What is Blister Packaging & Its Advantages?

Packaging plays a crucial role in providing protection to products and delivering them to consumers. There are hundreds of packaging types and designs for products. Some of the packaging types are quite common, and many products fit in them. while blister packaging is unique in itself. Specially designed "Blister Packages" are used for products that require additional protection. This type of packaging is used in many industries, but the pharmaceutical industry is the top user. 

The blister package also stands out as the best packaging for products that need to be protected from contamination and humidity. As some products spend longer on the shelf, they need a type of packaging that will increase their life. Therefore, many industries utilize blister packs for their products to maintain a good customer experience.

What is Blister Packaging?

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Blister packs are sturdy and robust packaging that includes pre-formed plastic and cardboard. After that, blisters or cups are made from pre-formed plastic that has been thermoformed and is supported by cardboard. Blister packs are usually the best packaging for small products like medicines, electronic products, nails, and screws. They are also called "unit-dose packaging." 

Moreover, blister packs show off the products or pills while protecting them in the best possible way. The transparent thermoformed plastic shows the product inside, which is useful in many aspects. There are thermoformed plastics with UV resistance that are used in blister packs. It is important in the pharmaceutical industry to protect medicines or pills from any harm. Additionally, the cardboard in the blister packs plays an important role in containing the products' necessary information. Companies also customize the blister card packaging

Benefits of Blister Packaging

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Many industries find blister packs suitable packaging based on the benefits they offer. So, let’s look at the benefits that make blister packaging a perfect choice for some products.

Keeping Products Fresh

Due to their compartmentalized Designer Box, blister packages shield their contents from the environment, keeping the contents fresh. Consumers can only use one product at a time. Products that are sensitive to the environment require blister packages.  

Best Protection with High-Quality Materials

Let it be the thermoformed plastic or cardboard at the back; they protect products from physical damage in the best manner. Further, the hard outer polymer layer helps hold products in place and protects them from scratches.

Products’ Visibility

While ensuring products’ safety, blister packages also make products visible to consumers. It helps consumers in the buying process and in keeping records of doses, as well. 

Tampering Resistant 

Products are separately sealed in blister packages to counter tampering attempts. Blister packs are created in such a way that they require tools to open, even for some products. This benefit makes blister packs ideal packaging for electronic products.

Design Customization

You can also have blister packs for any size of product and style. Further, you can improve brand recognition by printing brand and product information. So, custom blister packaging allows you to promote your company and product.

Convenient for Consumers

Pills or capsules packaged in blisters are way more convenient to use for consumers. The food industry has also adopted blister packages for food products based on their convenience.


As the blister packages are made of affordable Cardboard Boxes and thermoformed plastic, they become cost-effective packaging. These materials are inexpensive yet fulfill the purpose of protection in the best way.


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Blister packs are one of the most popular packaging types in the pharmaceutical industry, but they are not limited to them. Blister packaging is considered suitable packaging for other products, too. For instance, you must have seen batteries in blister packages or hardware products. Moreover, benefits like best protection and perseverance make it ideal packaging for sensitive products. So, you can opt for custom blister packaging.

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