Is Wrapping Paper Recyclable? Here is A Comprehensive Guide

is wrapping paper recyclable a comprehensive guide

Is wrapping paper recyclable? The simple answer is YES and NO, both. Do you know the reason? Let’s figure out what and how it goes. Wrapping papers are not created equally. Some of its types can be recycled and some not just because of their preservatives. Keep scrolling, this guide can help you learn about this paper and its recyclability. While, if a gift wrap is made with an environmentally friendly material, it is recyclable. And if a gift wrap is made with metallic paper, it is not recyclable. The sparkly, shimmering, glittery, foil, and shiny paper is not a friend to our earth. Let’s explore how we can find a greener and reusable alternative to save our environment and planet.

recyclable paper

What is Wrapping Paper?

A wrapping paper is made of robust, sturdy, and recyclable kraft paper. It is found in a variety of shapes and used to wrap gifts, food items, party favors, or other products. It has a thickness from 3pt to 8pt and provides more protection. It is available in roll (24” wide) with varying lengths up to 450”. It is found in plain or with designs, logos, graphics, texture, and text printed on it. Usually, plain paper made with such a material can be recycled. On the other hand, paper designed with decorations, made with plastic coating or laminate is not recyclable.

How To Identify If A Paper Is Recyclable?

Detecting the recyclability of paper is important. Plain and non-laminated paper is more likely recyclable because it is made from recyclable materials and is not too thin. If you find a shiny or glittery paper with metallic finishes is non-recyclable. Simply test it by scrunching it. If the paper turns into a ball, it is most probably recyclable. If not then obviously it is not a recyclable. Some paper is very thin but don’t worry, keeping these simple tips can help you identify the recyclability of the paper.

  • Wrapping Paper That Can be Recycled

A wrapping paper made of kraft paper is recyclable. It is 100% recyclable paper made with wood pulp. Plain paper even if it is designed, glossy paper, and a wrapper that passes the scrunch test is recyclable. Now you might be thinking about what can I do with unwanted paper wrap. You may recycle it or throw it away so it can be reused

What Type Of Wrappers Cannot Be Recycled?

A wrapper of glittery paper, laminated or coated with a thin layer of plastic, or with non-paper additives or foil decorations, and has a sticky tape attached to it is not recyclable. If you are still thinking about why can't wrappers be recycled? the answer to this query is the paper is made with metallic material, and that’s why it is not recyclable.

Is It Easy To Recycle Wrapping Papers?

Yes, it is convenient to recycle. First, check if the paper is made with a recyclable material. Around 80% of waste can be reused or recycled. Plain paper and plain Paper Gift Bags can be placed in the recycling bin. Wrappers and gift wrapping bags come in various shapes and varieties but they are less recyclable. A plain wrapping printed with a design is recyclable. While the glitter-embellished paper is thrown out. The same thing is with the ribbons, bows, and string, they are not recyclable. Is wrapping paper recyclable or compostable? This question comes to mind often but you know it is easy to recycle a paper that is made with biodegradable material.

How To Recycle A Wrapping Paper?

Before recycling a wrapping paper, remove certain elements such as ribbons, bows gift tags, tape, strings, and other decorative components, then throw them in the recycle bin. It is difficult to sort out recyclable and non-recyclable papers when they are thrown together in the recycle bin. You better classify them first and then throw them out.

  • Going With Biodegradable and Ecological

Choosing a natural brown kraft biodegradable wrapping paper either can be thrown into the recycling bin and formed into something new or can be tossed into the trash. The reason behind the biodegradable feature of brown kraft paper is its sturdiness. It can be reused for coloring or sketching. And if you don’t need kraft paper anymore, you can throw it away. Neither it will affect the earth nor pollute the environment.

  • Reuse What You Have

A wrapping paper does not have enough life span and it can be reused several times if it is stored with care without tearing. If we look at the recent search for annual production of wrappers in the USA, it is 4.6 million pounds. And out of 4.6 million pounds, half 2.3 million pounds of wrappers were thrown into the trash. The remaining wrappers are being reused. This indicates how much importance this Recyclable Soap Wrapping Paper material has. The stats shared above have the answer to this. You may reuse it This way, people are saving their money by reusing instead of buying a new one. Besides this, people likely consider reusable gift bags rather than using reusable gift wrapping. Because reusable gift bags are a good alternative.

Is Christmas Gift Wrap Recyclable?

Christmas is an annual festival to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. It is a day of Christ's birthday celebration, gift-giving, and joy. People use gift paper wrapping to wrap their presents. A large number of Christmas paper wrappers do not pass the recycling test. We have already discussed the test to detect and identify the recyclability of the paper. Most of the Christmas gift wrappers are made with metallic coatings, foil, glitters, sparkly, shimmering, or other plastic contents. Therefore they are not recyclable. But still, you may find recyclable Christmas wrappers as well in the market. So if you are eco-conscious and love greener holidays, check the paper quality that clearly states if it is recyclable or not. Some brands may offer 100% recycled gift wrap options because they also believe in green. So make a smart Christmas gift wrapper choice and enjoy this special occasion with joy and gift-fiving.


If you want to reduce gift wrap waste and handle holiday wraps, try using recyclable paper and play your part in supporting ecologically clean and green. Hope this guide has answered several questions. And now, if you are wandering a custom packaging company, look no further than Custom Designs Boxes a high-ranking Eco-friendly Custom Packaging Supplier in the USA and Canada. So, protect your environment with sustainable and nature-friendly wrapping paper that is not harmful to the earth. Choose recyclable papers for party favors or gifts so they can reused later on and our earth can remain environmentally safe.

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