An Ideal Manual for Sealing a Box Without Tape?

If you have no tape, a question arises in your mind how to close a box without tape? Take a deep breath and think about how can you do it and what is alternate of tape. The alternatives help you in giving ideas to pack the products in a box without tape. The most useful and common way of closing the box is tape, but there are some other ways to do it in a well-mannered way.  

Protection comes first when it comes to packing the product in a box. Other ways must make sure to give protection to the product placed inside it. We will discuss how other folding techniques help individuals in packing or moving kraft and Cardboard Boxes. These boxes do not always require tape for the closure. It can be done through various techniques. The techniques include paper clips, glue strips, strings, box flap closure, heat sealing, staples, and much more. Let's have a look at these options

Interlocking Technique

As you close the box with tape by closing the flaps in a simple way. It is a similar technique but without using anything you can close the box. Firstly, pull one side down of the longest flap of the box and then turn a short one down. After turning both of them, overlap the other longest one. After pulling down the longest one, overlap the rest of the short one. Then pull the first longest one up on top of them all. Now it gets closed over four overlapped. You can place the box now wherever you want like in a store or a closet. 

Adhesive Strips

This is how to close a box without tape. If you gonna use tape, you just have to do two longer sides of the box down and the rest of the two. You put tape on top of them to pack the box. But in this case, you do not use tape. There are some adhesive strips that help individuals to pack the box. All you have to do is to cut the long strips and put them on the line on one side of the box and you are good to go.  

Twine Or Strings to Tie The Box

Before taking a string, make sure to choose a strong one that holds a specific weight. Firstly, tie the string around the corners of both the flaps from the inside one by one. Then tie a knot while connecting the two strings. After that, tighten up them to reduce the risk of damage. Another thing you can do is, use a rope to tie the knot for more security.  

U-Shaped Paper Clips

Lightweight boxes can be packed without tape by using paper clips. Paper clips are like U-shaped pins or hooks that slide down to any object. In the scenario of packing or closing the box, it works well. Insert a paper clip on top of the closed box with four flaps. After that make sure to fold each end two inches. You’ve simply closed the box. These clips are the answer to the question that arises in your head how to close a box without tape? 

Clothes Hanger

Take a hanger and bend the edges and change their directions toward each other. Make sure they meet at the center of the cloth hanger like they are facing each other. Close the flaps of the boxes and put the wire of the cloth hanger into the closed box to shut it down. 

Box Flap Closure

Box flaps are one of the alternatives of how to close a box without tape. When you are closing the box, make sure to close the short or side flaps of the box. After closing them, take a long flap pulls it down, and attach a box flap closure device on it. Once you have done putting or sticking the box flap closure clip on the center of the edge line or lids, connect the rest of the flap to the box flap closure clip and insert the lids in it. This innovative technique saves time while repacking or reopening the box. 

Use Stapler

When you think about how to close a box without tape. Many ideas can come to your mind. Stapler or stapler pins are one of them. When packing a box, a heavy-duty or big stapler can staple the box. Carefully staple the flaps of the box without damaging the object or content while doing it. 

Use of Heat Sealing Machine

A heat sealing machine is also the answer to how to close a bix without tape. Special glue strips activate when heated while using a heat sealing machine to close and joint the box flaps. If you have this machine, you can close or pack the box in a different way. 

Rubber Bands

A rubber band is another way how to close a box without tape. Take a box and fold their all flaps down. Take a band and place it on the box. If you are packing or closing a small box, rubber bands are one of the most useful and easy ways of doing it at your home. They are suitable for small boxes. Hold the flaps in one place and crisscross high-quality rubber bands around the box. At the time of unboxing, a user just has to cut them with a cutter, knife, or scissors without any extra effort.  


We have discussed above how to close a box without tape. We got some answers to our question and see other ways of packing the box. Other ways are more interesting than closing the box with tape. For instance, adhesive strips, glue, rubber bands, interlocking or tuck and flap trick, hangers, paper clips, strings, and more. All these options work great while packing or closing the Custom Box Packaging instead of using tape.

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