Step-By-Step DIY Guide: Creating A Dinosaur Valentine Box

Valentine’s Day sparks joy in schools and homes alike. Children get unique Dinosaur Valentine boxes to hold heartfelt messages and tokens of friendships from classmates and friends. Among the plenty of Valentine box ideas, dinosaur-themed Valentine boxes roar excitement and pre-historic charm. They capture the attention and admiration of all who behold it. This guide will help the young to craft their own custom dinosaur Valentine packaging boxes. A step-by-step guide to personalizing each scale, tooth, and claw is provided here. So, let's make our boxes and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Creating A Dinosaur Valentine Box

Gather Your Supplies

Gathering your material is the first task in making a t-rex dinosaur Valentine box. Let's take a look at the materials that will transform your ordinary box into a roaring masterpiece

  • Cardboard or Shoebox
  • Construction Paper or Cardstock for the body of a dinosaur
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Glue Stick
  • Markers or Paints
  • Decorative Elements (Googly eyes, felt, pipe cleaners, and other embellishments for texture and depth)
  • Crafting Tools (pencil and ruler)
  • Valentine's Day Accents (Heart-shaped cutouts, cupids, or arrows to infuse the Valentine's Day spirit)
  • Personalization Items (Stickers with names, initials, or short messages to make the Valentine dinosaur box uniquely personal)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Set The Stage For Crafting Before Making Dinosaur Valentine Box;

  • Clear and organize the workspace
  • Gather All Materials
  • Prepare Your Box (make sure it's clean and dust free)
  • Sketch a rough design on a piece of paper.
  • Place your scissors, glue or glue stick, markers or paints, and any additional tools within reach.
  • Lay down newspaper or a craft mat to catch any glue drips or paint splatters.

Building The Base

Measure the length, width, and height of the boy's valentine box. Lay your cardboard or shoebox on a level surface. Cautiously dismantle the box by eliminating any glue or staples to make a dinosaur Valentine shoe box. Draw a square shape on the cardboard utilizing a pencil or pen. Cut the shape with scissors. Fold the cardboard to give it the shape of a box.

Dinosaur Cutout

Get a free custom dinosaur Valentine Gift Boxes template from Custom Designs Boxes or search for one. Draw your own shape on the box. Cut the template using the scissors. Position the dinosaur on the box and paste it using glue or clear adhesive tape. 

Decorating The Dinosaur

Create patterns or designs on colored paper. Cut these shapes and paste them on the dinosaur Valentine box. You can also use markers to draw lines, dots, or intricate designs to add character. Experiment with paints to give your dinosaur a vibrant and textured look. Use sponges, brushes, or even your fingers to create different textures. Add the following details as well on your dinosaurs. 

  • Textured Scales
  • Glitter and Sequins
  • Googly Eyes
  • Washi Tape and Decorative Tape
  • Layered Collage

Valentine's Day Touches

  • Use different embellishments on your dinosaur Valentine box to theme it around the event. 
  • Make heart shapes for scales, eyes, and accents on the dinosaur.
  • Add an arrow detail of arrow through the heart to symbolize Cupid and love.
  • Write sweet Valentine's Day messages or love-themed phrases on the dinosaur's body using markers or pens. 
  • Utilize Valentine's Day colors like red, pink, and white to create a harmonious color scheme that matches the occasion.
  • Incorporate hearts and arrows in a way that complements the dinosaur's features.
  • Maintain a balanced design by distributing Valentine's Day elements evenly across the dinosaur's body.


Provide options for adding optional accessories, such as a mini mailbox or a heart-shaped opening for cards in your Dinosaur Valentine box.


  • Decide where on the dinosaur-themed box you would like to personalize. 
  • Using colored markers, pencils, or crayons, write your name or initials on the dinosaur Valentine box.
  • Use your favorite colors to decorate the DIY Valentine's box. Add patterns, shapes, or simple drawings that reflect their personal style.
  • Add Stickers or Adhesive Letters
  • For an extra touch of sparkle, use glue to attach glitter or sequins around your name or on other parts of the dinosaur Valentine packaging boxes for gift items.
  • Print out small images or photos that hold special meaning to you and glue them onto the Jurassic World Valentine box. 
  • Draw dinosaurs, hearts, stars, or any other elements that you love. 
  • If you are gifting the box to someone else, you can write dinosaur Valentine sayings, quotes, or memories on the inside of the box lid.

Safety Precautions

  • Use Child-Safe Scissors
  • Work under Parental Supervision
  • Place a cutting mat or a piece of cardboard under the work area to protect surfaces from scratches and cuts.
  • Always cut away from your body and fingers to prevent accidental cuts.
  • If using glue, opt for non-toxic, child-friendly glue. 
  • Be cautious with small decorative elements like sequins, which could be a choking hazard for young children. 
  • After crafting your dinosaur Valentine box, ensure that all tools and materials are properly stored out of reach of children.
  • Follow any manufacturer instructions or safety guidelines that come with crafting materials or tools.

Final Touches And Presentation Of Dinosaur Valentine Box

  • Place the Valentine dinosaur box on a prominent surface, like a shelf, mantel, or coffee table.
  • Consider adding other Valentine's Day decorations around the box to create a themed display.
  • If the Jurassic World Valentine box is intended as a gift holder, place small presents, candies, or Valentine's Day cards inside the dinosaur Valentine gift box.
  • Tie a ribbon around the box or attach a gift tag with a heartfelt message.
  • Position the box in the center of a dining table as part of a Valentine's Day meal setting.
  • Surround the box with candles, flowers, or other festive decorations.
  • Incorporate the dinosaur box into a larger decorative arrangement. For example, you can place it on a decorative tray with other Valentine's Day elements.
  • Surround the box with faux greenery or petals to create a whimsical scene.
  • If the box is made by or for a child, it could be proudly displayed in the classroom during the Valentine's Day festivities.

Wrapping Up Our Chat

Making your own dinosaur-themed Valentine's box offers a feeling of achievement and fulfillment. The delight of making something, particularly by yourself arouses a special feeling in children and adults alike. Whenever you've finished your Dinosaur Valentine Box, feel free to do your creation. Share photographs of your craftiness and enjoy the remarks of your friends and family via social media.

Your creation could motivate others to set out all alone and add a bit of hand-crafted appeal to their Valentine's Day festivities. Share your completed custom dinosaur Valentine packaging box on social media using the hashtag #DinoValentineBoxCreations. It's a wonderful way to connect with other craft enthusiasts and spread the joy of creativity this Valentine's Day season.

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