How to Elevate Your Packaging Game with Bag Toppers?

Do you know what are bag toppers and how they help you elevate your brand? And for what purpose do brands use these toppers? Seal bags require header cards to pack the products in a well-mannered and protected way. When it comes to packaging, header bags play an essential role in making packaging high-end with a decorative touch on the packaging.

In the food industry, it creates a big place in the industry due to seal-packed benefits. The benefits include preventing food products from moisture and damage. It maintains the quality of the products and keeps the products fresh and pure.

Brands use these toppers on the bags for numerous reasons including promotional material, party favors, sealing food bags, etc. These bags give many business benefits to the brands that help in elevating the brand image in the market. They do not act like a protective covering, also work as a branding and a powerful marketing tool.

Moreover, first impressions of the product and brand count more than ever for product and brand in this highly competitive world. If you are running a small or a large-scale business, packaging has the potential to make or break your whole business game. We will put a spotlight on the things that make the best topper bags and how they leave a lasting impact on customers. Let's have a look at the reasons why packaging matters. 

Bag Toppers custom

Sets The Tone For Overall Packaging Experience

When a customer interacts with the product, it means the interaction of your brand automatically occurs. Custom Packaging plays an essential part in making a positive impact on the customers. When we talk about bag toppers, without packaging they are nothing.  

  • Make Brand Identity

Making brand recognition through packaging is directly proportional to the header card packaging. The design and graphics on them help in making your brand recognizable. It represents your brand image, value, personality, and performance through your packaging. 

  • Protection

If the quality of the packaging is good, it keeps the product safe and secure during storage and transportation. Premium packaging materials protect the products and maintain the overall product quality. 

Make A Distinction With A Blow On The Head 

A brand can differentiate its products in a crowded market by making their product distinguishable. Customizable product packaging with eye-catching styles, shapes, sizes, and other elements helps brands make a big difference in their packaging and others. After discussing the importance of packaging. Let's discuss the point of how bag toppers take your packaging game to the next level.

Eco-Friendly Toppers Bag Represent Brand Performance

The material while making these packaging toppers plays a vital role in tightly locking the bag. Kerfat, cardboard, and corrugated material offer recyclable qualities that make people impressive. Making people impressed and satisfied with the Go Green packaging scheme leads to the representation of the performance of the brand.

Environmentally cardboard bag toppers make your brand supportive and people’s favourite one. Eco-conscious customers prefer buying the product from your brand. Moreover, the durability and flexibility of these materials are not easy to break and lose their premium qualities. Maintaining these qualities shows customers how loyal and trustworthy your brand is.

  • Ecological Printing Lure To Customers

The packaging techniques on the custom top headers should match the qualities of their material. As the ecological cardboard top headers are known as eco-friendly, the other techniques like printing must be environmentally friendly. Soy inks match the requirement of eco-friendliness and work great on these toppers.

To write the information on the top headers, soy inks, and digital printing have become the most perfect choice for them. Furthermore, offset, CMYK, and PMS printing also impress eco-centric customers who love eco-friendly products and packaging. It makes them mesmerizing and enhances the overall exterior of the bag toppers. 

Design And Embellishments Make a Customer-Memorable Experience

Dull bag toppers may lead to a loss of customer interest in your product and brand. Well-designed headers help make your brand memorable for the customers through uniquely designed techniques.

The right of colors, p[ictprials, and logos on the plastic header bags make your packaging more visually appealing and stand out from the competition. Additionally, using design elements like stickers, imageries, inserts, visuals, and other add-ons leaves an eye-catching appeal on them and the customers as well. 

Customized Cards in All Sizes, Shapes, and Styles Aided Recall

Custom Bag toppers have become highly customizable due to their flexibility in the cardboard, kraft, and corrugated material. These materials can be customized and transformed into any size, shape, and appealing style that makes them valuable. 5″ x 4″ (5″ x 2″ Folded) is the standard size for the header card that perfectly fits the standard-size sealed bag.

  • Styles of Bag Topper

Various types of plastic header bags came in the market but their style depends on the product and brand requirement. Foldable topper bags are one of the common and classic styles or types that everyone uses for their packaging. It provides a sleek and clean finish and is user-friendly. Similarly, large topper bags are called header card bag toppers that work like a product header too. Due to the large space on them, you have a huge ground to play by putting information on them more like branding. 

Resealable bags equipped with a ziplock formula make them an ideal choice for every product that needs repeated sealing. Hole hanger bag topper is another style that has a slot or a hole for hanging them for display purposes in the stores. Every retailer has these bags that appeal to the customers. Lastly, gusseted bag toppers are perfectly designed for larger items that require extra space on their toppers. They are usually used for birthday gift presents cellophane presents, and more. 

  • Personalized Shapes Match Your Brand Image

All the styles we have mentioned above can be manufactured in any size and shape when it comes to customization. Customized bag toppers have a separate fanbase that needs creativity in their packaging. Rectangular, oval, square, triangle, round, and any other shape can be manufactured with curved or double-sided angles etc.

Customized Header Cards in custom accurate sizes, modern shapes, and unique styles. Round, rectangular, square, or any shaped cards are dependable on customers' choice and the brand requirement. Moreover, you can change their style, such as cards with curved angles, double slides, etc. if you want to match your brand image with your product image, then you must focus on the key points on the packaging aspects.

  • Leave A Luxurious Touch By High-End Finishing Techniques

A thing that enhances the overall packaging features and experience is finishing. Finishing on a packaging act like winning customers' hearts. Options like spot AQ/UV, matte/gloss, and embossing/debossing have become the perfect practices that fulfill all the blank spaces that packaging has. These techniques increase the beauty of the cards and leave a high-end touch on them that lures the customers.   

Final Verdicts

If you are searching for an authentic packaging platform that fulfills all your packaging requirements you can contact Custom Designs Boxes. We deal in high-quality packaging that helps you to elevate your brand. As you have read above all the points that help you in enhancing business performance and make your brand highlight.

Our experts make bag toppers using eco-friendly material, customizable approaches, high-end finishing, top-notch printing, and uniquely designed styles and shapes at cost-effective rates. 

We give free delivery with the fastest turnaround time of 6-8 days, sales, and discounts without compromising the quality. We have years of experience and fulfill all the business needs for every size of business from small scale to large one. We take small and bulk orders with rush production after inspection of our quality assurance department. Order your product bag headers right now and start elevation your brand image, recognition, entity, and performance!

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