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Presenting the Barbies at occasions, parties, gatherings, and red-carpet events is common. Women in Barbie costumes and makeup look very attractive. But there is a thing that makes it happen. It is the packaging that is so grandeur in size that a woman easily stands in it to represent the Barbies. Life size Barbie box is the greatest solution for this. Brands and companies demand high-rate packaging boxes for this. What makes them perfect for different occasions is mentioned in this discussion of ours. The alluring and astonishing designs and spread of colors are so nice that everyone gets attracted to the live presentation of alive Barbies.

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Flying History Of Barbie

  • When Does Barbie Break Out?

Let’s take a quick look at the brief history of Barbie. As you are well aware of the fact, toys have continued to make children’s lives joyful from far back. Hundreds of industries are making hundreds of thousands of toys. Some of them are doing great work by inventing new toys. The Barbie doll is also an invention of a famous toy company named Mattel, Inc., from southern California, America. Did you know that Barbie has its full name which is Barbara Millicent Roberts? Its standard size is 11-inches. Made with plastic and has the figure of an adult woman. Ruth Handler and her husband Elliot were introduced on March 9, 1959, as they were also the co-founders of the above-mentioned company. The physics of the Barbie was too bold and inspired the German Bild Lilli doll.

  • Controversies

In the beginning, Barbie got really big controversy because of its appearance. That doll was very bold and glamorous for children to play with. Mothers who study the prerelease Barbie show their concerns about the figure. But then Mattel started to promote their new product on televisions with the signature pink color of pink. To overcome the problem somehow, they brought out the barbie's boyfriend Ken. Barbie and Ken were the names of the children of Handlers. After that, the company launched Barbie's friend, then little sister, and other siblings in a constant duration. They also introduced the African American and Italian Barbie.

  • Life Size Barbie Box is The First Choice of All Sellers

Controversies were in the past but now to get more sales most of the toy brands use a life-size Barbie Box in their store to get the attention of the customers. The front opening of these boxes gives a striking look to the Barbie doll. Therefore, these packaging boxes are the first choice of Barbie doll sellers due to their spell-binding look and branding features.

  • Challenges Faced By Manufacturing Company

Among the many difficulties and challenges, the unbelievable body proportions and sense of materialism make product sales very tricky. Also, many had objections to the appearance overall. In 1994, many researchers from Finland claimed that the body posture of Barbie was not realistic and no woman had that kind of figure. So, Mattel changed the body proportions by widening the waist and smaller breasts a little. Muslim world openly opposes that kind of revealing dolls for their daughters. Saudi Arabia banned the sale of Barbies as it was not fulfilling the Islamic dress code. So, these were the challenges faced by the public.

What Is The Status Of Barbie Doll Now?

Barbie was mentioned as the native American girl but Mattel never manufactures these glamorous dolls in America due to cost-effectiveness. But now the situation for Barbie manufacturing companies has changed. It has become a brand itself. Multinational brands use these dolls as a symbol of capitalization. For example, Coca-Cola uses these plastic Barbies all over the world, especially in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. There are multiple movies, dramas, and stage shows featured as the Barbie main topic. Margot Robbie already performed the Barbie role in a movie. Today, women are placed as the barbies in many gatherings and events in very alluring and charming packaging boxes. They follow the thematic Barbie color of pink.

What Type Of Packaging Do These Living Dolls Need?

There are many sizes of dolls in the market but the life size Barbie is everyone's favorite. Life size Barbie box is used for women in Barbie dresses to appeal to the public. These women also have figures just like the plastic Barbie. Beautiful women along with the exciting figure like the doll attract the people at large. There is a huge role of packaging in this regard.

  • Highly Embellished Packaging Boxes

As you are well aware of the fact that Barbie is a toy for children to play but now it has become an integral part of the business's advertisements and various events. Women dressed in pink stand in the decorated and embellished Barbie Boxes. These packaging boxes stand before the audience elegantly. The women in them look very beautiful and charming. Distinctive designs and a beautiful spread of colors make an attractive glance for the public.

  • Sturdy Packaging Solution

These life size barbie boxes are required to manufacture in highly tough and resilient material. The reason is very obvious and that is the size of the box. Also, it has to hold a full-grown person in it. So, the sturdiness of the packaging box is ultimate. The material must be so tough to give strength to make the Barbie box stand prominently before the audience.

  • Efficient Brand Marketing Skilled Packaging

The company used these packaging boxes to promote their products. They used the surface of the box for branding purposes. Company name and logos are printed on it. People looked forward to these Barbie packaging boxes. Also, the images and patterns that give an astonishing look to the box, promote the brand and product efficiently.

  • Worthy Paper Material

There are many strong and versatile paper packaging but for these types of boxes. But for the life size barbie printed boxes, cardstock corrugated material is perfect. The specific material is made with the strong and durable walls of Corrugated Packaging Solution. The specific brand is so reliable that it bears all the weight of the Barbie girl.

  • Various Styles Of These Boxes

Just like the other boxes, there are many styles of custom life size Barbie boxes in the market. They all are elegant and decent boxes that present a highly enchanting look of these packaging boxes.

  • Two-piece style of life size box for barbie
  • Pick tuck-end packaging boxes for Barbie girls
  • Display or showcase printed solutions of these packaging solutions
  • Die-cut life size box for barbie doll
  • Boxes with transparent windows that give a perfect glance of a doll or girl inside it.

These designs and styles are just perfect for getting the attention of a large audience in the market.

Advantages Of Having These Embellishing And Tough Barbie Packaging Boxes

With the multiple traits and characteristics, brands use these boxes on a large scale in regions where Barbie is admired and adorned. There are many benefits of using these Custom Packaging Boxes apart from the beautiful presentation of the Barbie, its shielding features, and brand efficiency.

  • These eco-friendly life size Barbie boxes are elegantly beneficial for preserving the natural atmosphere of the planet Earth.
  • These affordable and pocket-friendly solutions are the prime choice of brands that are willing to enhance their brand identification.
  • The paper material used in this is highly capable of giving a luxury and expensive look to the custom life size Barbie box.
  • A long list of customization options allows brands to turn things around as per their will and requirements.

An alluring and effective customized life size Barbie box is relatively beneficial for brands as the doll is loved in almost every country.

Final Verdict

Inviting life size Barbie box wholesale is the major requirement of the modern world where the Barbie dolls have their distinctive place. Custom Designs Boxes is the best packaging company in Boston, America. We give pocket-friendly plans to our valuable customers who are willing to have their own wholesale life size barbie boxes. We also facilitate them by providing free designing, shipping, low MOQs, a fast turnaround time, constant availability, and discounts on bulk orders. Get in touch with us and get you an effective, decent, charming, and sturdy life size Barbie box.

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