at them.

  • Small Boxes for Pencils

Small things look very cute and charming. That is the case with a small cardboard pencil box. You order small stationery packaging boxes for your products. As a result, you get cute and beautiful boxes for stationery. These boxes are eligible to attract customers that are mostly children at large. We give you all the means to create amazing pencil packaging boxes for your product.

  • Boxes With Windows

There is a trend to use the windows in a pencil box. The reason is to give the inner glance to the customers. In this way, people get to know the product without opening the box. Brands want to attract customers by showing them the real beauty of their products.

  • Cylindrical Stationery Boxes

This pencil packaging box is used to hold the long pencils for you. Stationery brands demand these boxes to put the large pencils in them. Besides this, there are many other benefits of using these boxes like they grab the minimum space and it is easy to handle while storing.

  • Flat Square Pencil Boxes

These boxes are thin in width and not so large also. You put them easily in your bags and shelves. They cover very little space to be placed. They are suitable for packing pencils and stationery as gifts. They are beneficial and charming at the same time. These are some of the main sorts of pencil packaging boxes for you to get for your brand.

Presentation Is As Important As The Quality Of The Product

An alluring and appealing presentation is important because it is a cause of enhancing the sales value of the product. We provide you with a variety of options to make your boxes for pencils more beautiful than ever. People get attracted to the alluring colors and distinctive designs. So, brands must get presentable boxes for their product.

How Customization Is Helpful To Produce Efficient Boxes?

Stationery brands required custom pencil boxes to be in the spotlight among the competitors. Packaging plays an important role in marketing but if the boxes are personalized then the chances of success go sky high. But here the question is raised about how customization is helpful for brand identification and in many other ways. Let us explain it to you.

  • Origin Of Brand Consciousness

Personalization is a process that gives brands a free hand to get what they wish for. After using all means of customization, boxes allure the customers at large, and that increases the sale value of the product. People remember the written name of the company on the custom pencil box. They search for the same brand while shopping and in this way, the written words and embellishing colors with attractive patterns and artworks draw the attention of potential customers.

  • Increase The Sale

Survival of a brand and product is dependent upon the sale of the product and its place among the other brands in the market. There are huge chances of the product being lost forever because of low sales. It is the custom pencil boxes that give the all necessary strength to the brand to stand high among the competitors. The charming features of customization make the customers feel attracted to the product. In this way, sales increase and the brand survives.

  • Protect The Pencils

The use of sturdy and tough materials helps keep the products safe and in one piece. As we mentioned before, pencils made with graphite and colors need utmost care because harsh conditions may break the lead into pieces. It is the choice of qualitative material that reduces the chances of destruction. You have many options in this regard. Also, we offer the inserts to prevent the collision and shaking. In this way, brands protect their products. 

And bring them in one piece before the customers. Finishing and coating in this process is also a big reason to attract customers. They also save the pencils from all weather conditions like moisture and tears. There are many choices for you to select the right finishing option according to your desire. And also according to the description of your product.

Benefits Of Using Customized Boxes For Pencils

There is no doubt that tailor-made pencil boxes are very beneficial for branding, sales increase, and protection of the product. But what else do they offer to the brand to make them feel that they are incomplete without them?

  • Cost Efficient

Pencil boxes bulk save a lot of money from the brands. The raw packaging material is not so expensive and also we have advanced machines that save energy and raw material. In this way, we provide budget-friendly plans to our respectable customers and save their accounts from drying up.

  • Eco Friendly

Ecological and green packaging material is a necessity of the time. It is now up to us to save our natural atmosphere for ourselves and others. We use that material to produce the most biodegradable pencil packaging box for you.

  • Reusable

Recycling is a process that minimizes lumbering and we are fully aware of the importance of trees in our lives. We are also showing your responsible nature to the world by producing reusable bespoke marker boxes for you. With these advantages, these boxes are the prime choice of many brands and companies.

Where Can You Buy Your Cute Pencil Packaging Boxes?

A pencil box is not a product that brands avoid easily. They know the importance of it very well. But where to get your best pencil boxes wholesale? The answer is Custom Designer Boxes. We are a packaging beast that is fully equipped to produce sturdy, alluring, and state-of-the-art packaging solutions for stationery brands.

We do that by using modern manufacturing and printing techniques. Our designers and workers have decades of experience in this field. Also, our client services are admirable like fast turnaround time, rush production, no limit for orders, and free shipping in the US. Pick up your phone and order us to produce amazing and strong pencil boxes for you.

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