Squishmallows Packaging Hacks

Squishmallows are soft and huggable toys that have taken the world by storm. They are one of my favorite toys, liked by people of all ages. They become the playmates of children and adults alike. Moreover, the fun is doubled by their packaging.

They come in squishmallows packaging which plays a crucial role in their journey from factory into your arms. In this blog post, we will explore the causes of their rise in popularity. We will also explore the creativity behind the packaging of squishmallows. 

Common Squishmallows Packaging Practices

custom squishmallows packaging

Vacuum Seal

One of the highly recommended ways of packaging squishmallows is vacuum sealing. In this method, all the air is vacuumed out from the bag.  This method prevents the growth of molds and mildew. This also saves the squishmallows from dust and contamination. 

Ziplock Bags Or Trash Bags

The cheaper way of packaging squishmallows is to use ziplock bags. But this has several drawbacks as trash bags are so thin that they tear easily. 

Corrugated Box

A better way to ship squishmallows is through Custom Corrugated Boxes. Seal the boxes with tape and they become perfect for shipping. They protect the squishmallows from tears and shears of transport.

Custom Polymailers

Small-sized squishmallows can be easily transported through Polymailers. However, if plushies are large, don't force them by squeezing them into the mailers as their shape will get distorted in doing so. 

Opaque Water/Tear-Resistant Bubble Mailers

Lastly, the water and tear-resistant bubble mailer is also a viable option. Consider using opaque packaging so inside content is not visible to outside content. This packaging is durable and protects the squishmallows from damage during transit. 

Get Your Squishmallows From A Company That Does Following

printed squishmallows boxes

Certain companies are making squishmallows packaging. It becomes challenging to choose one from the ocean of choices. So here are the features of the best packaging companies. 

Protective Clarity

Transparent plastic bags allow a see-through experience for customers. They can fully enjoy the details of squishmallows without opening the bag. Moreover, in the case of boxes, a die-cut window is installed which allows the same benefit. Such packagings attract customers far from the shelves and they make purchases. 

Informative Tags

Many companies attach an informative tag along with the squishmallows packaging. This tag holds the name and character of your plushy friend. In some cases, the companies also print a story about the character to engage the customers. 

Damage-Resistant Packaging

Squishmallows can tear during shipping. So sturdy packaging ensures that customers get their plushy toys in intact condition. 

Custom Inserts

For small-sized squish mallows, companies include inserts in Toy Boxes to hold more than 1 toy. Inserts in squishmallows packaging ensure that stay in the right place. 

Airtight Packaging

The fun of squishmallows will be destroyed if they are delivered full of dust. So companies have to ensure air-tight packaging so no air or dist can ruin the cleanliness of squishmallows. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging

With growing concerns about nature, the best way is to use recyclable materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and 100% recyclable materials for packaging the squishmallows. 

Restoring The Squishmallows 

The following tips are helpful when you have to repack the squishmallows to store them for next time. 

  • Ensure your Squishmallow is clean and free of any debris.
  • Get the squishmallows packaging you want for your fluffy friend (corrugated boxes, zip-lock bags, polymailers, or plastic bags).
  • Gently insert your squishmallow into the packaging back. Be cautious not to twist or fold it unnaturally.
  • Slowly push the squishmallow in.
  • Reseal the package. In the case of plastic bags or corrugated boxes, use adhesive tapes. Polymailers have built-in adhesive tape while ziplock is easily closeable. 
  • Reattach the tags that had come along with the squishmallow.
  • Store the squishmallows in a clean and damp-free area. 

How To Embellish Squishmallows Packaging For Gifting?

squishmallows packaging

Squishmallow makes a perfect gift for everyone. As they are liked by people of all ages, you can gift them to anyone in your friend and family circle. The simple packaging can be embellished with certain things to transform it into a work of art that becomes perfect for gifting.

Ribbons And Bows

Wrap the ribbons around the boxes and tie a bow knot to make the box extraordinary. You can use silk or cotton ribbons for this purpose. In addition, for plastic bags, you can use bows or strings to make a knot at the above. 

Fabric Scraps

Cut small fabric scraps in fun shapes or patterns and use them to decorate the boxes. Glue or tape them to the wrapping paper or Gift Bag.

Gift Tag Or Card

Finally, attach a gift tag or card with a heartfelt message. You can get creative with the design or opt for a personalized tag.

Terminating The Discussion

squishmallows packaging wholesaleIn short, squishmallows packaging should be as beautiful as the squishmallows themselves. Their packaging contains certain features that double the fun. The main purpose is to protect the squishmallows during shipping.

Moreover, packaging also enhances the shelf appeal of squishmallows. In addition, the Custom Boxes can be reused again at homes for repackaging these plush toys. Lastly, they make perfect gifts as they are favorites for people of all ages.

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