How Tall is A Cereal Box? Pack Your Cereal with Style

The average cereal box height is 12 inches noticed. But Cereal Boxes are available in mini and family packs. Thus, if you are going to launch cereal in a marketplace, you have no restrictions about the size of their boxes. You can customize their boxes in any shape, size, and style without any limitations. Do you want to know what kind of cereal boxes are ideal for your business? If yes! Here are the reasons.

how tall is a cereal box

Printing for Cereal Boxes

Customers only entice toward beautiful things thus cereal boxes are printed with carton characters like:

  • Tom and Jerry
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Daffy Duck
  • Tweety Bird

These boxes for cereal are ideal to catch the attention of children. Their boxes are also printed with all the essential information that helps customers to pick the cereal with their favorite flavor. The cereal box height also helps you to print the required printing specification with details in bold fonts and large images. These boxes are printed with various hues to change the feel and look of the cereal.

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Mouthwatering images can also be printed on all the cereal boxes if the cereal box height is 12 inches or more. To print all the required print on your cereal boxes with 100% perfection, you should contact Custom Designs Boxes. They have all the required printing presses and dies to print your coveted colors, graphics, and cartoon characters without any misprinting.

Material for Cereal Box

Cereals are food items so they need utmost protection. Thus, their boxes should be made with food-graded stock. That allows you to pack your cereal in a hygienic way. The best stock for their boxes is cardboard and kraft that can easily be die-cut in any size. No matter how tall is a cereal box you have already, these stocks can easily customize in any size. These stocks are recyclable, food-graded, and sturdy enough to keep the cereal in undamaged form. These stocks help you to create protective cereal boxes that allow you to:

  • Keep your cereal safe from getting soggier.
  • Prevent the chances of rupture.
  • Safe your various kinds of cereal from environmental damage.

Custom Designs Boxes have all types of material in their vicinity. That lets you choose the required one to create the cereal box height as per your needs. They have various stocks like:

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

These stocks are available in various thickens ranging from 12pt to 24pt.  Thus, you have no need to worry about the protection of your cereal. Their stock is best not only for protection but also to show the positive image of your brand due to their recyclable nature. 

Freedom for the Customization of Cereal Boxes

If you want to know how tall a cereal box you get from Custom Designs Boxes, you can get these boxes in your coveted:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Style

They always carefully listen to customers' packaging needs and provide timely and affordable packaging solutions.

How Tall Should a Cereal Box for Mini and Family Packs?

Everyone wants to know how tall is a cereal box. Whether you want to get small boxes for mini cereal packs or large boxes for family packs, they have got you covered. They also help you to get cereal boxes from 18 ounces to 24 ounces. Thus, if you want to pack a small quantity in a single box, you should ask them for 18 ounces of cereal boxes in any shape and style. Otherwise, you can go for the 24 ounces cereal box for a family pack.

How tall is a cereal box you have? 12 inches? More? Or Less? No worry! They have advanced die-cutting machinery that enables them to die-cut your custom cereal boxes in any size. They always ensure perfection in the size, shape, and style of boxes. Whether you want cereal boxes in seal end style, auto lock style, rectangular shape, or any other style or shape. They will help you to get it without worry.

Join Hands with US

Finally, if you have decided to know the best cereal box height and want to know how tall is a cereal box typically, we help you in this regard. We, at Custom Designs Boxes never leave a stone to let you get your boxes with the perfect average size of 12 inches. This size is common and customers always like to purchase it the most. We aim to provide you with these boxes at highly economical rates. So, you get the best buying experience from us. We never compromise on various things:

  • Quality of the boxes.
  • Satisfaction of the customers.
  • Free and fast shipping of your boxes.
  • Wholesale rates.

Contact us to enjoy the best packaging services that you never experienced before.

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