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Christmas is the holy event in the history of Christianity. That historic day is celebrated all around the world. Gifts are sent to the parents, children, relatives, friends, and the needy to bring happiness to their doorsteps. The packaging of the gift boxes must be embellished with beautiful and charming gift wrapping. People love their gifts wrapped in Christmas theme wraps. Christmas wrapping paper decorates the gift boxes beautifully. It is essential for people to pack their valuable and warmed gifts in beautiful wrapping to increase the value of gifts. Custom Designs Boxes is one of the top packaging companies, producing premium wrapping solutions for its thousands of customers.

christmas wrapping paper

Historical Overview Of Christmas

The holy day of Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. It is a sacred religious day. Holiday is celebrated worldwide and it is also a cultural and commercial event. The day has been celebrated for thousands of years. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Although, Christians are not certain as the exact day of Jesus’s birth is not mentioned. In ancient days, people celebrated at the end of December as they tried to hope for the warm day before the time. The celebrations have been going on for almost 12 days. After many years, churches decided to celebrate Christmas with these holidays. Easter was the most holy and sacred day in Christian history. After the decision of Pop, people started to celebrate the day.

When Does Christmas Start In America?

The holy custom of Christmas started in Egypt in 432 by the name of Feast of the Nativity. It spread in England by the end of the sixth century. English people got the holy day tradition with them in America in the 15th century. In the beginning, people did not show interest. Even they took steps to restrain people from celebrating the day. But it spread all over the country within a few years. And in 1870 the United States of America announced the public holiday on December 25th. In this way, the sacred tradition of celebrating the holy day got started in the US.

The Way People In the Middle Ages Celebrate Christmas

In the Middle Ages, when the Santa Clause and the concept of Christmas trees were not found, people in Europe and America celebrated that day by eating different feasts. And it started for almost 12 days. People got invited on that day and every family made various delicious meals for their loved ones. Second, the mumming and haggling of Jesus and Mother Mary. They kept wandering in the streets and showed their love to both Mother and Son. Bean cakes are an integral part of Christmas Eve. Shakespeare wrote the poem “Twelfth Night” on that meal and event.

Concept Of Gifts And Santa Clause

The concept of exchanging gifts is as old as Christmas itself. But it got started properly after the legend of Santa Claus. It is the conceptual name of St. Nicholas, who was born in Turkey in 280 A.D. He gave all of his inherited property and wealth to the poor and needy by wandering all over the world. He became popular with children and sailors. So, people started to use his name as the holy person while celebrating Christmas. The modern Santa Clause (St. Nicholas) was trying to immortalize the great man from Turkey in 1881 by Thomas Nast. From that, Santa became an integral part of Christmas. People start to give gifts to the children by him. It was the time when the packaging of the gifts became very important. People tried to take the wrapping of Christmas Gift Boxes more seriously.

Is The Wrapping Of The Gift Boxes Important?

Yes, the wrapping of the Christmas gift box is as important. People love to give gifts to their loved ones. And in a very appealing way. For this purpose, they get beautiful wrapping for their gifts.

  • Christmas Thematic Wrapping

As per the suitability, the embellishing and decorated wrapping is the main feature of the wrapping. We offer our customers the most alluring and charming wrapping for gift boxes that beautify the presentation of the gifts.

  • Christmas Tree Printed Wrapping

There is a wrapping that holds the images of Christmas trees on it. Green leaves on thin branches and strong stems look very charming and remarkably good.

  • Images Of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the symbol of giving and when the gift boxes with images printed on them look very beautiful.

  • Reindeers Of Santa

We have printed the beauty of charming reindeer on the Christmas gift bags. That attracts the children at large and they love your gifts most.

  • Other Christmas Ornaments

Jingle bells and other elements of decoration like stars, north lights, etc are printed on the Santa wrapping paper to give your gift a unique look. Ornament boxes are also an integral part of Christmas treats.

  • Printed Image On Tissues

Christmas tissue papers are also a big source of wrapping. All the above-mentioned images and alluring tags are printed on the thin tissues. They represent Christmas gift-wrapping ideas. There are a bunch of options for you. Select the suitable and desired and make your gift more interesting.

Material Used For Manufacturing The Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is made with various packaging materials. We are producing the most alluring Christmas gift bags for you by using all the efficient means of raw material.

  • Kraft Packaging Material

Kraft is a prime packaging material for manufacturing attractive and elegant Christmas cloaks for gift boxes. That's economical and ecological so, brands love to choose them mostly.

  • Paper Material

Apart from the kraft, many paper materials are used to manufacture these charming wrapping for Custom Christmas Boxes.

  • Plastic Or Polythene

Plastic wrap is also the mounting choice of the customers. The following wrapping is sturdy and durable. By using these, we produce the wrapping for your gifts.

Additional Benefits Of This Wrapping

With many additional benefits, these wrappings have a huge demand for that day.

  • Pretty Presentation

As we mentioned before, the main function of the presentation is to increase the beauty of Christmas packaging boxes. So, to embellish these wrappings, they are the best source of great and elegant presentation.

  • Huge Custom Options

With all the alluring images and patterns, customization offers you various choices regarding color combinations, styles, artworks, and other features that are necessary to beautify the wrapping.

Modest Way To Present Custom Christmas Gift Boxes

The wrapping is very affordable and modest. It consumes a little raw material and less effort to manufacture, so custom Christmas wrapping paper is not a burden on your budget.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

It is made with highly ecological paper material. That is reusable and biodegradable. So, the affordable Custom Christmas Boxes are totally fine for your boxes.

  • Perfect For The Luxurious Glance

Traditional and simple custom Christmas gift packaging boxes do not look so valuable and appealing. So attractive, colorful but decently designed wrapping gives an astonishing luxurious look to the gift boxes. With all these benefits, the wrapping is loved by people from every corner of the world.

Bottom Line

The beautiful and embellished Christmas wrapping paper for the gift boxes is necessary as it doubles the happiness. The experience of unboxing became memorable. To make your Christmas gifts more valuable, Custom Designs Boxes is an affordable packaging company in the USA offering its prime services for producing the most alluring and attractive wrapping for your gifts. Also, our other services are just mind-blowing. Let’s have a look at these services.

  • Free Design Assistance

Our experienced designers are creating the masterpieces for you. And the good thing is that there is no need to pay them at all. As we do that for you.

  • Quality Assurance

We never compromise on the quality. With all those benefits we maintain the high quality of the custom Christmas wrapping.

  • Low MOQs

We take the minimum order too. And manufacture with perfection. The order limit starts from 100 pieces and goes to unlimited.

  • Discount On Bulk Orders

Although our rates are very low already, here is a deal for you all. On bulk orders, we charge less than the regular order.

  • The Clock Availability

To help you out, we are present 24/7. Our experts are also available to guide you. And to provide you with every little detail.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

We complete your order in minimum time and bring your custom Christmas gift boxes in no time.

  • Free Shipping

We deliver your order all across the USA. And charge nothing for this. If you want to get the advantages of these important services and want to get the most amazing Christmas wrapping paper.

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