How Can The Deeply Rooted Air Bar Box Be Retained For Customers?

Deeply Rooted Air Bar Box

Vapes are an important part of many people today. Air bar box is one of the most used and considered vapes in the market. People purchase these vapes to take their puffs. A certain type of vape is a small container that holds the cannabis liquid. Adults use the products that are no longer interested in cigarettes. The vape cartridge is placed in a container made in a resilient way. The matter remains secured in it. As per their reputation and use, these vapes need ultimately sturdy and tough packaging solutions that keep them guarded inside them. A broken piece is never enough to attract potential customers. Here is a complete guide about certain safety of these important products.

Most Loved Flavors Of Air Bar

Different flavors made our meals, drinks, and even puffs more pleasurable. There are many flavors of this disposable vape cartridge.

  • Grape ice
  • Strawberry watermelon
  • Sour apple ice
  • Watermelon candy
  • Strawberry mango
  • Orange juice
  • Kiwi shake
  • Blueberry ice
  • Vitamin water
  • Mix berries
  • Orange shake
  • Pineapple shake
  • Cool Lemon
  • Watermelon ice
  • Cherry Lemon
  • Blueberry raspberry
  • Energy drink ice

These are a very exciting and wide range of flavors. It depends upon your taste and choice.

What Are The Specs Of These Vapes?

Generally, the air bar contains 3000 puffs but some of them have 2000 puffs. In that category, the lux max is included with the original. The basic model provides only 300 puffs and a 380mAh battery. It has the capacity for only 2ml of pod. It goes up to 3000 puffs with a 1000mAh battery and 10ml liquid capacity. These air bars contain 50 mg of nicotine in them.

custom air bar boxes

How To Preserve These Valuable Air Bars?

As you are well aware of the fact that these CBD products are valuable and expensive. So, brands need to have the perfect packaging that keeps them safe inside. To achieve the target the first step is to select the right paper packaging material. There are various materials in this regard.

  • Kraft Packaging Material

Naturally brown paper material kraft is the best and most used paper material for Air Bar Boxes. It is a modest, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging solution so brands love to have them in their fleet.

  • Cardboard Packaging Material

Cardboard is a strong and tough packaging material and just perfect for the manufacturing of an air bar packaging box. Brands also love to use that paper for the production of these packaging boxes.

  • Rigid Packaging Material

Rigid is a sturdy and deluxe packaging material. That is used to produce a most luxurious air bar printed box for the cannabis vapes.

  • Corrugated Packaging Material

Made with resilient corrugated paper, the layered walls of these packaging solutions are premium in preserving the valuable air bars. You have these choices to manufacture the Custom Vape Boxes and provide you with all the assistance in this regard.

Effects Of Customization

Personalization is a process in which you can turn things in your favor. And we do that very professionally for you. There are many aspects of packaging. Use of them in the right direction brings prosperity to your brand and product in the market. The range of packaging solutions goes from material to decent finishing and coating. Just name the change in the regular box and we will turn it as per your requirements. Choose the suitable packaging material and give us a direction to design according to your product.

As we know, unique designs and enchanting but decent color schemes also work. People get attracted towards these decorated boxes and that thing increases the sales. Apart from that premium images and patterns make it presentable in the market. These types of boxes grab the attention of the people. Last but least, the coating and finishing is also admirable and makes a big difference. There are plenty of options for finishing and coating.

  • Gloss
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Matte
  • Lamination
  • Metallic coating
  • Gold and silver coating

Custom vape boxes become very charming and attractive, so customers love to have them as they give a luxurious look to these packaging solutions.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Custom Air Bar Box?

There are many features of these Hot Box Vape boxes. They are so beneficial that brands are crazy about them. Let’s have a look at their traits.

  • Increase The Customer’s Ability To Identify The Brands

Cannabis brands use their company’s name and logo on these custom air bar printed boxes. In this way, they put their name and icons right before the customer’s eye to remember them while wandering in the market. The images and designs are applied to allure the potential customers and do that well. The sale values increase in this way and the brand gets prominent among the competitors.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

Air bar vape demands the ultimate strong packaging but climate has its requirements. We have ecological packaging solutions to keep the natural environment clean and healthy for humankind. So, above mentioned paper materials are perfect for manufacturing an eco-friendly air bar box.

  • A Pocket-Friendly Solution

Paper materials are not so expensive and they consume little time to turn into premium air bar packaging boxes. So, brands spend a little from their budget and get effective wholesale vape boxes for their products.

  • Recyclable Packaging Solution

Trees are treasures. It is a recyclable paper material that at least minimizes the lumbring. All the above packaging solutions are highly recyclable and perfect in this regard. All these benefits make this custom vape box a hot cake for cannabis brands.

Bottom Line

All cannabis products need protective as well as embellishing packaging but vapes need that specifically. Air bar vapes are at the top of the list. Custom Designs Boxes is a Well-organized Packaging Company in Las Vegas, USA. We produce the most elegant and diverse vape boxes wholesale for our thousands of customers. Also, our other services are just admirable and irresistible.

  • We do not charge for shipping.
  • We do not charge for design assistance.
  • We take minimum time for manufacturing.
  • We have a rush production facility.
  • We provide discounts on bulk orders.
  • We accept the minimum order of up to 100 pieces.

Bring your needs to us and get your premium air bar box to pack your delicate and valuable product.

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