Where To Buy Moving Boxes In the USA? A Comprehensive Guide

where to buy moving boxes in the usa

Moving is a daunting task, loaded with expenses that can drain your wallet faster than you can pack a box. While moving services and storage rentals bite into your savings, acquiring cardboard moving boxes doesn't have to be another expense in this equation. But you can yourself move your items to another with ease. You just need a team of good workers who will shift your packed items to another location.

But, where to buy moving boxes? You need to pack the things. For it, you need boxes for packing. The boxes used during shipping are called moving boxes. All the places are discussed in the blog where you can Find Moving Boxes cheaply and easily. Along with it, the tips for packing and moving are given complimentary. Enjoy your ride, and learn what are you looking for. 

Where to Buy Moving Boxes?

where to buy moving boxes

Looking for platforms to get moving boxes can be a tricky task. You can find several moving boxes in your peers and connections, but when you need moving boxes in bulk quantity, you have to keep quantity, quality, and price in mind. Here are 12 perfect platforms where you can buy or get moving boxes in perfect quality and at reasonable rates.

1 - Classifieds Websites

Look at the virtual realm of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Letgo to discover a plethora of options in the "free" or "for sale" sections. Timing is key. Hit the sites early in the week after the weekend moves have wrapped up. Don't just browse, post that you need boxes. It's surprising how generosity can flow when you ask.

2 - In Your Circles

As the saying goes, sharing is caring. Tap into the local network such as neighbors, friends, or family members might be harboring a stash of unused boxes. An opportunity for a chat or a reconnect never hurts before asking for a favor.

3 - Local Stores

Retailers, from department stores to grocery stores, often receive shipments and accumulate cardboard boxes. Places like Walmart, Home Depot, Office Depot, and even pet stores like PetSmart can become your box treasure trove. Just ask, they're usually more than willing to pass them on.

4 - Social Media Platforms

Utilize the power of social media through community groups on platforms like Facebook or neighborhood apps like Nextdoor. Members of these local groups might be offering boxes for free or at minimal costs. Seek out boxes with lids, they're often sturdier and more suitable for moving.

5 - Freecycle and Recycling Centers

Join Freecycle groups online and post your need for moving boxes. These communities are environmentally conscious and enthusiastic about repurposing items. Local recycling centers can also be a source, although some extra tape might be needed to resurrect these boxes.

6 - Schools

Educational institutions receive frequent deliveries of supplies, often in sturdy boxes with lids. Ask local schools or community colleges to check for surplus boxes.

7. Packaging Companies: Custom Designs Boxes

Packaging companies are perfect places to get moving boxes at affordable rates and a choice of your own. For those in the United States area, Custom Designs Boxes reigns as a local specialty custom packaging company. With online and physical locations, they offer an extensive range of moving and shipping boxes at pocket-friendly prices. Their free shipping and diverse selection make them a prime choice for affordable moving boxes.

8 - Amazon

The online giant, Amazon, is not just about books and electronics. They also offer a variety of moving boxes at excellent prices. Consider a pack of 10 medium moving boxes for under $30 or opt for a bundle of 20 boxes at just $45. This option is particularly ideal for smaller moves and offers the convenience of online shopping for cheap moving boxes.

9 - U-Haul

A trusted brand in the moving industry, U-Haul is more than just truck rentals. They provide moving boxes at competitive rates, along with additional moving supplies like paper and padding. If you're renting a truck from them, picking up boxes in-store is a breeze. Alternatively, they offer online ordering and delivery for added convenience.

11 - Walmart

The one-stop shop, Walmart, doesn't fall short in the moving box department. While picking up your groceries, swing by the "Office Supplies" section to snag some boxes. Their availability online also offers an easy way to purchase moving boxes at reasonable prices.

12 - Moving Company

If you've opted for a professional moving service, consider inquiring about their moving box prices. Most moving companies offer a diverse range of sturdy, professional boxes. Additionally, they might have second-hand boxes available for a discounted price. Ensure you clarify that you'll be handling your packing and are only interested in purchasing the empty boxes.

Tips For Using Moving Boxes While Shifting

While additional places like recycling centers, auto shops, or public libraries might occasionally yield boxes, they aren't as constant as the previously mentioned sources.

  • Selecting the Right Boxes

Moving is about selecting the right size and type. Large boxes might seem convenient but can be cumbersome to handle. Assess your belongings and opt for various sizes, large for light bulky items, medium for general packing, and small for heavier or fragile items.

  • Protecting Your Boxes

Packing is not the end-all, ensuring the integrity of your boxes is crucial. Opt for sturdy, corrugated boxes without weak spots. Use clear packaging tape generously and reinforce the bottom to prevent mishaps. Apply good lifting techniques to avoid strain and protect both your boxes and your back.

  • Loading the Moving Vehicle

Efficiently loading your vehicle is vital. Stack boxes strategically, ensuring they are secured to prevent shifting and breakage. Use your inner skills to create a stable and safe packing arrangement.

  • Box Protection and Packing Tips

Get sturdy, Corrugated Boxes without weak spots to ensure the safety of your items during the move. Opt for clear packaging tape, as it's easier for repurposing or recycling afterward. Reinforce box seams and bottoms to prevent mishaps while carrying. Use proper heavy-lifting techniques, providing additional support to the bottom of the box while lifting with your legs instead of your back. Protect boxes from moisture by placing them on plastic tarps or waterproof surfaces. When packing the moving vehicle, prioritize stacking heavier, weight-bearing boxes at the bottom and build up to smaller and medium-sized boxes. Create a stable packing arrangement akin to a game of Tetris, minimizing gaps to prevent shifting and potential damage.

Tips For Choosing Moving Boxes For Perfect Shift

Moving boxes are for various types. So, what moving box type is perfect for you? Here are expert tips. 

  • Adopt diversity in box sizes, ranging from small boxes for books and valuables to larger ones catering to linens and decorations. This diversity facilitates organized packing and optimal protection for various items.
  • Attempt to estimate the number of boxes needed beforehand and opt for extra boxes to avoid running short during the packing process. It's preferable to have surplus boxes than face a scarcity mid-move.
  • Prioritize the highest-quality boxes within your budget. Robust, durable boxes play a crucial role in safeguarding your possessions during transit.
  • For added protection, seek double- or triple-wall moving boxes. These sturdier alternatives enhance the safety of your items while in transit to your new home.
  • Pack valuable items in appropriately sized boxes with ample protection to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.

Essential Packing Supplies

Quality moving boxes form the backbone of a successful move, but they're not the sole necessities. Here's a checklist of additional packing supplies crucial for a seamless relocation:

  • Provide cushioning and safeguard furniture and delicate items from scratches or impacts during the move.
  • Essential for securing boxes, and ensuring seams are reinforced adequately.
  • Protect fragile items like glassware, ceramics, or electronics from potential breakage.
  • Ideal for wrapping delicate or sensitive items to prevent scratches or damage.
  • Specifically designed for glassware, these dividers offer individual compartments, reducing the risk of items colliding and breaking during transit.

Final Words

Now you know the answer to the question of where to buy moving boxes. The given 12 companies are the perfect solution for you to get moving boxes easily and at affordable rates. If you want to get moving boxes in bulk, contact Custom Designs Boxes. We create moving boxes or Shipping Boxes at Affordable Rates at discounted prices. We are the all-in-packaging solution for you. We will send your boxes to your doorstep. Contact us if you need moving boxes for your business or want to shift your items from one place to another. Give us a call.

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