How Are Box Dimensions Measured? A Comprehensive Manual

Measuring Box Dimensions is so much necessary for businesses. Having accurate knowledge of the dimensions of the boxes lets people facilitate packing items perfectly. Moreover, it is necessary when you are delivering or shipping your items because small measurement changes give different results in weight, packing items, covering space, and changing in fares of shipment and delivery.

Boxes' dimensions tell how many items you can fit into the box. If there is a slight difference in centimeters, the box might rip off or the item will not fit well. Therefore, you need to measure box dimensions accurately. And we know, the Custom Packaging Boxes differ in shape and style. So, a single box dimension measuring formula cannot give accurate results for different shapes and styles of the boxes. So, let us explain all the formulae so you measure the dimensions of boxes of all types accurately.

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Measuring Dimensions Of Different Shape Boxes

As the boxes have different shapes, so each shape requires different measuring methods. So let us learn all the methods to measure the dimension and volume of the boxes.

How To Measure Box Dimensions Of A Square Box?

square box measurementThe square box is commonly used for packing small and medium products. Measuring square boxes is easy compared to other shapes. Some of the CBD boxes come in a square shape, so measuring them is essential before shipping.

  • To measure the square box dimensions, measure one side of the box and you will get a measurement of the three sides i.e. width, length, and height because the square has the same measurement of the sides. You will get the measurement of the square box. 
  • Now multiply the LxHxW, and you will get the volume of the square box.

How To Measure The Dimensions Of A Rectangular Box?

measurement of rectangular box

Rectangular boxes are the most commonly used boxes for packaging and shipping. They have different shapes, some have lengthier heights, widths, or lengths. They have irregular shapes always. One cannot know the exact dimensions if one doesn’t know the process. Food boxes and retail boxes are mostly rectangular. And they have huge sales every day. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to measure them correctly.

  • So, to measure the dimensions of square boxes, measure every side separately. 
  • Measure the length, width, and height. Length is the lengthiest side, height is mediocre, and width is the shortest side. However, it is not always the same. 
  • Top to bottom is height, whereas, the lengthier side is the length and shorter width. 
  • You will get different measurements. 
  • Now multiply the length, width, and height: LxHxW, if you want to know the volume of the rectangular box. Keep material thickness in mind. 

Measuring Dimensions Of Triangular Box

Measuring the dimensions of the triangular box is hard compared to other box types. Let us measure the dimensions of a triangular caramel box.

custom rectangular boxes

  • Calculate the height of the box, then calculate the base of the triangle box. The base is LxW. You will get the dimensions of the triangular box.
  • And then if you want to measure the volume o the triangular box, V=1/2xbxh, and you will get the area of the triangular box.

It gets you to measure the exact area of the triangular box which helps you in keeping triangle boxes like caramel boxes in a perfect and measured way.

How To Measure The Dimensions Of A Paper Bag?

measurement of paper bag

To measure the dimensions of the paper bags, there require 4 measurements. Three are the same as rectangular boxes i.e. length, width, and height. But if the Custom Paper Bags has a gusset, it is necessary to take it into consideration for accurate measurement. 

  • Measure the height: top to bottom of the bag.
  • Measure the length: the lengthier side of the bag. 
  • Measure the width: mouth of the bag.
  • Measure the gusset: curves in the bag at the sides. 

You will get the dimensions of the bag. If you want to measure the volume of the paper bag, multiply the length, width, and height of the box, and later gusset from overall measurements. You will get the exact volume of the bag.

How To Measure A Cylindrical Object?

measuring cylindrical box

Many people get confused when it comes to measuring cylindrical objects. But it is not hard to measure the cylindrical objects. Cardboard tubes and some cosmetic boxes come in cylindrical shapes. So, let us know how to measure them easily for perfect measurement.

  • To measure the dimensions of the cylindrical object, measure the height and diameter of the object. There is no need to guess the length and width because the diameter will tell about both. 
  • To measure the volume of a cylindrical object, measure the height and radius (half of the diameter). Then apply the V=πr2h formula. Put radius measurement at r, and height measurement at h. After calculations, you will get the volume of the cylindrical object. 

Measuring Boxes Of Different Types

Now, let us learn to measure the boxes of different types. Like Custom Display Boxes, candy boxes, jewelry boxes, and so on.

  • How To Measure Display Boxes?

display box measurement

  • Display boxes come in different shapes and sizes. 
  • If a display box is open from one side and has a rectangular shape, measure its sides. Like as, measuring length, width, and height. You will get the dimensions of the display box. 
  • If the display box has several potions, measure each portion's sides separately. You will get the measurement of each portion of the display box. 
  • And when a display box is in layers. Measure its width, length, and layer height. You will get the dimensions of that layer. 
  • Measuring Dimensions of CBD Boxes

cbd box measurementCBD boxes are popular for packing and delivering CBD products. However, their shape is not new. But if you want to measure the dimension of the Custom CBD Boxes

  • Calculate the length which is the lengthiest side.
  • Then calculate the width, which is usually the shortest side.
  • Now, measure the height i.e. top to bottom. 
  • To measure the volume of CBD boxes, multiply LxHxW, and you will receive the volume of the boxes. 
  • Measure Dimensions Of Tuck End Boxes 

tuck box measurmentTuck Boxes come with lids. Some have lids on a single side while others have lids on both sides. They are rectangular. So, they have one length side known as length, and two shorter sides known as width and height. 

  • Calculate with measuring tape. 
  • You will get the dimensions of the tuck end boxes. 
  • If you want to measure the area of the boxes, multiply the length and width, and you will get the area. 
  • To measure the volume of the boxes, multiply all three measurements like LxHxW. 

How To Measure The Dimensions Of The Shipping Box?

Dimensions of the sipping boxes depend on the box shape and style. However, 99% of the mailer boxes' shape is rectangular or square. 

  • To measure the dimensions of the shopping boxes is to measure the sides. 
  • Measure the length, height, and width of the mailer box. 
  • After calculating the different sides of the box, these will be the dimensions of the shipping box.
  • To calculate the volume, multiply all the results. However, the material thickness must be kept in consideration. 

How to Measure Vape Boxes?

vape box measurement

Vape boxes come in tube or rectangular shapes. To pack them perfectly or ship them in a large shipping box, you must know, the dimensions, area, and volume of Vape Boxes

  • Calculate the exterior sides of vape boxes. 
  • Measure the length. Then measure the width. Later measure the height of the vape box. These are the dimensions of the vape boxes. 
  • To find out the area of the vape boxes, multiply the length and width. It will tell you how much space your vape boxes will cover. 
  • To find out the volume of the vape packaging, multiply the length, width, and volume. Like as LxHxW. It will tell you what is the area of the vape box. However, to find the exact volume, you must consider the thickness of the material.

Final Words

Now you have learned how to measure the different boxes. Measuring a Box dimensions is easy, but requires different methods for different-shaped boxes and paper bags. If you want the perfectly measured boxes that suit best your product in keeping them safe and secure and offer you the best shipping and delivery experience, Custom Designs Boxes is here to help you. Contact our team, and get perfect designer boxes for you with free shipping, and free design consultation.

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