Which material is best for cereal boxes and what are their dimensions?

People’s love for cereal is beyond words. Every cereal lover calls it a good day when they have cereal for breakfast. When the importance of cereal is that great, don’t you think that the boxes in which they come also gain attention? Further, the size and overall dimensions of the box determine the quantity of cereal. What’s more, people often complain that the cereal was smaller than the picture. Now that’s something for any cereal maker’s business image.

Second, the material of the Cereal Boxes is more important than we can assume. Your cereal will be protected and kept fresh if you choose the right material for your boxes. So, are you wondering about the dimensions of cereal boxes so that it will be easy for you to decide where to place them in your kitchen? Or if you are about to dive into the cereal business and are looking for cereal box dimensions to design the packaging, don’t worry; we’ve covered everything in this article for you! 


What are Cereal Box Dimensions?

what are cereal box dimensions

Some cereal producers change the size of their boxes from time to time, either to attract more consumers or simply for marketing tactics. For instance, popular brands like Post’s honey bunches change their 24-ounce oat family box to 18 ounces. Additionally, cereal boxes keep cereal fresh and organized, but they don’t all come in the same dimensions. The size of the box determines how convenient the products are for your customers. Therefore, you always need to consider your targeted audience and competitors in the cereal market. Keep reading to learn more about cereal box dimensions. 

How Tall is A Box of Cereal?

how tall is a box of cereal

Most of the cereal boxes we see in stores or buy are about 12 inches tall. Almost all cereal makers prefer the height of a cereal box to be according to market demand. Moreover, you’d see an increase in the height of a box by up to 25 percent when brands run promotions. During promotions, customers also receive gifts within their cereal boxes. 

Furthermore, some cereal manufacturers also use giant cereal boxes which contain 20 bowls of cereal. Some customers prefer the Mini Cereal Boxes because of their cereal quantity. Although you have size options, go with the size which people like. So, 12 inches in height is considered the ideal size for cereal boxes

Width of the Cereal Boxes

width of the cereal boxes

As with height, there’s also a most-followed width dimension for cereal boxes. Cereal Box Dimensions usually have 8 inches of width. For keeping cereals undamaged and crisp, choosing the right width is important. Additionally, customers appear to be pleased with these sized boxes because they make it easier to pick up a handful of cereal or pour the cereal into bowls. So, choose the width according to your height and cereal quantity. 

The Volume of an Average Cereal Packaging Box

Obviously, the volume of the cereal box will depend on height, length, and weight. Whereas, looking at the most popular cereal box size, the average volume of a 10-ounce cereal box is 182.743 cubic inches. As said earlier, cereal makers use their boxes as a marketing tool or to build brand loyalty too. So when they send gifts or prizes in boxes, they may change the volume and overall size. 

How Much Average Cereal Box Weighs? 

Nutritional benefits on Breakfast Cereal Boxes like fiber and vitamins make cereal the most popular breakfast choice. The availability of numerous flavors of cereal makes people crave them. However, the weight of cereal depends on which brand you’re buying, but the average family box weighs 18 ounces or 500 grams. Some brands, on the other hand, make 21-ounce cereal boxes based on cereal quantity. 

Measure the Interior And Exterior Of the Cereal Box

interior and exterior cereal box

If you want to measure cereal boxes for exact inspection, it is better to measure the interior and exterior of the cereal boxes. Exterior measurement will give you the exact information about boxes. What space do they require for storage or shipping? In this step, measure the length, width, and height of the exterior and use L x H x W

If you want to gauge how much volume or space the box will fit inside, it is essential to measure the interior. It is because, when materials are thicker, or the custom cereal boxes are made of thick material like cardboard, their thickness creates differences in exterior and interior measurements. Therefore, measure the length, width, and height of the interior side and calculate it as L x W x H to get the volume the cereal box can sustain.

The Right Material for the Cereal Packaging

material for the cereal packaging

Most of the time, the cereal comes first in plastic bags and then in boxes. The material of the box is an essential part of the cereal packaging. You don't want to disappoint your customers, right? Therefore, the right material is cereal Cardboard Boxes is Cardboard because of its strength and resistance against moisture. Additionally, kraft paper is a viable option for packaging if you prefer to use biodegradable materials. It also has the quality of moisture resistance. It is widely used in the food industry for boxes. However, cardboard boxes are mostly used for Cereal boxes. 

Strong And Durable Material Choice

Cereal is an edible that requires strong and durable packaging to keep it safe and secure from external forces. Without using durable material you cannot create durable Colorful Cereal Boxes that maintain the quality of cereals. The sturdy material options are cardboard, corrugated, rigid, and kraft. They are strong and can withstand heavy weight. So, you do not have to feel worried about a heavyweight. These materials will not tear or break. Therefore, your cereal will be well protected and maintained during hard transit and shipping processes. 

Food Grade Boxes

Food-grade material is in demand nowadays. As food concerns are increasing, cereal companies need to get cereal boxes made of food-grade materials. Food grade or nontoxic material retains cereal quality for a longer time. It keeps quality as it was at the initial phase. Moreover, food-grade boxes keep cereals safe from fungus and other contamination that can lose their quality. So, food-grade materials are an ideal choice to increase cereal shelf life. 

Eco-Friendly Cereal Boxes

eco friendly cereal boxes

The modern world is going through an environmental catastrophe. People are buying eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging boxes. So, biodegradable material for cereal boxes is the right choice for you to create a positive impact on the globe. Kraft or corrugated materials are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Kraft cereal boxes or Designer Boxes will boost your brand, attract customers to your brand, and create an image of quality and elegance. As a result, eco-friendly cereal boxes will boost sales at an unexpected rate. 


To sum up, cereal is one of the most popular breakfast choices for people. When people love something, they become more conscious of it. As a result, if you're Designing Cereal Boxes, cereal box dimensions are something to think about. The height of a cereal box is usually 12 inches. Further, the most common cereal box’s width is 8 inches and it weighs around 18 ounces.

Moreover, the material of the cereal box plays a key role in delivering cereal to its lovers. Therefore, cardboard-made cereal boxes are known for being sturdy. A cereal box typically measures 12 x 8 x 1 34 inches. 182.743 cubic inches roughly make up the volume. The average weight of a cereal box is around 17.637 ounces or 500 grams.

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